April 7, 2020
Product Bundle Plugin for WooCommerce Dropshipping by AliDropship

Product Bundle Plugin for WooCommerce Dropshipping by AliDropship

Do you want to increase the average order
amount in your store? Try one of the slickest and most popular sales
tricks — creating product bundles with discounts that are too good to miss! Product bundles encourage your customers to
buy more per purchase, earning you more money. But how do you implement them into your store? Meet the Product Bundle add-on from AliDropship, an essential to skyrocket your sales. This add-on makes it possible for you to create
custom product bundles, providing shoppers incentive to buy more on the spot. All you need to do is to go through three
simple steps – Select items for the bundle – Set the price or discounts – Save it. Let’s see how it works! To start creating a bundle, click this button. Here, you’ll see all the settings to make
an offer. Select the products you want to combine. Write a catchy title, edit a button text if
you want, and select button colors to make it match your store’s design. You also can add an internal title so you
can easily find this bundle on your list. You can even choose the variation of your
Products (such as color choice) that will be used as the default display in this bundle. Your customer will be able to choose other
variations if they want. Next, set the price or any discounts you want
to offer. You can select five types of offerings:
The first one is a “Fixed amount,” which allows you to set a price for the whole bundle. Enter the price in the discount field. Your bundle is ready! The second is a “Fixed amount off”. This type allows you to set a fixed discount
in the chosen currency. For example, if your product bundle’s total
is $226 and you want to offer a $20 discount, this is what you would do. Select this bundle type and enter 20 in the
Discount field. You’re done. How easy is that? Your shoppers can now enjoy $20 off this bundle. The third discount type is a “% off”. Similar to the amount discount, this option
is just in the form of a percentage. For example, if you want to provide your clients
with a 50% discount, just select this discount type and write 50 in the Discount field. Again — easy. The fourth offer is called a “ No discount”. This is the simplest bundle type. You just combine products in a bundle without
any discount. The last and fifth discount type is “Buy
one, get one”. This is a real sales booster! Who doesn’t love a free gift? Selecting this type, you can make one of three
products free in your bundle. This way, you can convince buyers to purchase
the more expensive main product, which will cover the cost of the cheaper ones. Let’s check how this BOGO bundle works and
how it looks on the Product page. Select BOGO here, then choose the product
you want to make free. Click Save. This bundle will now appear on the product
page right below the gallery. To get your offer, customers just need to
click the button and they will be redirected to the Shopping Cart page with this bundle
added. What is also great about the Product Bundle
is that it automatically recalculates a customer’s cart total according to your discount type. You don’t need to do anything! As you can see, the setup process for the
product bundles and discounts is pretty simple. You can create an unlimited number of bundles
and add them to your product pages. Plus, you can find all the stats for each
bundle right within the add-on for insight on what sells well. Managing your bundles is also all in one place
— edit, view, or delete in a click. How convenient is that? The AliDropship Product Bundle add-on is compatible
with both the original AliDropship WordPress plugin as well as the AliDropship WooCommerce
version. The Product Bundle add-on is an awesome solution
for any dropshipping entrepreneur that allows you to:
Increase store revenue with customizable product bundles
Create an enhanced customer experience with the enticement to buy more and grow the average
cart value Provide clients with your best deals and best
sellers using different discount types You can get the Product Bundle add-on and
enjoy all the benefits for only $39! Just click our link below the video.

2 thoughts on “Product Bundle Plugin for WooCommerce Dropshipping by AliDropship

  1. This should come as an update with the alidropship plugin…. Not another add-on to get more cash out of our pocket. You're making the alidropship plugin itself look useles without add-ons

  2. As a dropshippers , I think Bundles of different Products isn't Good idea , Because Every seller has a different delivery date .

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