April 10, 2020
PureRED uses StyleShoots for eCommerce Product Photography

PureRED uses StyleShoots for eCommerce Product Photography

We’re always trying to create the most
efficient process we can because honestly, efficiency saves money. We’re an ad agency, but we also do all
the production end of things. This is a studio that’s built in
a distribution warehouse for one of our clients, and there’s
some real benefits to that. We’re able to intercept product before
it hits the fulfillment center – thus we have that ability to write the
copy and take the images and have those hitting the website about the time the
product gets to the fulfillment center. What we’re up against on a consistent
basis is speed to market how are we going to get this garment out
there as fast as possible? We started looking at our conventional
methods of digital photography and was that going to be able
to do the trick for us? The answer was no – we needed something that was
going to be far more efficient for us and actually take up
a little less space. With the StyleShoots machines we can shoot the equivalent of
what we would have done on three traditional sets in
the same amount of time, but it only takes up the same square
footage of a single traditional set. So StyleShoots actually
offered a solution that we had no other
answer to. There’s a very short learning curve on
the machines, they’re very intuitive so we were able to have stylists man
the systems and have all of the lighting preset for them, so they’re
looking and clicking a button and it’s done. So from the operational standpoint
it was a huge labor reducer. All of it is really just great from
the beginning to the end, I mean I essentially can come in here
and work anytime I want alone not depending on anybody and
doing as much as I want, so that in itself is pretty great. the process through which an item goes
to get from a truck to the web is quite interesting. Our client takes care of finding the
items that need to be photographed and they hang those on racks right outside
our studio the items then are brought over to the
photography area preppers will prep the items steaming
them and then our stylists will dress and undress the mannequins shooting them
and from there any images and copy we push will be on the website live
the very next day. If we were working in a
conventional studio we would not be producing
as highly as we are now and of course we’re about
three times over. Embedded solutions like this are truly
the best way to accomplish that. It is working spectacularly and we’re going to want to use this
model over and over again as we as we continue looking at
different retail clients.

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