April 3, 2020
Product Multiple Filter | Drop down Ajax filter | Products Sorting | E-Commerce website with Laravel

Product Multiple Filter | Drop down Ajax filter | Products Sorting | E-Commerce website with Laravel

okay friends in this video we will make it
more professed not like we will add price net and category and we will add
here button for such particular combination of product so for that I
have to change this type of select scenario so go to the editor open
resources view front and we have it products blade here you will see we have
a UI li so I will make it simple delete your UI li this give also I will delete
it and make it option we don’t need any class just delete it is yeah just for
your optional its theme design we will design it our own okay make it option
and outside we will make it select and we will set a category ID click get ID
you can use any name of ID we will use undercover script select that’s it
here your option you will change it save it
well you simple empty okay and ID you will delete here okay because we are
have a ID here and option have two sinks class option anything and yes name of
this that’s it okay now reload you will see everything is okay now
thing is change in design okay now open our yes here you have change something
if click here my buttons button will find VPN I will add a new button here we
will add here okay so I will delete it IP same fine weapon we had you will say
fine save it now you can see you have it here button I think some design let me
find it okay no problems you can add here save it if someone click here then
we will get category ID so we have to put here simple your category ID name is
get ID copy this use here here you will get category ID value what is the value
values category ID now you are not using any dynamic data so you can delete this
for each save it reloads your page select a any category randomly click on
find let me unlock some catch okay save it
reload select any category click on find you will get to and observe it is here
that is good valley find this extent here is your aha so nothing is fancy I
strain the renew your ID no you need to adhere also select price range simple
okay here you will put some data like a hero 200 100 to 300 T under to anything
you can add here 500 mm same thing give it a deer 300 to 500 hundred to three
hundred zero to hundred same place and it’s empty now it ain’t it
price simple someone click on this scenario f dropped off you will see here
price what looks price price price dot value I’m not explaining what I am doing
I am charge you or let me know what is this here is we will put one parameter
more for price and plus sign price variable that’s it no click any category
click Annie rinsed open inspect element find ok we have inspect error here okay
I’m sorry reload select any category select any
price range click on find and network you will see what we have a pass in
header here is prices here is category ID now this is going to our controller
open app HTTP controller product control here is our data is
coming ok I will show you let me comment this from here you will put price
variable request simple put price select category price name click on button and
here is your prize ring change the price range and here is your new price range
now you can see we have a two parameters 100 and 300 0 and 100 we have to make it
separate according to our price range query
so for that let me show you how we will do we will do it print our explode this
sign finish this price note select category select prices and here is your
array now you will put this for your price variable here you will put here
– and your price save it no we have something save it cut price
edit index 1 go and that means apply them no CC is separately select prices
click on it here is hundred and 300 300 and 500 here is your data now we can
make query according to this parameters let me remove this alert and here we
will copy this query but before that we have to check yes cat ID not equal to 0
and price variable not equal to 0 then that means user select both of this okay
then we will put here with one more where condition for price that is
products dot Pro price that will be greater than equal to stop it will be
greater than start and where now we will make it less than

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  1. <option>Search in Products</option>

    <?php $__currentLoopData = AppCategory:all(); $__env->addLoop($__currentLoopData); foreach($__currentLoopData as catlist): $__env->incrementLoopIndices(); $loop = $__env->getLastLoop(); ?>

    <option value="<?php echo e(catlist->catid); ?>"><?php echo e(catlist->categoryname); ?></option>

    <?php endforeach; $__env->popLoop(); $loop = $__env->getLastLoop(); ?>

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