February 18, 2020
Q&A: How to Promote your Dropshipping Store? [FOR BEGINNERS]

Q&A: How to Promote your Dropshipping Store? [FOR BEGINNERS]

What can you do to promote your dropshipping
business? How can you drive traffic to your new store? Let’s find out! Hi! My name is Olesia, and this is AliDropship
channel! Today, we will discuss one of the most important
aspects of your dropshipping business – its promotion! In this video, we will answer 5 common questions
about the best marketing strategies for dropshipping stores, including “What is search engine
optimisation? Which of the marketing strategies should you
try first? Where should you post your ads?” Since it’s hard to give details of every
type of promotion in one video, I will give lots of links to the AliDropship blog so that
you can learn more from the relevant articles and step-by-step guides. And one more thing before we start: if you
don’t know about AliDropship, please watch this video. This dropshipping tool helps to convert any
WordPress site into dropshipping online store and saves you lots of time and money as there
are no monthly fees for using it. Let’s start with the basics. What if you don’t advertise your business
at all? In the world of eCommerce, there are 3 main
factors that define your success. There are potential buyers who won’t visit
your website unless it’s shown on the first page of Google search results. Then there’s Google which won’t show your
website to Internet users unless your store is well optimized. And, there are numerous competitors who fill
social networks with their product ads in an effort to grab customers’ attention. In this environment, it’s impossible to
attract enough clients and achieve generous profits without heavy marketing action, don’t
you think? So, we’re moving on to the next logical
question: how can you get Google to show your website to Internet users? To do this, you need to think about search
engine optimization carefully. The best part about SEO is its zero cost – you
don’t need to spend a cent on it! Simply speaking, you need to pick the right
keywords, and integrate them into all the texts you have in your store. Home page, category pages, single product
pages – these are the most important elements to optimize on your website. The keywords in the online store text will
look like this. If you are not sure how to do SEO, there is
a handy checklist for you on our blog. With its help, you will see what you can do
to improve your website position and increase your profit levels. Find the link in the description. Unfortunately, SEO doesn’t bring an immediate
effect. That’s why many entrepreneurs are wondering:
are there any alternative ways to promote an online store for free? There are lots of them, actually! We will focus on the following three options
and explain what they can do for your business. One of the most common strategies is social
media marketing. It won’t cost you anything to post a catchy
promotional picture on Instagram and spice it up with appropriate hashtags. Also, for zero cost, you can make an engaging
post on Facebook and share it in several groups with related themes. You can also automate social media marketing
with the help of special tools, for example, Social Rabbit Add-on. To learn more about it, follow the link in
the description. Another option is to build your image as a
reputable, well-educated expert in your business field. This is called image marketing. To do this, you can run your own in-store
blog, answer users’ questions on forums like Quora and Reddit, and write for influential
platforms. Influencer marketing means asking Instagram,
YouTube and other bloggers – they are influencers – for collaboration and inviting them to promote
your store or products on their social pages. Influencers usually do advertising for money,
but it is possible to do it for free. Find online entrepreneurs who run their businesses
in a related sphere and ask if you can exchange posts on each other’s pages. Plus, you can offer them to do a giveaway
or a contest together – both of you will get double media coverage. That’s what you can do for free, but if
you can afford paid advertising as well, you can get better results. These are the options we recommend trying. Let’s see how they work. Paid per click advertising, or PPC, is the
strategy that lets you show your ads to people while they are searching for something on
Google. For example, I see this ad when I type “red
dress” in Google. I see it because someone paid to show this
ad to women of my age living in my location with the same interests as me. Using this kind of ads, you can target a specific
audience, so pay attention to the locations settings and focus on your target countries
and regions. Use this kind of ads if you know that people
in a specific place search for the type of goods represented in your online store. Google Shopping Ads are also shown on Google. They look like this. They are quite effective if you manage to
set a competitive price and place attractive images. There is an article on our blog dedicated
to Google Shopping ads. Read it to learn how to set them up to guarantee
a positive result! You can also promote your store and your products
on Instagram. If your niche products look nice and you have
beautiful images of them or can make such images, Instagram promotion can be really
effective. Paid Instagram ads let you reach hundreds
of users and make them curious about your products. Do you want to know how to make this kind
of Ad in detail? You can find step-by-step instruction on our
blog. I will place a link to this article in the
description under this video and on the screen card. Facebook Ads let you interact with your previous
store visitors and even target wider audiences of people who might also be interested in
your products. This is a great strategy to get in touch with
a new customer segment! You will find the algorithm in this article. Привлечение внимания
With lots of options to choose from, right now, you are probably wondering: where should
you begin? The answer is simple: always start with SEO. It is your long-term investment in your business
growth and prosperity. Also, focus on social media marketing. Start with the free promotions and try paid
ads on Instagram and Facebook as soon as you get a clearer picture of your target audience
and their preferences. In the meantime, start learning about PPC
and Google Ads. Maybe they are a bit complex to understand,
but the results will be totally worth it. These were the most common marketing questions
we get from the people who run their dropshipping stores. We hope this Q&A session was entertaining
and helpful! If it was, don’t forget to like this video
and subscribe to our channel to stay aware of the most important things that help you
to dropship and prosper. What kind of promotion would you like to learn
more about? What questions should we answer in the next
video? Post your ideas in comments! See you next time!

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