April 9, 2020
POS software & e-commerce website(s) integration solution (for POS Software co.)

POS software & e-commerce website(s) integration solution (for POS Software co.)

You have a POS, Inventory Management, CRM, or ERP software development company. You have been around for over 10 years, and you have
a huge list of happy clients. In the last 5 to 7 years, you noticed your
clients using many different web platforms. Selected by their web developers for their
e-commerce web sites. Nowadays each of them is looking for integration between their sites and the POS system. Live synchronization serves to save hours, eliminate duplicate effort and mistakes. Perhaps your company is planning to select a CMS or build your supported e-commerce platform for integration. But many of your clients
have already invested $20K or $50K on their site and they will NOT switch to YOUR supported solution! They want integration, but for the CMS that they have invested in.
It’s impossible for you to support all the web platforms. You will need a HUGE web development team! Clearly you need a better strategy. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a solution that could integrate your system with all
your clients’ web platforms, and keep them all synchronized? An integration that could send and receive Products, Customers, Orders, Inventory adjustment,
Promotions, Gift Cards, User Definable Fields, even Business Logic from your system to all
the web platforms. Imagine a client who loves your software solution, and they want to buy it! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could proudly tell them that you can integrate with their existing CMS platform?! But wait, how is this possible? Easy! A Universal Data Interface Hub (UDI-HUB) that can connect your software to all those web platforms through one simple integration process. Using the features in your software, the TEI team can integrate it with UDI-HUB. As soon as your system is integrated with TEI’s UDI-HUB, you can have a demonstration
site for clients. Now you can approach your clients and announce
that you can support all their web platforms. UDI-HUB integration will add value to your
software, and will keep your clients happy. Also, you get the opportunity to package your
software with TEI’s e-commerce partners. Please contact us for FREE integration of
your software with TEI’s Universal Data Interface Hub. (UDI-HUB)

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