March 30, 2020
Product Data Feed Creation

Product Data Feed Creation

So you own a manufacturing company, and this
manufacturing company creates products, that you then distribute to your distributors.These
distributors in turn, sell your products to their crowd of customers. And you may be asking yourself, “How Can I
Increase Sales?” Well there are two ways to increase sales. One, is to try to obtain more
dealers. Two, is to help your dealers sell more of your product. In turn, putting more
of their money, in your pocket. So how can you help your dealers sell more
product? Well there are four major ways that they sell: a store, over the phone, through
a mail order catalog, or nowadays over the Internet. And if they’re going to sell over the Internet,
then they’re going to need a web store. And a web store costs both time and money. In fact, over 90% of web store development
and management cost is a direct result of the number of products that are on the website. Hundreds, sometimes even thousands of hours
are required just to add & manage products on a web store. I know this, because I’ve
been building them for years. And since time is money, and money doesn’t
grow on trees, your distributors are having to cut costs. And they’re doing so by cutting
your products from their websites! Meaning that their customers – never see your
products. Their money – never gets to you. And that’s definitely not going to increase
sales. And that’s where Feedigi comes in. What we
do is take your entire product catalog, and turn it into a format called a product feed.
This product feed can be easily integrated with nearly ANY web store. You then take this product feed and give it
to your distributors, who can now upload your entire product catalog to their web store
in SECONDS! Giving their customers the ability to buy products they never knew existed before.
“I’ll take five of those please!” said the customer. With all these additional sales, that turns
into a lot of money for your distributors. “Wohoo! I need to order more product!” And
who do they order this product from? You, the savvy supplier who found their increase
in sales. So be like this guy, and contact Feedigi:
Product Feed Creation. To increase your sales by leaps and bounds
go to or Tweet us at Feedigi.

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