April 9, 2020
PME EN LUMIERE – July 2016 – k-eCommerce

PME EN LUMIERE – July 2016 – k-eCommerce

(Laurent Allardin)
(CEO, Founder of k-eCommerce) (What is your offering?) For more than 15 years, k-eCommerce
has offered an eCommerce solution B2B and B2C, that has a bi-directional
integration to different ERPs mainly Microsoft Dynamics and SAP Business One. As of now, k-eCommerce has put more than
1,500 transactional web sites online around the world and in Québec
200 businesses trust us. (Who are your clients and what do you do for them?) k-eCommerce’s clients are businesses
in the distibution industry, the manfacturing industry, in food, and retail. k-eCommerce’s typical client is a business looking for an integrated solution for their management system that will allow their business clients to order
and access their offerings at any given time Furthermore, this same solution allows
our clients to sell direct to consumers and accept payments securely thanks to our PCI environment. (What distinguishes your business model?) In 2007, k-eCommerce was the pionneer in offering a cloud-based eCommerce solution integrated to ERPs. In 2013, we acquired one of our competitors located in Michigan. This acquisition allowed us to position ourselves and accelerate our growth in the US. Another key element of our business model is our network of 150 Microsoft
and SAP partners worldwide. It’s thanks to these strategies and our team that is dedicated to the success of our clients that we have achieved an astonishing
500% growth in 3 years. (Your success in 3 words?) eCommerce, integrated, cloud

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