January 18, 2020


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  2. That’s how I knew this was a scam! They were sending the email to the wrong email address..and I also didn’t think YouTube would send me an email

  3. I have had 2 people selling me things I need. They wanted my phone number, gave another another not associated with our account. Hope I am safe!

  4. This advice was unfortunately a couple of days late for me since I lost my main channel that has over 280k subs… I contacted YouTube and they told me they’re working on getting it back. Do you think they will be able to do so? Thank you and keep up the amazing work!

  5. good video Roberto
    I already got multiple scam emails, but because it's a separate email account for sponsorship deals it's easier to filter them out (as Roberto said)
    Extra tips:
    -use different passwords for every (social media) site
    -switch off automatic image loading in your email program, the scammer can see that you opened the email, so he knows the email is active to send more spam
    -never click on a link in an email, the more scary the email is, the more likely it's fraud

  6. @Roberto Blake – I noticed that GLEAM (the group who is behind so called giveaways) is now requesting permission to enter into your YouTube account when they never did before. Is that legit? Thank you.

  7. Thank you for this video. I do not have the same email as I created a special one for business inquiries/customer service that isn't connected to Gmail – but I appreciate your advice to swap the email addresses on the other social media accounts too for extra security. I will go and do that straight away!

  8. Roberto, Thanks for always looking out for creators.. from telling it like it is about the hard work you need to put in to succeed to warning us about the latest scams directed at the creator community. You are not afraid to tell creators things they might not want to hear but will be better for them in the end. Like eating the vegetables on your plate. Thanks!!

  9. Next time you post a video, or sometime in the NEAR future you should address the crooks of You Tube. Those Mafia style GANGSTERS are worse than the You Tube employees in the copyright strike/demonitization/cancellation department. The poisonous snake is named Jukin Media. These people are going to be the very reason most ALL YouTube creators will be no more. They're WORSE than COPPA. "Fair use" doesn't apply to them and any of their content. They're extorting and bullying creators on YouTube's platform worse than YouTube. Jukin Media needs to be attacked and obliterated.

  10. Seen loads of them recently, all from gmail address. Going on about spam on my channel, inappropriate content, bla, bla.

  11. Hey Roberto, huge fan first of all! But also, the first email I got about this gave me that "roller coaster stomach" feeling. I luckily did not click anything and checked out my adsense and my channel to see if I had any alerts. I did not see anything there so I figured it was a scam. I have received a ton of these since then and was so happy to see you address the issue. I could have easily fallen into this trap had I not been savvy enough to question the email. (not bragging but I have been interneting for a while haha) One thing I did not think of for whatever reason was changing my email. It is so simple but something I never thought of doing. I am going to do that right after I leave this comment. Thanks again for getting the word out there! Keep up the awesomeness!

  12. Great info Roberto! Having multiple emails is key. Keep everything separate and no one should know your gmail associated with your youtube or adsense account. I switched over from sharing my business email publicly to only using a contact form on my website. This way if someone wants to contact me they can't just send me a email. It's helped eliminate a ton of the phishing scams.

  13. Hi Roberto I don't ever put my emails in the into/about page on any personal and YouTube social media accounts I am only one who gives out my emails address my self and I don't say my last name on my YouTube or on my YouTube Instagram or Twitter I keep that Into private for safety for me and my family

  14. This happened to someone I was subcribed to. They started uploading a whole bunch of strange Indian videos, like literally 100 or more . My feed was flooded

  15. Very informative Roberto. I had known some of this was going on, but you gave me some more info that I had not known about, and the best ways to prepare for it. So thank you.

  16. I've been getting lots of those fake e-mails recently. Everyone of them says your channel has lots of spam videos.

  17. I’m getting multiple emails a day! I check the sender address every time. And some of these emails are so generic and just look ridiculous!

  18. MxR Plays are being scammed, their channel/business is in top danger of full vanishing to the void ( they seem devastated) … but is a more complicated scam, it seems…. They're being even extorted, paying big sums of money…

  19. This happened to Jaymes Hansen. Not sure about the specifics, but he got hammered. Locked out his account, guy changed his name, took off the videos, and ect

  20. Yeah, change it to a Protonmail or something secure like that. I got a few email in my gmail that claimed I had COPPA infringements or copyright infringements and stuff. But I could SEE that it looked slightly different to a usual YouTube e-mail message. I never click on links in email, even in LEGIT e-mail for banks and such. I always simply log in and check in the account in question, just to be on the safe side.

  21. I don't understand. I know I'm EXTREMELY SMALL channel, but I would like to be protected. I don't see what you mean. I dont see anything about my email on the about section on my channel.

  22. Hacking is growing. 30% of all websites are hacked. YouTube and social media are loving places for hackers as well. Using two factor authentication is a great idea. Thanks for sharing. 👍🔥👋💰 🧚❤️💯🙏🏼🌟🚀

  23. I haven't been getting those emails, but a few weeks ago I was notified that someone tried to access my account near Ecuador. They knew the password, but Google blocked them.

  24. I use filters in my gmail for EVERYTHING.


    What about those that don't upload videos?
    I believe my account is already set-up (as a channel) to upload, but I've not added any email address for business inquiries or in any other way – other than for YouTube within my Google account.
    I actually use the '+' feature in my gmail and absolutely nothing gets my 'top level' email address unless any given system won't accept it. That is, despite the face that I know it's illegal to not accept any valid email address.

  25. I didn’t connect my gmail account to my phone bc I don’t want to get a bunch of notifications. Is it fine if I go on my computer and open up the email (not a link in the email) to read it?

    Funny how u said if this is ur first vid I’m sry bc this is actually the first vid I’m watching from u lol

  26. 100% Thank you!
    And We love you too!

    I sent a couple photos via Instagram for your producer friend.

    I worked with him at Vidsummit
    He is a good dude
    I got to introduce him to some of my friends and Was glad to have him join us for Dinner.

    As staff wasnt able to get there before food was gone It happens.

    Events can never be sure everyone Gets taken care of – thats why we need to look out for eachother.

    HE has your back so that goes full circle. Thank you I mean that

    You and a few other creators are why I am still here. I wanted to give back.

    I wasnt sure if Youtube was the Right place for me but I think the community is.

    And I saw Twich folks, Tiktok
    Vidsummit isnt about Youtube exclusively.

    So All in all Great event
    Awesome to sort of see you there*

    I seriously need glasses I was only near enough to be sure it was you when I was working security getting a gal to stop trying to take pictures of Casey Neistat out by starbucks…

    I certainly didnt want to interrupt you just to try and say THANK YOU
    As Frantically trying to explain or just saying thank you and not giving you at least some idea of what for.

    Your metal heath Comments here were helpful*

  27. I clicked on one not realizing it was a scam. I tried signing in but was unsuccessful because I was so sleepy forgetting my password 😆

  28. Thanks so much for sharing this, very important. I've been getting these scam emails for a while now but like you said, it's only at my public emailaddress. So I always immediately know it's a scam

  29. I keep getting emails from skill share offering a sponsorship (been getting them for a year and initially ignored them as scam emails) the email has a website registration link (haven't visited yet) but my main question is, is this a normal approach? It has the normal URL but has "makrwatch" before the dot com which sparked my alarm bells. Lots of people are sponsored by skill share so I just wonder if this is a normal approach by them. I reached out to their verified twitter via dm and they say the emails are from them, I just never saw myself as having a large sponsor approaching me instead of me approaching them. The good old "if it's too good to be true then it probably is"

    It's scary times with so many scams going out and with sponsors it's hard to know who are scammers and who are legit that we are just ignoring.

  30. First of all, thank you, Roberto, for helping me with your excellent videos and tips to grow my Youtube channel, and I wish you all the best!
    I had and have many of these emails, as well as strange YouTube comments on my Greek videos, but I've already written my website's address (from the beginning), so I knew they were and are scams. Other excellent tips for you which I also use to be as safe as possible, is to create the two-step Google account verification through your phone number (I use both my cellphone AND home phone number). Also, it is a great idea to connect your devices (PC, laptop or cellphone) with your Google account, so if someone is trying to enter to your account and write a password from any other device, Google will send you a number text message for verification to place it to get access. That way you'll also know that someone is trying to get your account. I hope those tips help you too, and I wish all of you a safe and Happy New Year!🙂

  31. I had this monetized (averaging $300/month which is a lot of money to me) channel stolen on July 20th when I fell for phishing scam that duped me into believing it was from YT and I gave the scammers my password. They started posting episodes of ‘The View’ to the channel. YT terminated the channel on July 30th.

    On that day I started another ‘Joe’s Firewood Videos II’ and it took me until October 11th until I got my 2nd channel monetized. I finally got this channel returned/restored on October 24th and now I have two monetized channels.

    They got my AdSense earnings for July which would’ve been like $300. I am currently trying to get reimbursed for July. I also probably lost $1000 in potential earnings in August-October.

    It would be nice if YT could’ve combined both channels into one but they can’t, so now I have two monetized Firewood channels. Oh well… It was a tough lesson learned.

    You probably don’t remember but I mentioned it to you in August and you steered me in the right direction to the path to getting it back and I appreciate that.

    I will be changing my email address in my “About” section in both of my channels ASAP and sharing this video too.

    Thanks again for another outstanding video Roberto.

    Joe’s Firewood Videos
    Joe’s Firewood Videos II

  32. Thank you Roberto, it turns out this one is attached to a former email not tied to the channel, and I also use a few yubico keys and don't check off the box never check this computer again.

  33. Good tips. Some of them are great to apply even for no creators as a best practices to protect our info. I’ll definitely be making so adjustment. Scammers have gotten more crafty. I work for a non profit and I’m regularly having to send out PSAs to not fall for attempted scams. Thank you for the great info.

  34. Hello Roberto, yes this was very helpful. I will share on my next live. Thank you again. I did not know I could have more than 1 Google email account.
    Love ~ Light

  35. Oh snap. I had that happen on my wordpress woo commerce. I did what you said. I went to my Dashboard and as usual its was quiet. The only thing I was that damn tumbleweed. But didn't get scammed.

  36. I was about to write in the comments to change your email address in the about section and descriptions, but it was the first thing you mention haha. I’ve always had a different email displayed for business inquiries and know immediately it’s a scam when I receive these scam emails to that address. Never had an issue.

  37. Great video, thanks for the warning. Is it possible to change the email that your Youtube channel is attached to. So that we can start fresh with a new gmail account/email that is only used for the Youtube channel. I've heard that you can never change your Youtube email. If so, how do you address a situation where you're hacked. Do you just continue forward with a compromised email.

  38. Your account is going to be terminated. Click 'Read more' right now to save your account

    You have failed the test.

  39. Thanks Roberto! Just recently received multiple emails from a scam offering to pay for sponsored videos for cloud gaming and heard some bad stuff that happened from other creators … horrible.

  40. Thank you for sharing this Roberto!

    There is one Youtuber I know of that fell for this.

    Her channel name is Ircha Gaming and I was subscribed to her for a few years.

    About a month ago or so, I remember seeing my subscriptions feed flooded with these weird Japanese live streams.

    Luckily, she did get her channel back and then explained that it was an email scam.

    It’s sad to think that there are people like this out there.

    Videos like these definitely are helpful though! 💯👏🏻

  41. OMG.. Thank God I did this when I first started my Channel! I have Multiple Email addresses for my Channel.. the one under my Videos I barely check anymore.. And I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but I hardly ever open Emails from Google anyways😂🤷🏼‍♀️.. I see them.. but then I don’t 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  42. Thanks for the great info… Roberto how to change my email add that i use on my adsense account? can i still change it?? Waiting for your answer..thank..

  43. Roberto follow up question… if i have 3 channels can i make 3 adsense account also? One adsense for every channel to protect my future income from hacking..hope u can make a video about it…thanks…

  44. Dang. I just updated mine. I already have 5 different emails I use for video purposes. Thanks for the heads up. Added non-Gmail address.

  45. Really sad that you have to make a video covering this. I have used two factor authentication for several years for that reason. I even have it turned up on my wordpress sites. I even wrote a book on the subject of how to implement two factor authentication.

    Roberto: Would be interesting in doing a collab/video with you on this subject and going over the different ways of protecting your online accounts. Hope to hear from you.

  46. Glad I use a separate e-mail for all my social media account and youtube accounts apart from my primary e-mails😀

  47. Thanks Roberto. But I'm not really familiar with everything you speak of, and I actually find Youtube a bit hard to navigate when I'm trying to find where to change my email for instance. So my suggestion is that you do a "step by step" video about how to change all these things you talk about.

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