February 18, 2020
Printful – Push generator Tutorial

Printful – Push generator Tutorial

Let’s look at the basic features of Printful’s
Push-generator. The push-generator lets you add products from
your Printful account to your store more easily. This tool is available for most of ecommerce
platforms, for those few exceptions you’ll have to add products manually. We’ll use Shopify for this tutorial, but
the basics of how our push generator works – applies for all other integrations that
support this feature. You can click the “Add” button here or go
in to your Sync settings and hit “add product” at the top. Let’s go ahead and add a product. Here you can see list of all our products,
this time we will add a t-shirt. Select the model. Here, select T-shirt colors and sizes you
want to add. Note, that some color and size combinations
are not available, in these cases the generator will warn you like this. Now you can upload your design or create it
from scratch using the text tool. This time we will upload our design. This interface is the sames as Mockup Generator,
so you can resize and reposition your design as you please. If you end up making you design too large
and your DPI drops below 120, the print quality
suffers. We recommend that you use a larger file. The generator will automatically adjust all
of your variants for most products, but for products that change their ratio, like posters,
or mugs you will have to adjust your design manually. Also when creating embroidered hats be sure
to check which thread colors to use when creating your design, so the generator can better match
needed threads to your design colors. Check out our embroidery guideline video to
know what you have to keep in mind when creating these type of designs, you will find the link
in the description below. Once you’re satisfied with the design, click
“proceed to mockups”. Here you can check what kind of mockup images
you want to generate and in what format. You can chose to have Flat or Wrinkled mockup
images. Take note, that PNG files are larger and have
a transparent background, but they might make your store slower. Now click “Proceed to description”. In this step you can change the product title,
for this example we’ll name it “Printful T-Shirt”. And edit the product description. As you can see we already have the basic product
info provided here. But we recommend you personalize it to suit
your store. Also in this window you can add or remove
the size guide from your product description. For this example, we’ll leave it as is. Next up, proceed to pricing. Here you can edit the retail price by setting
your profit. For example, we want our profit to be 55%,
so we set it here and as we can see the retail price is automatically changed. Here you can check Product visibility if you
want to publish the product right away or if not you can uncheck it and the product
will be saved as a draft. Also here, you can add your product to one
of your store’s collections. When that’s done hit “submit to store”;
It will take some time to generate all the files and mockups. And there it is, we have added a new product
to Shopify. Now, if I go to my Shopify products page,
there it is “Printful T-shirt”. Before you upload your designs, take a look
at the print file guidelines for each product. Check them out under each of the products
on our “products & pricing” page, there’s a link to them in the description below. So that’s how to use Push-generator for your
store! What are you waiting for? Get started today! Hey, Wes from Printful! I hope you found this video very helpful! All the links that we mentioned are in the
descriptions below. We have tons of other tutorials so make sure
to subscribe to our channel and check those out!

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  1. I want a page like mockup generator just like on printful website so my customer could create DIY design respectively and then the rest of the thing will goes under care of printful once they got the design.

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