February 26, 2020
Prof Galloway’s Career Advice

Prof Galloway’s Career Advice

As summer winds down and many head back to school or into the workforce, some unsolicited career advice which I’m fairly certain will resonate and 100% certain you will ignore. 1. Get certified. In the depths of the Great Recession, college grads enjoyed half the unemployment rate of high school graduates. Over the course of your lifetime, college grads are going to make on average two times what someone without a degree earns. If you can’t find your way to college then seek other certification whether it’s a class 3 driver’s license, scuba certification or a degree in cosmetology. 2. Be remarkable. Develop not just one area of expertise, but two skills that don’t always naturally go together. Be the CFO who also understands what music should be played at your events, be the creative director who knows how to use Excel. Just as Lindt chocolate brings together dark chocolate and chili peppers, what two attributes are you going to bring
together that differentiate you? 3. Find the variance. Look at the six or eight things that are key to your firm’s success and identify one or two of those where you can differentiate yourself by becoming an expert. If everyone’s pretty good at PowerPoint that’s not where the variance is but if some people can’t string together a sentence and writing is important to your job, try to become a great writer. 4. Get to a city. Your zip code is a strong signal of future wealth. Two-thirds of economic growth will take place in cities. Like tennis, when you rally with someone better than you, you improve, being in a city forces you to rally with the best. 5. Boring is sexy. Want to produce movies, work for Vogue or open restaurants? Then you better receive a great deal of psychic income, because your return on investment will be lousy. Software as a service for healthcare maintenance workers? Sounds awful. But that’s where the money is. 6. Be willing to delay gratification. Einstein said the power of compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe. This is true not only for money but your own efforts. Every day, invest in something where the payoff won’t come for several years, but aggregates. 7. Demonstrate strength and grit. What do Fortune 500 CEOs have in common? Not that they went to Ivy League schools, nor that they were born into wealthy families, but they exercise every day. It’s about being a stronger version of you. If shit gets real you know you could kill and eat everyone in the room, which will make you feel more confident. By the way, I’m not suggesting you do this. 8. Don’t follow your passion. When a luncheon speaker tells people to follow their passion, it means they’re already rich. The best tax lawyers aren’t passionate about tax law, they’re passionate about being great at something and the accoutrements of being the best in your field. 9. Ignore the myth of balance. We’ve all heard about somebody who’s great at their work, volunteers at the ASPCA and runs a food blog. Assume you are not this person. I have a lot of balance in my life now. Why? Because I worked my ass off in my 20s and my 30s. It cost me my first marriage, it cost me my hair and it was worth it. Finally, fight unfair. What are you willing to do that the majority of people around you aren’t? I’m a professor with a decent amount of credibility, but there are dozens that have more credibility. I’m a good entrepreneur, but there are more successful entrepreneurs. However, there are few professor-entrepreneurs who are willing to put on wigs. Why do this? I’m fighting unfair. What are you willing to do that your colleagues won’t? Fight unfair. We’ll see you next week.

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  1. This is bullshit. Here lies the one big issue with America today, we measure success and "happiness" in terms of dollars earned. Money is an excellent thing and solves a lot of problems, but with this brilliant strategy: let's put off life until we're dead, bury ourselves in debt for the opportunity to do so, do what makes us feel like shit every day just for the money (and probably won't do well at anyhow because you won't be good at what you hate), and live in a major city where the traffic sucks, the pollution, stress and lack of natural sunlight will most likely shorten your life (the one you delayed till old age in the first place) and cost of living is 3x higher than anywhere else, eliminating whatever extra money we're earning by living in the city in the first place. If your lucky the little bit of money you can "invest" i.e. hand over to the bankers and crooks for old age will earn you 2% interest and hopefully the market won't be in a major recession when you want your money back. If you feel good, healthy and happy with this lifestyle, by all means do it, otherwise you'll be one of the lucky few to really benefit from these sacrifices . What good is money if your sacrificing your entire life to get it? Selling your most precious assets (your time, your passion, your health, and your freedom) makes zero sense. Money comes and goes, it can all disappear in an instant and you can get it again, but once you sell your life out you can never get that back.

  2. Dont avoid balance. You will pay with your health and all the money and success wont mean a thing when youre looking at the ceiling from your bed in the hospital

  3. Why don't you guys put the outro song in the description for each new video? Then you can start saying "check description" to see it and other links.

  4. Aside from the college degree advice, all great points. College ROI is debt slavery, you can't do the other things advised here because you'll be so mentally stressed from the weight of the debt

  5. Some good advice. But let's remember that "fight unfair" leads to many of the problems we have, from self-exploitation to the exploitation of others by breaking and subverting laws.

  6. This is the one and only ad that ever caught my attention, you truly are a marketing genius and I enjoy every video you release. Please keep them up.

  7. Fuuuck!!!!
    You are literally the best motivational speaker….
    …..just love your honesty & genuine approach!!


  8. This was a well presented video, with valuable insights on how to maximise success by examining workplace dynamics, but the overall tone of worshipping the money god sucks and isn't relevant to a normal human being with normal emotions.

    This is particularly true on the work/life balance bit. It's easy for him to say that it was worth it now that he's settled, comfortable and successful. But how many other people sacrificed their 20s and 30s only to still achieve professional mediocrity? Or have a breakup in their 40s putting them straight back to square one with no real investment in a well rounded and healthy social life? Or who get a cancer diagnosis at the age of 35 and realise they've wasted their golden years of health being someone else's bitch? Or maybe just realise that the magic dangling carrot of professional success isn't fulfilling after all?

    It's hardly surprising that America is the world's capital for depression and dislocation when there are schmucks like this, preaching from the altar, desperate to enhance their own social status by attempting promote the utterly alienating worship of money in place of real human connection. This video is pure ideology, spoken like a true psychopathic capitalist.

    Nice wig.

  9. Excellent advice here. The ideas in #2 and #3 about how to differentiate yourself are great! Thanks for the thought provoking content.

  10. Move to a city? May I suggest staying away from Seattle, or San Francisco, or any of the West Coast Cities unless you already got 6 figures locked into your income and will follow you over there, housing cost are ridiculous right now and are only getting worse before the next crash.

  11. I LOVE unsolicited career advice (just ask my Mum) – seriously though, some great tips – totally agree the pillars of a successful career are to be remarkable and differentiate yourself. Work/life balance can wait until you reach your goals. 💯

  12. Donald Trump (Back when he was still cool) said, "If I ever lose everything, and had to start over again, I would find a great network marketing company, and get running."  Dr. Scott, I really like NMC's, mine is Advocare, but I wanted to see what your brutal opinion is on them, and I expect it to be brutal.

  13. The naked wig wearing Scott massively caught me off guard. Definitely hit the 'remarkable' nail on the head with that one

  14. Disagree on the "cities" point. The cost of living is rising in cities just as fast as the income is, and tech is becoming less and less dependent on physical location.

    Good video.

  15. I know this is an old video but a recent work experience and running across this video had driven me to share this: learn the fuckin ranks, kid. Don’t walk in day one out of college saying you want to be a leader. You’ve lost the people before you ever had them.

  16. Great Scott! I myself already doing most of this and I’m not even out of high school. However, I disagree with your “boring is sexy.” I think with the threat of artificial intelligence, we’re likely to see more “boring” jobs replaced with software and computers. Thoughts on this?

  17. Mr Scott.
    This video is one of must see for everyone that I want show to people in order how to improve their life.
    I pick some of your advice and will do the rest. Currently, I work as Baker while trading stock market in spare time and also produce stock music in Internet.

  18. Love this. Watched it at least 8 times over the past few months. Anyone knows what the song at the end is?

  19. a lot of professors will cringe after watching this especially the last bit. but this is actually brilliant. brute practicality and reality is like bland nutritious food that keeps you healthy and fit from the inside . Love this. Scott you are legendary.

  20. I wanted to disagree about the certifications but I can't. Personally I think the certifications are worthless to employers most of the time but they do get you higher paying jobs and they get your foot in the door more often so they are worth it for employees to earn them even if they don't really get the employer the value the employers often put on them.

  21. Try not to look at the prompter too long man 😉 I mean even the add where you arent using your mouth, Your eyes are still reading something. Hahaha these guys may be all for this, But with it all being said it looks fake.

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