April 6, 2020

62 thoughts on “Progressive Web Apps – PWA Roadshow

  1. This seems like an interesting topic but I can't stand the way this guy talks. Re record this with a better actor and I'll watch it

  2. It makes me want to create PWAs but the questions I always ask to me to create a PWA, how long does it take and how many people are involved in creating them?

  3. I want to like this, but this guy is trying too hard. Like he's whining about Facebook stealing all of Google's attention. Lol, poor corporate baby.

    And oh, PWA doesn't work on iPhones. No go.

  4. like if PWA was not a buzzword already, let's add FIRE to fire it up. Great video, love the real world examples and metrics

  5. Don't get me wrong, PWA have come a long way and can already do a lot but sensor wise they are still are not as good as native apps. Also it's very hard to do always smooth running (complex) animations on mobile.

  6. "The average user installs zero apps per month. By contrast, mobile users visit over 100 websites every month"

    This is obviously not a comparable stat. These users might be going to the same websites they always do every month, which is comparable to using all the same apps that they already had installed. No new apps installed = no new websites visited.

  7. this is something that apple scared of…as more ppl using web app, the less ppl will download app from store and they will not able to charge fee from the developer…

  8. Great video. These are indeed some good examples of PWAs. Since this video was posted, even more big services that we used to think of as "app-only" have released their own progressive web apps. For an updated list of these PWAs, I recommend checking out Appsco.pe (https://appsco.pe).

  9. Could someone please address the elephant in the room with regards to PWAs: browser performance vs native UI. This brave new world homescreen-browser-apps reminds me alot of an old friend- Hybrid apps, which were largely thrown out due to sub par performance. It seems a bit disingenuous that this is being totally ignored.

  10. There is a most advanced PWA system thats was there even before the term itself appeared, BEFORE that 2015 letter outlining what it should be! The Mobsted platform runs millions of accounts already, but for larger corps and is only now making rounds with general public – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9pkgu-46Qo&t=3s

  11. The sad thing is, Google's own YouTube don't have PWA. Maybe only Google map that has PWA now. The other is just shortcut (there's chrome logo in it)

  12. What is the difference between PWA and WebApp the way it was introduced by Steve Jobs when HTML5 and WebKit was introduced.

  13. Very informative video. PWAs are proving to be of great utility in countries where the internet connection isn't that great, like India.

  14. i have build a PWA for a website balijasevasanghaballari.org, the problem is I have embedded the youtube video when I start to play a video after 30 seconds the screen turns out as there was no video playing, in Mozilla it is working fine

  15. Hi, anybody can help me . how to create a mobile web app on browsers like the mobile application. What's the technologies they are using .

  16. As our understanding, it shouldn't be only a bookmark, three primary important factors should be included: offline browsing, push notification, installation. Additionally, native-like is necessary.

  17. hello everyone I am in terminale and for my project of end of study I already create a website with symfony 3 now I have to change it into a Progressive web app

    who can help me (tutorial, blog, site ….)

    PS: it's my first Progressive web application

  18. This looks to be same googlelabs as this link.

    and this git repo > https://github.com/googlecodelabs/your-first-pwapp.git

    I couldn't find a completed git repo to compare any typos. I have this working on local host, but hangs when hosted on an aws ec2 instance.

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'then' of null
    at app.js:218


    .then((forecast) => {

    renderForecast(card, forecast);


  19. in 8:30, when he showed the notification to the front,my phone messenger app, instantly, sent notification with the vibration and "b..km" sound!!

    "How the magic did he………oww,aha!" was my reaction 😂

  20. I would like found more video talking about how can I go straight forward in the entire develop of a sistema like app as nodejs and another environment of execution

  21. 14:45 was when i felt 'ok, he makes all the sense in the world'..ill be watching this a few more times to let it all sink in

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