January 18, 2020

Printify vs. Printful Review ( 6 Month Update )

Printify vs. Printful Review ( 6 Months Update ) Hey, alright, welcome try today I’m doing a six-month update on my printer 5 vs. Print full review Now if you haven’t seen that video make sure you go check it out right here That video is why I introduced or just talk about what POV companies wore You know in short on then I explained a little bit about print if I on and I explained a little bit about print for the companies and what they Have to offer and then I review these two shirts on this right here is the next level 3600 that I got pregnant through my locker and print if I Not print a file themselves because they have a number of companies and you’ll see I explained that a little more in detail in that Video on this is the Bill of canvas 3001 on that I got through printful now after six months I have played basketball the me shirts. I have slept in these shirts I’m warm out to places I’ve done which and I’ve washed them over 10 times and what I’ve seen is that Well, let’s start here Let’s take a closer. Look at the print for print to 5 shirt. This is the prettify, let’s take a closer Look at the printer 5 shirt as you can see like it’s very Faded a little bit it didn’t fake that much but it did fade a little bit. It’s breaking the color That way was already wasn’t as red as I liked And it just it just broke down, but you can see the the print itself it broke down It’s you know, you can see the blue through the print the white is still not bright And you know, there’s you can see like I said before the yellow lines around the words the shirt I still love, you know, I mean the next Six-hundred is a beautiful shirt. But I just I’m you know, I don’t like the pretty, you know, I don’t like the printer Sorry my locker I know you probably had other you know products that you turn on that are beautiful but or maybe it just was this type of shirt this brand of shirt, but After six months, you know And I know a lot of people when you when people do these reviews are these t-shirt companies they show you right out the package You know and You know, that’s pretty much it They tell you how they like, you know, but they don’t tell you how it looks after a year, you know If you’re gonna invest money in your your t-shirt line, you’re gonna want to know hey, the customers gonna want to know Hey, yeah, how many washes do I have before it’s actually done or you know, how many washes you know? Or just how long does the shirt last how long is the search but this print you know what I mean? So that’s the reason I’m doing this right now and I might do you know one, you know beyond this but I think after six month and as many times as I watch it as many times as I wore these shirts I Don’t think there are many different situations that are worthy shirts. I don’t think it’s gonna change pretty much it hasn’t changed by now so like I said that the trick to fight And my locker was imprinted. I I you know, it’s a cool shirt It has a nice ritual look but as far as the print color and you know this fading a little bit But I mean, I think he’s done all the fading that it’s gonna do And you know, that’s that’s just what it looks like now t-shirt about 30. Something is beautiful. I still love this t-shirt I still wear this shirt. I still wear the print of our shirt Because you know, I like it. It looks good Okay now Let’s get into the print for sure now take a look at the pretty sure It’s been six months since I mean I’m body shows at the same time the pretty much came two days apart As you can see in the print full shirt, it still looks exactly the same Not being biased here. I didn’t watch one more than the other. I wore t-shirts in many situations. I played while at the gym I sweated in these shirts too in the washer they bit in my trunk changing clothes in the car all that This shirt still looks beautiful I just wish I would have got print Bulls print on the next level 3600 because I love this t-shirt of everything to build a canvas like I said before But the print on this shirt look, I mean look closely and I’m showing you a close-up right now Look at this shirt. Just look how clean it is. I mean, it’s still bright red. The whites is still rich and bright It’s not breaking at all you can see a little bit of the blue coming through a little bit, but I think that’s how it was from the beginning a Little bit came a little tiny bit. But as a whole this church thing looks beautiful. The red is still bright printers print quality, you know, I can’t say and for all brands of t-shirt because you know The fabrics are different the percentages of polyester cotton rayon, whatever a case may be, you know the man You have try blends and all the little stuff but as far as the Builder canvas 3001 with printful that Quality of print is still beautiful still holding up and I love it. You know what I mean? So like I said, we have a lot more videos coming make sure you check out my Lovely woman’s review of the weekender bag From prettify we have a lot more reviews coming. That’s know. That’s a nice bag. We really use that bag a whole lot I’ll leave it on the beach. I’ll use it a number of things. No, she had to go to the hospital I packed their clothes in there. I mean, it’s it’s a nice bag. It really is a nice bag So but make sure y’all check out that video. But like I said, this is six months later Printer five shirt Do my lock of the print from my locker imprint if I it still it’s crazy that I mean It’s faded a little bit, but it pretty much remained the same but it’s the blue is breaking through them it’s cracking a little bit at school, but Printful shirt it looks good. So it looks like you know, I’m still rockin. We’re pretty full as far as the print is concerned I don’t have nothing to say about that And just so you guys know remember this is not print if I as a whole this is my locker within printer fie That’s the company that printed these shirts No-fault print if I just make sure and don’t even fault my locker because this is just one of many shirts Just this print my locker printing on the next level 3600 the meat is a no-go I like printful. I’m gonna try with a couple more shirts. We have a lot more reviews coming and That’s it. This is just a quick update Make sure you like comment share subscribe to the Tri, baby

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