April 4, 2020
Products to dropship during the winter season 2020

Products to dropship during the winter season 2020

Hello! I’m Olesia from AliDropship, the creator
of the leading dropshipping plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce. If you’re not familiar with our amazing plugin,
click this link above to learn more. Today, I’m going to share a few tips on
what to sell in the 2020 fall/winter season. Before we continue, remember — there’s no
such thing as the “best” product to sell because we can never know for sure what will become
popular. However, we can make good guesses based on
research. Just follow these three steps. Start with reviewing your current offer. What kind of goods do you sell? What other products could naturally complement
the offer? Second, check out what’s happening on the
market. Monitor current trends and what people are
talking about to be the first one to offer the new product. And finally, think about your target audience. In most cases, people buy what they need in
advance. So your job is to predict their needs. With those quick research tips in mind, let’s
now take a look at some great merchandise for your dropshipping store this fall/winter
season. Products for being comfortable outside
With intense winter weather, an ordinary umbrella just won’t do. Shine and stand out from competitors like
a Jedi with this galactic lightsaber-style umbrella. It’ll light up your orders list! If you want to offer something cute and less
out of this world, this transparent umbrella with beautiful cherry blossom print is also
a great choice. We can’t talk cold without getting into jackets! This popular polka dot-print hooded raincoat
is a way to give shoppers color for the gloomiest of days. When it rains and pours — so consider adding
these waterproof covers for shoes to your shop. They’re sure to become a hot seller! And speaking of toes and feet…keep them
warm season-long with some warm, welcoming socks. There we go! A great choice and gift idea to stock your
store with. We’ve covered the upper body and feet….but
we can’t forget about hands, right? If you want to make your online shop a head-to-toe
shopping destination, be sure to add these portable hand warmers to your inventory. They’re easy to fill and heat up — and
we’re pretty sure they’ll stay hot on your order list. Products for being comfortable at home
When it’s cold outside, most people want to stay indoors, right? I know I’m one of those — wrapping up with
a hot cup of tea — but the environment is important too, so let’s take a look at some
great mood-boosters. We showed you some cozy socks earlier — but
these super-thick knit socks have extra fluff, making them perfect for a cozy night in lounging
around. All this talk about staying warm, fluffy socks,
hot tea…I’m starting to feel sleepy — anyone else? Oh. Looks like this cat fell asleep too. But look at how homey it is as a rug. I can totally see this as a cute trending
item. If sleepy isn’t your thing, bring some arctic
chill to shoppers with the white bear carpet for the true winter feel. Okay, so remember those fluffy knit socks
from earlier? Well, if you feel you want to turn up the
heat, consider this oversized fluffy foot warmer for your store. It packs heat (quiet literally) to keep shoppers
comfy. When the daylight gets shorter in the cold
months, finding a socket to charge your phone and electronics with in the dark is not fun. So offer customers the convenience of this
night light that includes a charging plug. It also helps warm up any room! Speaking of warm — nothing creates a roomier
mood than these decorative lights. They can also brighten up any Christmas tree
or display. Products for entertainment
With Christmas and New Years coming up, the colder seasons are all about entertaining
and making memories. Make sure your customers keep their photos
(and memories) bright with these LED light photo clips. Speaking of lights, light up the world with
this the LED light drawing board. It’s THE perfect choice for shoppers who are
artistic or know of an artist in their life. Baking cookies is popular around the holiday
season, so be sure to make some noise and add these super cool cookie cutters to your
store. In the long and cold days, scrapbooking is
a favorite pastime for many. This collection of fancy, fun tape is the
perfect holiday gift. You’d be surprised, but embroidery and cross-stitching
is a popular winter activity. Reach your niche of crafty buyers with this
embroidery set. Products for holiday planning
Now that we’ve given you some great home decor and gift ideas, it’s time to wrap it up. Get that? Don’t miss out on this stylish gift box, perfect
for under the Christmas tree or on the table at a friendly get-together. Entertain in style and offer a variety of
party tableware. And lastly, no holiday setting is complete
without the right decorations for a festive celebration. And that completes our introduction of product
ideas for the fall/winter season. If you want more tips, just visit our blog,
where there is a dedicated section to dropshipping merchandise ideas and niches. You can also learn more on our blog about
our AliDropship plugin. Remember, at AliDropship, we make it easy
to set up your own online business. We build custom-made stores tailored to your
vision and needs and give you the ultimate plugin to assist you. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced
dropshipper, be sure to check out our blog for more insight and tips. And be sure to subscribe to our channel and
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  1. if a customer buys a product from my site for 10$ then I have to place the order in aliexpress for 7$.. then the customer receives product for 7$ in the invoice he sees
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  2. Great product recommendations! The lightsaber umbrella will sell like crazy once Star Wars IX will be released. Just make sure it is not branded or Disney will go full Darth Vader on your store ☠️

  3. I've already 'alidswoo' plugins, how can I add WooCommerce 'Estimated Delivery Dates' on single product BUY NOW / ADD tO CART page ! Please Suggest

  4. I recommend Do not buy anything from this company specially they don't have no "Refund Policy". It's sucks and terrible. I'm facing serious problem with them right now, issues all the time and never find a solution. You'll be spending money for your rest of your life. As I can't find solution I'll go on their social media to report them as scammer.

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