March 30, 2020

7 thoughts on “Potential Tariffs On Chinese Imports Affect Toymakers In Swing Of Holiday Shopping Season

  1. American "Toy Makers" with "Made In China" Tags lmao !!! How the hell can anybody (Fake News) call them "Toy Makers" lol Well they might be toy makers but NOT MADE IN THE USA TOY MAKERS roflmao !!! This just gives REAL USA "TOY MAKERS" a hand up on china… crap !!! Nice break for USA TOY MAKERS !!!

  2. Blame it all on that crazy tariff happy mad man pathological liar trump. Kids & adults blame pathological liar trump, he’s the 1 who put tariffs on every country’s products coming into America. This is government not a business.

  3. China is not our friend. We need to make sure they get the short end of the stick with every deal we make with them. Their rise is our fall; and vice versa.

  4. stuffed animals that fall apart? Not the kind of thing you would want to sleep with. Odd. A Bay Area company that doesn't produce in america.

  5. Toys are expensive.
    With or without tariffs and no matter what time of the season, they are expensive.
    And one of the reasons why Toys R Us closed down.
    Those "Animoodles" cost $20 each. I wouldn't be surprised if other parents will think twice before spending.

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