January 18, 2020
Printify Vs. Printful Review ( After 1 Wash )

Printify Vs. Printful Review ( After 1 Wash )

Printify Vs. Printful Review ( After 1 Wash ) Alright what’s going on tribe so today I’m going to give you a quick review of to peel D companies that I’ve showed us the order samples from and if You don’t know what peel B stands for it stands for print on demand Meaning if you have a design that you created or someone created for you You can upload your design to whatever POV company that you choose and they can place that design on a numerous amount of products that they offer and you can Put that up in your store for it to be sold so two companies I chose to review today are principal and printful now before I get into the shirt quality and Print quality of these companies. Let’s just talk about the companies a little bit Briefly now princie phi is a company that outsources all their printing Shipping fulfillment. It’s a number of different companies that they work with I think they have a little over 12 or more and because of that because they outsource their works with a number of different companies with a lot of these products what you’ll see is when you go to select the product you’ll have you know a couple of different companies that you can choose from which means you have a number of different prices that you can choose from so, you know You have a like with the problem For example the shirt that I chose with print if I they had three different companies to choose from to get it printed on well to do the printing or fulfillment for me, um, and the price ranges from nine dollars to 12 dollars, so That’s one thing that I did like about printer 5 the fact that you know You weren’t just stuck with one company printing your shirt now printful They do all their work in-house meaning the the printing the fulfillment Shipping all that stuff is done within printful So, I mean there’s benefits to that as well now majority of the times with all the products They have a set price book, you know for whatever the product is because they’re doing everything in-house But at least you know that, you know, you’ll get a certain type of quality with them That you might like or might not like but I mean with printful there are ups and downs and we’ll get into that a little Later, once we get into the the shirts and the quality of the premium with both companies All right. So now let’s start with Princip. I now we’re both of these shirts if you watched Previous videos of ours and you’ve seen, you know, some of our challenges Within the Ghost Pepper challenge and try to make me last challenge as you can see in the Ghost Pepper challenge That’s when I first wore these shirt this shirt right here And with the trying to make me back challenge, that’s when I first wore this shirt now. That was right off the packaging Open the package put it on. We did the challenges. Now. These are both shirts both of these shirts Are you looking at them after one wash and the heavy wash I mean rigorous movement I mean, you know they day they were washed heavily just to see the difference and now we’re gonna get into the shirts themselves now Printf I well my locker was in principle This is the next level 3600 Love the shirt Love the shirt. I mean if if you have a passion for fashion like I do And you you’re into fabrics and quality over quantity This is a quality t-shirt. I love the next level 3600 Which printable does offer but we’ll get into that when we talk about printable, but my locker will imprint if I there print quality Not please I’m not I don’t like anything about it. This isn’t exactly how the shirt looked As you can see when I first wore in the challenge, this is exactly I would look after one wash So I want you to think it faded or anything it literally this is just how it looked So the design doesn’t really fade if you can look Real close you can see that when you pull it apart. It kind of spreads the design I absolutely hate that the coloring This is not the rig that I chose. I don’t know if you can see but there’s like a little yellow outline Around the letters. I Did not put on good there’s only two colors on this shirt. It’s red and white That’s not red. And That’s not white And this is another color down here like tan or yellow or brown the mindframe I’m on like it. I don’t like it at all Like I’m not pleased with the print quality and even around the outside of the design. It’s like a white a thin white line That I definitely didn’t put on this product Doing this design at all the shirt I love With my locker. I think the next level 3600 is like nine dollars and three cent So, I mean it’s worth it as far as marking up and making a nice little profit off this shirt, but I don’t know how many customers you’re gonna get with that quality of print And they offer I think 19 colors with the next level 3600 with my locker on printe Phi The shirt I love it though. The shirt quality itself is beautiful. I’m just not know. I’m not feeling that print man This is nothing like I wanted and this is after one wash Yeah, not feeling that all right now with printful I was definitely Pleased with the printing on this one the print quality is beautiful. I mean The two colors the white is bright. It pops. The red is rich and dark And this is after one wash and as you can see him to try to make me last video It looks exactly the same When you know, I opened it and put it on this after one wash I mean everything’s perfect the print quality on the shirt is perfect This is probably the closest thing you’ll get to as far as like discharge or what pretty and with those printings If you ever had a shirt that you touched and you felt like the design you couldn’t even feel the design at all I felt like it was the shirt with those Printing screen printing processes what they do is they dye the shirt I mean sorry, they bleach the shirt the color off the shirt and they actually died is show with your design so that’s how your design becomes a part of the shirt the fabric of the shirt instead of you being able to feel By something printed on your shirt, but this is probably the closest thing that you will get to when it comes to that type of Printing especially for the price cuz even discharging water-based ink, you know, it’s a little more expensive but it’s worth it You know, it’s a very quality Print but I mean, I love print fools Printing like the print quality is beautiful like I would wear this now this is the belly canvas 3001 It’s a nice shirt, you know, I’m not gonna downplay it but it’s nothing like the next level 3600 in my opinion Now this is all you know, this is all matter of opinion but in my opinion if you’re looking for a thick Quality shirt the next 11 3600 is a way to go now printful does offer the next level 3600 but their price is about 14 a little over $14 for that t-shirt with printful it’s a $5 difference a little over $5 difference between Print to 5 my locker I’m sorry not print afire stuff, but my locker wasn’t printed bias nine dollars with printful that exact same t-shirt is $14 and Print to Phi. Well, my locker was imprinted by offers 19 colors of the Villa I mean of the next level 3600 whereas printful only offers 8 At $14 and something since so now you have more colors to choose from but you have more colors to choose from we get that crappy print that I’m just not I Don’t have to be politically, correct. I spent my money on it and I don’t like it so Yeah, I mean, I’d rather pay the difference in Price for this shirt Period like I said, I’m a fan of quality over quantity. So I’m going to spend five dollars more. I would definitely spend five dollars more with this type of print quality on that t-shirt, not me The Bubba campus isn’t my shirt. So I’m not downplaying that the shirt runs you about $12 with printful $12 and something’s a little over 12 hours with printful And you get nice premium quality design Especially print quality. I’m sure so I mean it’s it’s in my shirt. I like it, but To me What I would go with is The next level 3600 t-shirt with printable design. I Mean, I think that you know your shirt You know, it’ll be $14 a little over $14 So but I think with those two with that combination of the next level 3600 with printful your shirt can be worth a little over $20 $20 or more and I think will be worth it as long as your design is nice and you know, it’s something cool that people would like but And I don’t think $20 is too much for a t-shirt Mind you this cost you nothing you’re paying nothing out of pocket to make a design upload it so It really is all profit for you when it comes to that. So if you’re if you’re smarter than most in this business and not trying to get 15 or $10 off your t-shirt and you understand you know, the benefit of getting $5 here, you know $4 and $6 here, then you know, I would definitely go with the next level 600 and Prickle now DiBella camels 2001 was printful they offer 41 colors. So that’s what they’re kinda you know They’re winning in that in that respect from the $12 shirt with printful You’ll you’ll never run out of colors and designs with the Bela canvas was printful But like I said next level 3600 would print apply with my locker with fern afar. They offer 19 colors, but you get this quality print so With me today, what would wins the winning combination for me is the next level 36 country? Today thank you guys for watching. Please like share and subscribe to the try

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  1. Thank you! Great video with honest opinions/facts! Though would recommend future compressions to use the same shirt or close as possible. Certain shirts fabrics attach prints differently.

  2. Thanks for the video. Glad to hear that printful does Quality printing that lasts because that's what I'm setting up my store with.
    Printful Also has champion shirts, I don't think you mentioned that but those are high Quality but you do pay more for the champion shirts of course but if you care about your customers having Quality then it's better to pay a little more and have return customers and recommendations instead of one time customers.

  3. It's a lot of trial and error trying to find the right supplier. I like some from printful some from printify. It depends on the design as well.

  4. Appreciated this video. I am trying to narrow down a platform for branded promotional products that we can sell to build our brand. With the haute couture quality of our menswear designs, we definitely need Next Level 36 from Printful. Are there any other PODs you would recommend to get that same high quality? We want to do a thorough search before deciding.

  5. The RAir Tribe I have read reviews of printful that many times the prints are not centered, its quality system is not manual but automated and problems with the colors due to the use of DTG,
    I read a lot a lot of bad review so what is the real truth in this matter?
    I love your videos!!

  6. @The RAir Tribe with that next level shirt… will you just choose a different printing company to print it other than than My Locker? I only have writing in white font for my design. 1st time printing so want to be right

  7. Beware Vista Print Has Got Poor Product Quality. Also Vista Print's Customer Service Is Very Backward And Very Poor Service….I Do Not Recommend Vista Print At All.. Thank You Very Much For Sharing This Video..

  8. Hello! How are you? Thank you soo much for the JEWELS! Which company made your shirt your wearing in the video? Also i'm looking fo a god quality fitted T-Shirt, What style do you recommend?

  9. Dope review on both POD company’s. It’s videos like these that help brand owner who are new to POD, but also new brands that are starting out. I’ve been in the apparel industry for over 6 years on the production side, so given brand owners info on styles of printing and the process of POD is great.

  10. Great review. Please help me out with something. It seems to me BC 3001 using Printful is what everyone recommends because of quality. With the cost of shipping, the cost of the tee is about $18. Most shirts I see are selling between $17 and $21. I guess they are either printing themselves or are using lower quality material. Help on this would be appreciated. I want top quality, but I don't think people will pay more than $22 or so for a tee

  11. Thanks for the review, I have been looking for some resources on screen printers. I've had a couple of shirts done by Spreadshirt, but didn't know about these other companies. I'm curious as to if brands such as Johnny Cupcakes use companies such as these for their sales.

  12. This is the second review of printify I've seen where they highlight the work done by My Locker. But as the man stated in this video printify works with multiple vendors who do the work for them and obviously my locker sucks at printing so I would like to know how does the printing vary or compare between the multiple vendors– say My Locker and whomever else they utilize to do the printing.

  13. Thanks for doing this review. it helped me decide which shirt to consider. I plan to subscribe and watch more of your videos.

  14. Great video! Please please do a review on other printify print providers. I think it's safe to say My Locker is a no if you actually care about print quality — but what about The Dream Junction? I've heard Artgun is a safe print provider from doing research, but I'm not too sure about the rest of them and I have an interest in printing with the Dream Junction.
    If anyone has experiences with different print providers, please comment on this post and we can all learn something from everyones experiences in the mean time!

  15. Thanks for the video. It was very helpful. Real information that I didn’t have to pay for. Thanks brother. I’m going to be starting a Christian t-shirt business soon.

  16. Thank you for this very informative video. I am new to POD and this answered quite a few of my questions.

  17. Appreciate the time you took. well paced and information is experienced not regurgitated. lov it! Bless the work. Are you still using primarily Printful or have you looked at Gooten yet .. sorry i havent scrolled all your content.

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  19. Great! Just starting with my shop and I'm going with Printful cos a few people recommended it, so I'm happy to see that the quality is good too 🙂

  20. Aloha! Watching from WAIANAE, Hawaii. Thank you for sharing this nugget! Working an starting a
    T-shirt Business as a side hustle.

  21. I have a question, because printfy is outsourcing it works, the outcome may vary from company to company. You printed it from My Locker but maybe another one has a better printing quality am i right?

  22. Great video ! I will be watching more. This was my last video before work.like, commented and subscribed bro! Everyone have a great day !

  23. Love the video brother. I agree the Next level3600, is much better than the Bella&Canvas. Only problem I have is that Printful Europe is terrible. Print quality is poor and the colours are limited. At least with Printify you can use other companies.
    Keep doing what you are doing and KMF!

  24. Thank you for the time and effort that you put in to show the differences. I have been on Cafepress since 2011, and their print quality on t-shirts is terrible. I've been looking for another pod company, and your video helped me decide.

  25. I just started my designs using Printful. I actually like the Gildan soft Style more affordable shirt than the Bella Canva. It's much softer and I have a photo design applied to the shirt and it was amazing. But yes like you said its all preference which makes it hard.

  26. I don't know, I ordered the all overprint from printful and did one wash and it faded. I looked up ways of washing black sweatshirts, I asked other people and I asked support. So I ordered again and tried again and it faded, but not as bad as the first time, but was still noticebale and something I didn't want to bring to my customers or wear outside…. Not sure how other products are with them, but after messing up with one wash was enough for me to not go back. Gonna see how Teespring is. Maybe Customcat

  27. Thank you for this video! Check us out at blackdomthesis.com/shop [Lifting the untold history of the Afro-Frontier at the turn of the century.]

  28. my brother i appreciate you for this! thank you for taking time out and informing us noobs on something a lot of us have been wondering about for the longest!

  29. Don't fall for it, printful has awful printing quality. Google it. Don't trust any video. They use a great amount of funding in their advertisement.

  30. The review does not seem fair. You are comparing two different t-shirt brands. Both dark tshirts. One thicker NL3600 which would absorb more of the ink. Bella is lighter in weight, so less absorption of color. It's kinda like wanting the best of both worlds for the same cost. Currently, I am researching t-shirt makers. I like the Anvil lightweight and durable. Last long time. But some people want a lighter version like Bella which I ordered a sample today to compare. Also, take into consideration design/colors.

  31. Thank you!

    I add some points here. I have recently made research and compared Printify and Printful and what they offer. I haven‘t ordered any samples yet, so I am happy about this video, because my choise had turned to be Printful despite of the higher price. Anyhow I think I‘ll be use Printify for other products than t-shirts.

    I did not study only Printify, but all the printing companies they offer. Why I was not enthusiastic about My Locker is, that they use printing naschines that I do not know so well. But for example DTG2Go in Printify uses Kornit-printing maschines, the same as Printful.

    The type of the printing-maschine is important because when making a design, you (a designer) must adjust the colors according to the printing maschine. Colors do not look necessarily the same with the same adjustments if you print with Kornit or some other maschine. I have experience with this when I worked as an architect and made digital plans. I used amount of times to adjust the colors so that they looked nice when they were printed exactly in one printing company and exactly with the one special maschine they had there. Then, one day they said it had got broken… I had to start again!

    So, first it is important that you know what adjustments the certain maschine the company you use, demands from a print file.

    I chose Printful because they have more color options in BC than DRG2Go. After all the price that I have to pay does not differ a lot, when you really start to calculate ALL expences you must pay. Printful has reasonable shipping prices. Besides, I appreciate the help and support I’ve got from them.

    If you put your profits very low, you get nothing from your hard work because after all you must pay taxes and all sort of expences when you keep your shop going on. You need a bookkeeper, the programm, internet costs, adds, graphic designers… you must pay for everything, and if you do not put the profit high enough, soon you notice that YOU are in the zero, and actually giving out more money than getting it. If it is ok to you, then, put very low prices on your shirts. Customers might be happy but you won‘t. The more they buy, the more then you must pay… without profits. Look carefully all expenses you must pay when you plan the price. There are plenty of them.

    Propaply and most likely Printful adds the t-shirt prices the costs of this support they can give to the customers, and at this point I am ready to pay for it in the products I use. They also keep a very goof blog. In my opinion it is helpful when starting this business.

    Maybe when I have more experience I can change. But now I go on with what I feel is the best.

  32. Actually, this comparison is not a comparison at all: Printify does not print the products, it was My Lockers that made the print. And My Lockers use the DIFFERENT printing maschine than Printful. Printful uses Kornit. My Lockers uses some other tgat I do not remember (Brothers-maschines maybe)

    Also, the materials are different.

    The real message here is only, that Printful with BC succeeded, but printing on NL3600 with those naschines MyLocker uses, is not a good idea.

    This DOES NOT mean that Printify or My Lockers are bad companies. It is only a question of the materials and what materials the printing maschines they use, are suitable for each product.

    I‘d like to see My Lockers printing on Bella&Canvas 3001, then you can make a real comparison.

    That needs morer reseaech, trials and errors. This is also why you cannot put very low profits to your products. When you do the research properly, it takes time and money from you. The result does not rain from the heaven for free.

  33. Appreciate this review. Think i'll take your advice and roll with the Next Level 3600 shirts, with Printful's quality

  34. Great video! Starting my business and have been going back and forth between Printify and Printful, this video was very helpful!

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