March 28, 2020
QA Apprenticeships – Maginus case study

QA Apprenticeships – Maginus case study

– [Peter] Maginus is a software house,
about, uh, 100 employees, 10 million turnover. We need to get bright
individuals into the business to keep us going. And, they come from a variety
of sources. The obvious one is graduates. But there are other untapped resources
out there we wanted to get them. We worked with QA for many years, so we had a chat
with them and the Apprentice scheme was obvious for us. But, the one area we’re
concerned about was maturity. These are very young people. We wanted to make sure
that, um,they were gonna be able to exist, in our, uh, workplace. Consequently we,
uh, liaise with QA. We have regular updates on the, uh, both the academic
progression, but also how they interacted socially with their colleagues on the,
course. Ah, thus if any issues arose, we were told straight away about them,
and can address them. – [Athina] QA’s given me, um, skills that
I didn’t have before. So for example, they’ve given me technical skills. I now
know a lot more about the way that IT work in the workplace. Whereas before, when I
was doing it at school, you just have got an overview of the theory. Whereas
with QA you actually get hands on experience You actually learn. You also get
qualifications that your employers recognize, so that you are qualified
to be able to go and do the things, and they know that you’ve got the skills
to do it. – The Apprentice scheme has been, ah, a
total success. The, ah, individuals now pick up incidents just like everybody,
else. Ah, they can be measured on the, same, ah, scale as everybody then
in the company. And, they also-, they’re enthusiastic. They, uh, motivate the rest
of the team, which is an added bonus we didn’t really see happening. Um, I can
definitely say we’re taking apprentices on in the future. We already have plans
for a scheme to run in 2012. – QA’s helped me in my career by giving me a
job with an employer that has taken me on at the end of it. And also, they’ve
found a path that I can follow, so hopefully within the next four years,
I’ll be at my goal of being a consultant which is brilliant. – To any of a business that’s, ah,
considering apprentices, I’d say go for it. And… you’ve got little to lose. And,
from our experience, they, um, add something to the workplace. They’re just
as capable as the more mature individuals. Um, they give that added spark of, ah, youthful enthusiasm. Just go for it.

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