April 9, 2020
Posting 100X Per Day Is Not As Crazy As It Sounds | Nathanial Bibby

Posting 100X Per Day Is Not As Crazy As It Sounds | Nathanial Bibby

has anybody heard of Gary Vaynerchuk
by any chance Gary Vaynerchuk is the poster boy for social media
entrepreneurship he started working in his dad’s wine business and he started a
show where he would just sit in front of the camera and tell people what he
thought of different wines but he was very animated and he said you know very
honestly without thinking about what the business impact would be from sharing
his opinion they managed to grow that business predominately through Adwords
and email marketing but the YouTube skills obviously developed and then when
he decided to start a media business he started filming himself speak and before
you know it he was quite a big success on YouTube and now everyone who thinks
of social media they think of Gary Vee Gary Vee posts on social media 30 times
a day at least yes his mind set on it is if I’m not posting
100 times a day I’m leaving money on the table it’s not
as crazy as it sounds because people think all you know a hundred times a day
that’s ridiculous but his outcome when he goes to do a
talk if there’s a hundred people in the room is that all of them post something
on social media about his brand let’s say 50 years ago in Australia if you
could buy beachfront property for like a penny a plot how many plots would you
buy this is where all of our attention is at the moment in business the only
asset I guess that we all need in order to be able to do our business sell
products sell services is attention we all need attention in that this is
where it is at the moment and it’s extremely under priced to run ads on
Facebook to run ads on LinkedIn is is still extremely cheap in five years time
it’ll be I reckon it will be at least three times as much if not more so
advertising is cheap is just how do you engage people in an effective way you
have to learn how to communicate properly on the channel so that’s where
the skill set comes in the challenge is if you have been marketing in the
traditional sense before you think you just buy an ad it out other works or it
doesn’t and so a lot of people hop on a LinkedIn
they run an ad and then it doesn’t work and so they don’t try again it’s a
LinkedIn’s fault it’s not mine I like contact advantage of the opportunity so
how does Gary Vee post so much you might ask just what I like to call an upside
down pyramid and at the top you have what you call pillar content
so this could be like a one-hour talk like this or it could be a one-hour
interview could be a podcast interview it could be a vlog a lot some long-form
piece of content that you develop which ideally would be posted on YouTube
that’s really where long-form content ends up for a couple of reasons one is
you know have the limitations on YouTube so on LinkedIn you can only post ten
minutes Facebook shorter videos work better say with Instagram Instagram when
you post on your minute you’ve you posted on IG TV it’s ten minutes and so
YouTube normally where you put the long-form content the other thing is
YouTube is a search engine not I mean it’s an interactive search engines but
it’s not a social media site so when you post on YouTube people are always
thinking about how to get it at the top of the search results right and so how
does YouTube determine which videos to put at the top well it’s just like
Google it wants to give users a good experience wants to show the most
relevant information that other people are also enjoying so it looks at a
couple of things that looks at keywords it can even interpret what you’re saying
in the videos so it like repeating the topic of the video as you speak it will
help you search resolves but it’s not about how many views you get it’s about
how long people watch the videos for so if you if you’re posting a video that’s
for 10 minutes long and somebody else is posting a video that’s 60 minutes long
your disadvantage you’ve got your pillar piece of content
then below that you can basically do where you can do three rounds really so
you can go micro micro videos George and I just used a interview I did with the
social media college so went for 35 minutes and we managed to create how
many micro videos 20 or 26 out of one 35 minute clip 26 videos and then you can
do pics as well so images generally in the instance of my businesses these are
quotes so just high-impact quotes let’s say you get 10 of them and then you can
also do the written form stuff as well that’s just let’s just call it blogs for
now but it could be short form written as
well we’ll just be conservative and say you get five of them
so how many is that we’re already up to 41 right so the reason I like I’ve only
done five years because both of these are gonna need written copy with them
it’s not enough just to post a video without doing a caption with it it’s
actually really important is it it’s one of the big things that people don’t do
which is a big mistake because people will not watch a video and they say the
written copy captures their attention and so they’re like if some skills are
going to that which I’ll explain in a minute but let’s just stay on this
pyramid model for a minute by the way how much of this does garyvee actually
do like I mean it’s pretty in the example of him who’s got a Content team
right how much of this does he actually have to do like he just basically is the
one performing this right and then the team can do all of this yeah but the
challenge is how do they make sure that these videos are relevant to the
audience because it can’t really you just kind of guessing onion you’re
chopping it up and you’re hoping that people are going to engage with it and
hopefully if garyvee knows what he’s doing he knows his audience most of it
will be highly engaging but you can take it one step further and this is really
where the this is the point of difference it’s what makes all
difference is this is where you can then look over the comments what was I going
to write community insights that’s it community in sites it doesn’t get much
neater when I can if you post these micro videos and some get more
engagement than others more people want to watch them you’ll find in the
comments people will quote some of the bits that they like or quote some of the
highlights of the sections that resonated with them and then you can use
that to then create more videos so it’s based on exactly what the audience has
resonated with so you can repurpose it so that’s the reason why Gary be so
successful is because he keeps listening to what the audience is telling him to
create these these micro pieces of content and of course as he learns what
people are interested in this is gonna get better as well isn’t it one of most
people do on social media in the real estate industry most people you go to a
real estate agencies Facebook page or even a LinkedIn profile for a real
estate agent listing listing new team member Friday drinks it’s all
about them they not listen to what their audience is interested in at all it’s
all being me me me me and that’s well there’s only one like and no one’s
looking at it because the audience doesn’t care
they’re only catering for a very very small portion of the audience people
might be interested in buying a five bedroom house in doubt Keith it’s only a
small portion of that agency’s audience it’s too far at the top of the customer
journey all right this neatly so this is a
customer journey map where a lot of business owners will get unstuck is they
get some advice from a marketer or like read a blog where they well they
download a PDF from Facebook or LinkedIn and they’ve got some advice but they
haven’t got it in the context of where it applies in the customer journey the
first step in a customer journey is awareness yeah need recognition there’s
a few different ways you can explain it but basically being aware that you have
a problem yep then you’ve got consideration we’re
considering the alternative solutions to the problem and then you’ve got decision
this is where you’re already speaking to a potential solution and you’re deciding
whether or not to buy basically if you don’t have any information about the
people that you’re targeting if it’s just a post on a organic LinkedIn
profile or a Ganic Facebook page you need to cater for this part of the
customer journey there’s no point catering for this
portion because it’s going to be like 1 percent of your audience and no one
engages with its chances are that 1 percent isn’t even going to see your
post it always has to come back to here so
what you can do is then need recognition consideration the way that Facebook
funnels works is basically if you can show an ad to people that have watched
50 percent of your videos or more then you can give them a call to action
because they’re further down the customer journey right they’ve watched
more of your content and so that that’s where that sort of content becomes
effective and now if somebody’s been to your website and looks at a landing page
or even been on a shopping cart you can show them all this stuff testimonials
case studies you know um client stories how do you buy from us all that stuff
that’s on the bottom of the funnel but only show it to that portion because
they’re qualified right they’re interested in it if you start showing it
to these people we’re just going to scare them off and piss them off and
annoy them the days of interrupting people with that kind of stuff pretty
much over it just doesn’t work like the other thing is like um you know like the
ads where you post and sit like this is a fire sale till Friday you get this one
free all that kind of stuff does not work up here it doesn’t in the past we
would just get interrupted on TV we didn’t really have a choice we had to
watch it with other social media people aren’t
interested in it they’re not going to engage in it with it therefore it’s not
going to be in the newsfeed for very long so the customer has in control
these days basically have the content that they see so yeah you can promote
and pay for an ad to show up you’re only going to get a return on investment if
you only targeting it to these people down the bottom LinkedIn is one of the
few social media platforms where you can still go viral so you can post something
and if enough people from your audience engage with it it can get amplified to a
point where you’re literally it’s showing your poster hundreds of
thousands of people even if you have a very small network you can’t do that on
any other social Channel we’ve talked about attention right but you’ve sort of
moved on to the to the next bit of what I’ve talked about which is trust those
are the two assets attention and trust so brands have in in the past we’ve done
a very good job of getting attention by interrupting people in a very shit job
building trust these days brands that build trust will do exceptionally well
and that’s why you can’t sell just people in the awareness stage they’re
not gonna trust you at all you go just got to give give content add value and
so all that all those thirty videos that garyvee does but none of them have a
call to action in fact he’s taking it one step further and when he does a talk
you will watch pitch after pitch after pitch every presenter selling something
except for Gary Vee be the headline act weren’t so anything he’s just literally
adding value you’ve got to make an effort to buy anything from him in fact
you can’t buy anything from in most businesses don’t have the budget to work
with his agency he put out a sneaker you can buy a sneaker you can buy a book
that’s it basically another guy Cohen ray we’ve already talked about
he’s got a vlog where I he’s now got a media person full-time
following him around and so he puts out this Weekly or I don’t know how often it
is but it’s a show but it shows me what’s going on behind the scenes it
builds trust builds Authority I mean he’s done exceptionally well on social
media and this woman asked him in their team meeting she goes oh you know my
friends have been watching the series and they said we don’t know what you
guys do we need to explain what we do in the videos because people don’t know
what we do and he said no that’s exactly what I want people to think I want to
create intrigue because if you give people all the information they don’t
want to keep watching to find out more so they drip feed the information so
that you’re always trying to find out more so that’s why this micro content
works so well intrigue is is it is an important asset in social media you
don’t want to give away too much information like how many of those sales
letters that you get in LinkedIn inbox it says this is what we do we offer this
service these are all the awards we’ve won these are all the testimonials these
are all the website links how many of those work how many to use fonts ooh
they’re the ones that go hey hey do I bite to have a coffee with you like who
the hell’s this guy click look at his profile and I was interesting I’ll
respond to that intrigue because if you start telling people all the things you
do the more you tell them the less curious they’re going to be when you sit
down with them they’re less interested they’re going to be the more you know
less they’re gonna pay attention yeah and I think I think it comes down to the
customer journey you like to be honest like if I literally contact a business
that I want to get as a client I would tell them exactly what it’s about I’m
very direct yeah but if I’m posting something I won’t be so the results will
do the talking I think that’s the biggest thing is like you just you will
find out very quickly what works what doesn’t
reason that 90% of people are not getting any return on investment out of
social media it’s not because they’re doing the wrong thing it’s not it’s
because they’re not doing anything unless you buy using it now you you’re
gonna miss out on this opportunity it will just be gone it won’t last and
LinkedIn is been the slowest to get there and now that’s where the
opportunity is it’s already happened on Facebook yeah and it’s still cheap to
buy ads on Facebook but you can do it you could do it for free and you can do
it for free on LinkedIn at the moment better than you can do it with paid ads
and did real-estate agents they’re all doing this door knocking and fridge
magnets shit they’re all doing the same thing they get the newspaper ad to do
this they go to the home it’s all the same it’s where the point of difference
is on social media and the ways to get really good at it and better than anyone
else or social media is to post more I told George this morning if he wants to
be successful at anything he needs to fail twice as quick as other people and
they’ll get there twice as fast it’s the only way you can learn social media
there’s it’s that’s the way it works because it’s about authenticity it’s
about being not the best version of yourself as being the truest version of
yourself that’s what creates engagement you get to know your audience needs so
well you know when to add but you can add value and you know what pieces of
content to chop up that will communicate value to them and so if you don’t know
you’re just starting out you can either jump in make some videos go happy Friday
hello Facebook and your friends and your mum will like it but none of your
customers will be interested because it’s not about anything you know don’t
have time to watch all that stuff they’re not there to support you say
look how can I add value to your professional life through content like
if you did that to some of your home sellers okay well you know whether they
use LinkedIn or not like followers to create some content that would add value
to what you’re doing what would it be and you just create a video around that
that’s the best way to serve your market a huge mistake that content creators
make on social media is they follow the engagement so they post something they
get their likes and the followers from their mom and the girlfriend and all
that sort of stuff and then they create more content like that because they want
to get more engagement but they’re not serving their target market on LinkedIn
and on Instagram there are content creators with hundreds of thousands of
followers they’re spending more time trying to find engagement pods which are
groups of people who is join 100 people join them every day they post a link in
there everybody like my stuff and I like your stuff they’re spending more time
doing that then they are actually finding out what their customers needs
are or even responding to their comments on the posts some of those content
creators I’ve contacted about business opportunities and it haven’t even got
back to me so too busy lighting people’s stuff so that someone will like their
stuff back so they look really popular they can manipulate customers decisions
because it’s like like oh wow this guy’s an influencer right
hey the influencing shit it’s just they’re spending all day on LinkedIn
trying to get people to like their stuff back but they don’t know anything about
their actual audience that they’re targeting and servicing their needs and
they’re not going to learn so their contents getting pushed towards this
market of all these people that are basically what I call fake influences
and they’re moving further away from the people they actually serve in the long
run they will all lose won’t work because the number one career for
LinkedIn at the moment is to make sure that it serves reliable reputable
content to its users and that shit just isn’t when I went to a university at UWA
I studied was going to study finance and I went to a derivative lecture and I
just absolutely hated it so I decided to switch to marketing I thought that would
be really easy while I was at university I remember ordering my first pizza on
the Internet at university while I was there for five years I didn’t do one
unit on online marketing not one but I was starting to buy that way as a
customer I was learning how to buy that way but I wasn’t learning how to market
that way and when I went back to a rotary function at UWA I was sat
opposite the community community online community manager or something he was in
charge of all of my marketing basically for UWA and I said to you guys now run
any online marketing lectures for the students and he goes yeah we’ve got one
course I said well where’d you get the content from he goes Google so the way
Google works is the contents been on there longer it goes to the top so
that’s probably about two years old but Tommy gets since it’s the course and by
the time people graduate they’re basically like graduating with content
is six seven years old so it’s not relevant none of us relevant anymore
when I graduated marketing there’s all these marketing graduates cuz everyone
studies there’s not many marketing jobs so most people end up in sales and so
when I was my sales career right she decided to live in Thailand and sell
real estate as a middle of low season so there’s no foreigners buying real estate
in Thailand at low season it’s raining outside I’m thinking how the hell am I
gonna get any customers to buy villas off me when there’s no one on the bloody
island and so like I put a laptop in front of me so I thought okay I’m gonna
learn how to get to the top of Google so when people searching for property
investment Thailand we show up at the top I did in by the time highs
came around we’re getting 10 leads a day we sold a development of 93 old villas
out in that high season and did four more projects a company in Hong Kong I
heard that I can get real estate websites to the top of Google basically
on the way over to Hong Kong Google updates its algorithm bang everything on
page one page one hundred because of the way that I did it
crating was inbound links trying to manipulate the search algorithm Google
get smart I can serve its users better content therefore anyone that’s trying
to manipulate loses so I learn about AdWords you know I still don’t about
Google advertising so any different than the whole Facebook thing in the Facebook
Ads thing what happens is as these social media sites get smarter anyone
that’s trying to manipulate or game the algorithm will lose because eventually
they’re going to be just get smart enough to actually give it to users what
they want I was living in Melbourne and before I started my company I was a
salesperson and I asked my employer I said in online marketing who’s the best
clients what’s the best target market to focus on I’m pretty much a new
salesperson in this company I’ve just moved back from Asia he said always
funny should ask you know medical practitioners plastic surgeons dentists
they’ve got loads of money they always need new clients and they don’t know
anything about marketing okay that makes it’s cool how many of those come through
the website as enquiries every month or maybe one if we’re lucky what would
happen is the best salespeople would get the best leads and they could be from
anywhere because on google everyone’s using it they search for a website
design you don’t know if it’s going to be this guy that guy on the next guy and
so if you’re new you’re gonna get the leads which don’t know that good because
you haven’t proven that you can convert them so I thought okay well I’m gonna
get a list of all of the want to start cosmetic surgeons I’m gonna make a list
of all of the ones in Melbourne and I’m gonna call them up and I’m gonna see if
I can get appointments with them and I couldn’t get past this thing called the
practice manager basically somebody that’s like a gatekeeper that keeps you
away from speaking to the surgeons and so I thought I well I’m just going to go
in there use about charisma I can get a meeting no chance they’re so good at
this I get people walking in there all the time everyone’s to self these people
because they got back lots of money and so I was like what I just try this new
thing called LinkedIn I’m literally like hadn’t got a picture on the air I’ve
only got a less than 100 people I’m connected to sure enough I found a few
of these surgeons on LinkedIn and I sent him a message and said hey I’m in online
marketing specialize in the medical industry right I send him messages six
responses for phone call appointments one sale okay so the average price of a
website for this business that I was working for was about three grand the
website I sold was twenty-two thousand dollars something like that so it’s a
really good sale you know the sales new sales guys the sales meeting I’m getting
like all the praise because I sold to a plastic surgeon so the next week instead
of sending ten messages I send twenty messages make two sales it wasn’t long
before I hired an assistant to send the messages for me and I literally became
the medical specialist in online marketing in Australia and most surgeons
knew who I was because they were connected with me on LinkedIn and we all
had mutual connections we’re in the same industry and so that worked
exceptionally well and I would go to a business networking international
meeting every week and it got to a point where you know they give referrals to
each other and they kind of have to give one at least one where I was getting so
many leads through LinkedIn I was like this is you know just waste my time I
could be spending this time you know following up leads and so I quit and
after I quit a few of the members came up and said if we give you some money
will you teach us how to do what you do on LinkedIn now it’s like okay yeah sure
you know my brain started ticking away and and I thought it might be an
opportunity here and then a couple weeks I’d of the Australian Digital Marketing
Institute called me up and said how would you like to create Australia’s
first LinkedIn course for business professionals sounds like ah yeah that
were you fun do you think you know about something when you have to create you
put on the spot to create a course and there’s a you know roomful of students
waiting that’s when you really start to learn every month I was going around at
every city in Australia teaching this LinkedIn fundamentals course and when I
wanted to start my business I decided to do get some feedback from all the
students so I’d call them up and say what do you think of the course you know
all these different questions about it what did you get out of it what do you
think was the most important and that they all like gave me raving reviews of
a lots to all those testimonials from them today but how many of them
implemented it less than 5% and I’ve learned since then that that’s pretty
common in training when you teach people like a lot of people just don’t
implement it time whatever there’s always excuses and so I thought well
look I’ve delegated it to an assistant why can’t I get them to delegate it to
me and so that’s when we started running the lead generation programs on LinkedIn
first company in Australia did I did some research there was two people in
America are doing it at the time we basically created this this industry and
now like when you look at LinkedIn in walks there’s a lot of sales letters
especially if you’re not in control of who you’re connecting with if you’re
just accepting rejecting accepting rejecting you’re going to get
salespeople and recruiters and you’re not going to have a very strong Network
because you’re just at effect you know you’re just responding your reactive
you’re not proactive you’re not going oh that’s my target audience come connect
with me you know and and connecting with those guys because if you do that you
won’t get the sales letters in the recruitment letters you’ll be the ones
sending the messages but the trick is not to send that those messages that
assume that someone’s down here when they’re up here if unless you know
someone who’s got the problem that you solve you cannot sell to them otherwise
it won’t work this is disrespectful it’s condescending
there’s so many different reasons why so if you sends me a message and you think
there could be an ideal customer like with those plastic surgeons all it says
was I noticed that you’re in the medical industry I specialize in that area I’d
like to find out more about what you’re doing with your online marketing to see
if I can help or there’s a good fit to work together that’s it because I’m not
going to help unless they’ve got the problem that I solve they might not want
more customers they might already have awesome online marketing I don’t know
but if I speak to them and ask them some questions we’ll soon find out the cool
thing about doing it that way is when you ask the questions
they’ll recognize the need because they’ll either won’t have the answers or
they will when I speak to people about LinkedIn marketing I say what’s your
sales process and now I know for a fact that nine times out of ten most
businesses don’t have one they’ll go give me a blank look but that’s where
they recognize the needs that’s where they recognize the problem not when I go
you know a sales process has to be when they think about it that’s the reason
that LinkedIn lead generation is still effective for all my clients is because
even those more people doing it on LinkedIn 19 of them are just doing it wrong
you can still cut for the noise people say to be all phone Oh LinkedIn lead
generation that won’t work I see all those messages I won’t respond to any of
them are all just sales letters and I wouldn’t respond to any of them either
that’s why we do different they probably wouldn’t even realize it as a sales
letter if they got a message for one of our clients they go oh no that’s
different you know the same people I do you know say they don’t realize it that
message could it be sent to 100 people the only customized field is the first
name when I started posting content the interesting thing was when I get these
meetings people are so receptive they see you as the thought leader
they’re not speaking to two other online marketing specialists they see you as an
authority conversion rate of the deals that you close is so much higher and
then you can start putting your prices up because you charge a premium because
you’ll you will the thought leader and your confidence goes up sure if I meet
somebody who hasn’t seen any more content before they’re not going to know
but that very rarely happens today I put up a post I tagged ten people in it
most people will tag ten people that they think are going to like comment and
share on it I tagged ten prospects that are reviewing proposals because they’ll
watch the video and I got some sales pitch rubbish like they’ll stop
interface watch it go that’s you know that’s really helpful you know and you
can ask them for their feedback I’m just really important to get feedback makes a
world of difference people don’t realize how much I appreciate it when people
give me like feedback even if it’s negative because it’s so useful I can
create better content in the future but unfortunately most people that buy will
say I’ve been watching your videos for a year now I’m thinking you never liked
one you never said one flood but you know people don’t want to because
they’re worried about what other people will think of them they’re not sure if
they’re supposed to or you know all these different reasons why but the what
I remember always remember is even though there’s only so many people
engaging there’s a way more people seeing it these days
most people I meet with have been watching my videos they might not see
all of them but you know most of them have seen some of them and so a
perception is this what they say this police officer at Birth Airport said
you’re a newbie I’ve seen your content you’re everywhere he said not everywhere
right it might be everywhere to him because he’s engaged with my content or
is in my audience or is you know interested is same thing so that
LinkedIn will show people content that’s relevant to their industry that they’re
likely to engage with they want people to engage on the platform they wanted
people to stay on there longer Jeff one is a CEO of LinkedIn he was on CNBC two
weeks ago they said Jeff LinkedIn’s growth in the last 12 months
was 29 percent I think it was and it’s been growing at that rate roughly for
the last three years since Microsoft bought LinkedIn for twenty six point
something billion dollars which is extremely unusual like
acquisition especially one that sizes ridiculously a lot less huge amount of
money way more than Google bought YouTube for right for business me
consecutively grow over three years of that rape something must be going on and
they said Jeff how are you managing to keep the growth going at that level when
you said the engagement on the platform has tripled 300% engagement and he said
well how does that translate into profits because it increases session
time so what that means is there’s only there’s 700 million members on LinkedIn
but now they’re spending three times as much time on their it’s a lot three
times as much so they’re spending an hour a day before now spending three
hours exactly and it gives LinkedIn more data they know what people are
interested in more they can reach more people because they’re actually checking
their messages it has so many additional benefits and it is is attributed to the
algorithm getting smarter and I think it’s still got a long way to go still
crap like this what’s still think they could serve me better information in my
newsfeed I’m starting to be able to control it a bit more being careful what
I engage on and all that sort of stuff so I see more relevance now I hadn’t
followed a whole bunch of people so that I could see more relevant content and I
started tagging clients and prospects in my post because I wanted to see their
content people say all the content crap on LinkedIn I’ve seen what LinkedIn is
is just rubbish on there that’s attributed to their network it’s just
their newsfeed crap they’ve been reactive connected with whoever sends a
request and if engaged on crap content and now yeah LinkedIn is crap for them I
have a suspicion that LinkedIn is going to go in a different way to Facebook I
don’t think they’re gonna drive up the paid ads anymore and and reduce the
organic because it’s working for them why wouldn’t they continue it I think
their products are just gonna get better so with any social media site they just
want to keep it their users on the platform and so anything with a link in
its gonna get less exposure unless it’s a paid ad so I’ll just chuck it in the
comments yeah same goes with your videos sharing and YouTube videos never gonna
get as much exposure than if you chop it up and post it natively on LinkedIn
LinkedIn have publicly said that they they want people posting more videos and
they want people consuming video content so they they’re promoting video content
more than any other formal content the articles and the written form updates
and pictures don’t get as much reach they still get read showing me wrong
videos are doing the best at the moment so LinkedIn live video which is like
Facebook live it has been released to some beta testers and since of some
parts of the US when that gets introduced for Australia which bill has
an I don’t know when it’s gonna happen because I’ve been saying that’s gonna
happen for last three months it will get more exposure than any other formal
content without a doubt because it’s more relevance more timely it happen on
Facebook that’s going to trump everything in the algorithm so if you’ve
you know I’d be ready to hop onto live video and I’m gonna be doing a so I’ve
got a series where people post a question about marketing and they use
the hashtag ask Matt and then I make a video answering it’s great way for me to
create content because people my audiences are asking the question so
what I’m gonna do is when live video comes out is I’m gonna do that at the
same time every week so that people can give live feedback that’s a strategy
that I’ve prepared and then I’ve also got this interview series called linked
in heroes where I’ve been interviewing entrepreneurs make an impact these two
content pillars are easy ways for me to create content ongoing because if you
have to constantly think about what to post every day it’s not easy you know
what can I post through that like it’s not really strategic either is it when
you think about it it’s like okay so if I create a snap that’s gonna serve
peoples marketing questions LinkedIn heroes that’s entrepreneurs all right
let’s do some Q&A so I didn’t realize it was already cool to six great question
yeah so only three steps it doesn’t need to be over complicated there’s a lot of
LinkedIn marketers to do way too much it comes back to being direct like you to
your point don’t waste people’s time get to the
point but if you find the people in your target market right and you send them a
connection request make sure it’s customized so there’s just not like I’ll
just hit connect and I’ve done into a hundred people it’s like hey Jack only
Arvind it saw this bit of content he posted or you know we know the same
people that you know we know mutual connections I see you’re also based in
Perth would love to connects that’s it no you know next step or like maybe we
can meet maybe we could do business none of that just we want to connect that’s
it when they accept the connection request it’s almost like implied consent
that you can then contact them in the future because there a connection there
you eat now now they’re in your business netwo they’re not just some second
degree connected connection so they got ideally targets
second-degree connections say no the same people you do this is a much higher
chance somebody’s going to be receptive to a connection request if you guys know
the same people that’s another reason why LinkedIn ads aren’t as effective as
doing it this way because in LinkedIn ads most the time you’re not targeting
people that are in your sphere of influence so then when somebody accepts
a connection request and then you say thank you for connecting I’d be
interested in catching up and learning more about your business objectives see
if there’s a way that we can work together not everyone’s gonna say yes so
that’s okay if you send 200 connection requests on
average you’ll get it half of them that will accept on average across every
industry I’ve worked in so there’s a hundred if you send them a message
you’ll get somewhere between 10% that’s a conservative figure trust based
industries like finance legal medical practitioners are not on LinkedIn all
day through 10 percent up to 30 10 to 30 appointments every month pretty good
from settings 200 connection requests it’s a scalable system it’s no reason we
can’t send 400 the next month and get twice as many leads out of these 10 to
30 half of them on average will be ready to do business now half of them down the
track so you want to build a relationship with them because if
they’re not ready to do something now they’ll contact you later on down the
track especially if you’re adding value through content so it’s about finding
out who are the half they’re ready now quickly so you want to hop on a phone
call before a meeting so for all my clients it’ll be like what’s the best
number to reach you one what’s a suitable time they come back with a
number they call them up and say okay so the purpose of this call is to find out
if there’s a good fit for us to do business together or not so you make it
an equal playing field what are some of the frustrations you have in your
business or whatever questions lead to that sales discussion and as soon as you
find out that they don’t have the problem you solve you get off the phone
so don’t waste anyone’s time you’re not gonna try and convince somebody that
doesn’t have a problem that they need to meet with you it’s a waste of time you
don’t need to there’s too many people get free you want to find the people
that you can help quick so the number one problem that my clients have they
don’t follow these guys up so you’re getting people that are expecting their
phone call that I don’t call them I’m not talking about just entrepreneurs I’m
talking about sales teams it’s the biggest thing is that they don’t
understand the importance of sales trading or sales processes and it’s not
like AdWords it’s not like um you know yellow pages it’s not like
calling off a TV ad they don’t have a need yet they’re still in awareness
these guys right so when you speak to them they’re not going hey how much does
it cost what colors do you have it in then it’s like what are we doing on it
school you have to be able to build a relationship and say well the purpose of
this call is for me to find out a bit more about your business and see if it’s
an opportunity to work together or not but they right at the top there so
social media selling but the good thing is you know they’re exactly in the right
industry you want to target they’re the key decision-maker because you’re only
focusing on a few people so instead of being reactive like you are on Google
AdWords where everyone who’s calling you yes they’re asking for the price but
they could be anyone you’re only speaking to a very small portion of the
market but what I call a great clients and you’re just finding out if they have
the need or not but you’re building a relationship with these people when
you’re building your influence so if you add if you ask how we make it Medical
Practitioners right and let’s say you get 5,000 connections you know after a
couple of years of doing this when you reach out to the next Medical
Practitioners what’s the chance of you guys having
like hundreds and hundreds of mutual connections and you know who the hell is
this guy’s obviously knows a lot of people when your niche you become this
perceived expert and people say followers don’t matter and I can
understand that they don’t for a lot of reasons but people will look at your
number of followers and number of mutual connections the first thing they do you
know it is important but what I would suggest doing is have relevant followers
who have the ones that are in that target industry yeah you can do it
audience matching yeah yep yep yeah and just a tip on LinkedIn ads if you are
going to run them lead gen forms and have increased conversions for the
campaigns I’ve ran five times across every industry so what a lead Jenna form
is basically just with one button somebody can submit their information so
if you have a call to action which is like a download a PDF or whatever all
they have to do is click once and then they get information so from a
conversion perspective if they’re less clicks the higher conversion rate and so
lead gen forms have been in basically a game changer yeah yeah this it’s a skill
that’s the asset like being able to use navigate the platform and use it
properly yes it’s expensive but the statistics are that people trust content
from see yeah people trust content on LinkedIn
times more I mean they’re making business decisions who cares if it’s
more expensive it’s three times more trusted you’re gonna get three times
more the results it’s not triple the price I will tell that much it’s only
fractionally more expensive

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