April 6, 2020
Quick Tips for Your Jewelry Photography

Quick Tips for Your Jewelry Photography

Here are some quick tips to take your jewelry
photos from this to this. Cleaning the piece is very important. Editing out smudges or fingerprints takes
a lot of time. At Stuller we use the sonic machine. It’s quick and easy and clean more than one
at a time. Make sure you have a cleaning cloth to wipe
off the sonic soap. A lint-free one is best. To not add fingerprints to your freshly cleaned
piece, we use tongs and finger cots to hold the piece. You can use any powder free latex gloves as
well. After you dry your piece find a flat surface
with a simple desk lamp. After you have the piece in place lower the
desk lamp so that it’s just outside of the cameras view. Keep an eye on what the light is doing to
your piece. To fill in the metal, simply cut some pieces
of printer paper and fold them in half so that they can stand up on their own. While keeping an eye on the metal reflections,
place the paper as close to the ring as possible without blocking the camera’s view and then
snap away.

36 thoughts on “Quick Tips for Your Jewelry Photography

  1. Hi, thank you very much for this excellet video. I shared your video with my group on facebook about photos. I live in Brazil and I was buying Ebay itens to do photos of jewelry. In this moment, I only have a camera Nikon D5200.

    After see your comments, I created check list bellow of itens for photo of jewelry.

    Please, confirm, change or add any item:
    A – cam = nikon d5200 (it is my camera, already bought)
    B – lens = Tamron 90mm F2.8 Macro DI SP 1:1 Autofocus Lens
    C – flash = JY-680N Viltrox i-TTL Flash Speedlite
    D – acessories = a tripod with 160mm Fotomate 2 way Metal macro slider
    E – flags and reflectors
    F – Strong and difuse light spot – can you recommend one


  2. Great tips for lighting 🙂

    It's important to note that not all types of jewellery can go in the sonic!

    Please don't put your emeralds, or similarly brittle stones in there as they'll shatter..!

  3. It's a little strange that you use a sophisticated sonic jewelry cleaner, finger cots, tongs, etc. — then you use a DESK LAMP to light the jewelry for photography!

  4. When I take photos of rings, I use the strong Glue Dots. Place them under the ring shank. You can buy Glue Dots at craft stores like Hobby Lobby, or MIchaels.

  5. when I take photos of rings they always seem to appear very matte I use a light tent answer 3 studio lights. is it best not to use a light tent?

  6. Nice tutorial but be careful people with ultrasonic cleaning. It's not recommended for all gemstones. It can damage certain gems.

  7. Guys check my lighting HaCk for jewelry photoshoot. You can do it at home with zero effort


  8. I doubt very many people taking their own photos have an expensive camera like in the video. For do it yourself photos you have to have a better set up to remove the reflection from the ring. You need a box with tissue paper sides and top, and lights from 3 sides to take a decent picture.

  9. No need to stand up the ring if you have the right lightbox… https://youtu.be/RVO9Phs_Wbo
    Forget about glue, wax and supports

  10. Professional Adobe Photoshop Artist and Jewelry Retoucher


  11. Just uploaded how I shoot jewelry in “a day in my life” working version, I’ve been shooting jewelry for 4 years full time and plan on doing tons of tutorials ❤️

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