March 30, 2020
Portfolio: Showcasing your site — The Freelancer’s Journey (Part 42 of 43)

Portfolio: Showcasing your site — The Freelancer’s Journey (Part 42 of 43)

How do we showcase our work? In this video, we’ll showcase our Hayes
Valley site on the Webflow showcase. But, it’s the same concept if we’re showcasing
it on Tribble, sharing it on Facebook, or LinkedIn, Twitter, or even MySpace. And the presentation of the work can involve
something as simple as including a link to the site you finished. When you’re talking with a potential client,
you can now say I recently worked with this client to achieve this goal. Check out that work. Unless you’re under a strict nondisclosure
agreement, in which case you might want to say nothing at all. Let’s go up to showcase our project, and
from the dropdown, we’ll select, select project. Now, we’re censoring this part to protect
top secret works in progress. We can title it how we want, Hayes Valley
Interior Design, worked with the team at Hayes Valley to design, build, and launch a website
that features their great interior design work. And we can revisit the language later. Let’s move on to tags: interior design,
interiors, and of course, blockchain. And once our tags are in, we can go and create
the showcase. But that’s it. Now, we have tons of resources on Webflow
University for creating an entire portfolio website, and that can help. But, in the meantime, as we’re getting more
clients and expanding our freelancing business, we can share a link to our showcase, we can
email our friends and family, we can talk to other potential clients, and we’re in
so much better of a position than we we were when we started. Because we did the work, and we’re featuring
that work. Same thing with a redesign, or your own website. These are all excellent ways to develop both
trust and authority.

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