March 30, 2020

20 thoughts on “Q&A #10 My Sentimental Watch l STORYTIME 💜 Watch Brands That Sell like HOTCAKES 🥞 & What Used To

  1. I have been a subscriber for almost a week , watched all your videos, you are awesome those 1.4k should be 14 million 👍

  2. Nice episode Roman. Still waiting to hear your thoughts on Vintage watches and vintage market. And I'm not talking about the Rolexes… that started to become boring. I'm referring to the old Universal Geneve, the Angelus, the Movados… The quality is there, the beauty and the history is there too. And I hear you when you said that Big watches (>45mm) are here to stay. But I also believe that the people is really moving also to the old 36 to 38 mm watches. So I see all these watches increasing in demand. And in value, given the fact they are so scarce. Will be great to hear your ideas on this in some future episode f your channel.

  3. As always, love your stuff! Vacheron OverSeas has always been one of the top 3 (holy grail) desired sports watches together with Royal Oak and Nautilus. In your opinion, has the OverSeas model devalued itself next to its peers which are selling at a healthy premium or this is the time to get that watch at a good discount? Keep up your great content, very informative.

  4. hey roman, love the videos and your honest statements. I was wondering what you think about factory vs after market diamond and their price gap?

  5. Sentimentality. It is amazing the influence of someone you really like and admire. My old boss who was like my second dad many years ago always wore a Rolex watch. So whenever I have the chance to get a new one it always reminds me of how great a person he was and the positive effect he had on my life. Thanks for the great watch story.

  6. Great episode as always Roman. Thanks for answering my questions. I've been browsing your website lately and when I'm in the market for my next piece I will give you guys a call.

  7. Awesome content Roman! what’s the best Swiss brand to go with while on a budget that will hold its value or increase modestly . As a person starting their watch hobby with limited funds. Looking for Something I’ll be able to trade up with ( Tudor, vintage Omega, vintage IWC, Ball, Tissot)?

  8. Hi Roman! I like your videos, the information given is interesting and useful! But today I’ve been texting to your DM in Instagram with only one question, the messages have been read, but no respond at all…

  9. I am not an expert of watches but I didn't see new models of rolexes (for example) etc… they makes the same models decades just changing braceslets like other brands too. Watch games not for ordinary people. Thanks Roman.

  10. Hi Roman, Lovely and interesting as always 🙂
    I wonder, if you can tell us, how the climate is between dealers? As a "watch community" thats relatively new do you help each other out sourcing models and buy from each other or is it a race to have best AD/private connections to receive inventory?
    How does Watch shows work – is it open for the public and "regular prices" or is just dealers allowed and more of a bulk buying/networking community?
    Thanks in advance and keep it up!

  11. Love your channel. My question is, what do you think about watches like the RJ Space Invaders. I love the watch but I think it might just be a gimmick, even though it's only 78 per model. Also it only tells hours and minutes. But it's very cool nice materials and it has a tongue in cheek humor about it.

  12. Hey roman great videos as always. What is the series of that AP diamond. Cant seem to find that watch on a strap. Thanks Merry Christmas to you and your family

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