April 4, 2020
Post Office eCommerce Pop Up trial

Post Office eCommerce Pop Up trial

At Australia Post we’re all about trying to
provide our customers convenience, access and choice just to try to make their everyday
lives simpler. So for a lot of our online brands we want to provide a shopfront this
Christmas. So we’ve got some fantastic customers that we’ve partnered with to really bring
that touch and feel experience live to our customers this Christmas.
Adore beauty is an online beauty store we sell over 10,000 beauty products from about
150 different prestige beauty brands. We make personalised kids products’ the world’s
cutest personalised kids’ products. Everything is made to order and it started with one product
a little wooden name puzzle. At Australia Post we really want to stand
behind small business so what you see in our Christmas Pop Up stores is really a chance
for us to partner with some key brands that we can really bring a real life experience
to our customers. I think what we hope it will provide is a
really nice way for people to connect tangibly to our brand in a way they could touch and
feel and really see that we’re a real business. I can to the store today and I happened to
notice the Pop Up store and I thought I’d come and have a look.
I’m looking for a couple of Christmas presents at the moment and the helpful promoters definitely
showed me a few good things. So I’m showing them on the iPad what’s
available to them and if they like it they can purchase it off me or they can just go
home and purchase it themselves. So a Pop Up store has a number of different
elements so it’s got a digital element as well as a mobile point of sale so that means
our customers instead of having to wait in a queue our staff can come over to them to
just make easy payment so it’s all about making life simpler.
I think it’s great especially for older people like my mum who doesn’t like to shop
online so she can come in-store and see it then she’ll feel more confident that it’s
what she wants to buy and that her credit card details and everything would be safe.
And for those customers of ours that are worried about any santa spoilers they can use our
24/7 parcel lockers to get those goods delivered directly to a parcel locker or they can actually
use our parcel collect service which is available at Post Offices right across the country.
For us it just gives credibility to the brand instantaneously like it’s nothing as ubiquitous
as the Post Office in terms of a trusted brand. I definitely had more confidence in being
able to see the products. More and more people are trying to shop online
so being here at Australia Post it gives you that confidence that it is from somebody who’s
trustworthy. We’re using the Australia Post trusted brand
as well as our network to build confidence in our customers so that when they go online
to shop they know they can do so securely and actually with the confidence that the
quality of product that they’re buying really meets their needs.
So for us this is really exciting to actually have a sense of place attached to our brand
and in a trusted location as well. We really want to grow the brand Australia
wide and beyond and partnering with the likes of Post is essential.

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