March 29, 2020
Pinterest Ads Tutorial 2020 – Pinterest Advertising 101 – Get Pinterest Traffic from $0.1 a Click!

Pinterest Ads Tutorial 2020 – Pinterest Advertising 101 – Get Pinterest Traffic from $0.1 a Click!

Did you know that you can get targeted
visitors from Pinterest for as low as 10 cents per click? Yes! You heard me right –
10 cents for a user who actually searched for the keyword you want to
rank for. And I’m talking about visitors from the United States, Canada and other
countries where you can hardly get ad clicks for so cheap from Google Facebook
or Instagram. If you’ve ever tried advertising on other platforms you know
that over time the competition and market demand are driving ad costs a lot
higher and if there is a good time to try Pinterest ads it must be now when
the price per click is incredibly low since Pinterest IPO in 2019 you probably
hear too many times that now they will focus more on building a stronger
advertising platform because the company now is public and they need to really
show a steady revenue growth this means that Pinterest will improve
ad targeting and conversion tracking this year which will make promoted pins
even more attractive to advertisers hi I’m Anastasia of Anastasia I’m a Pinterest marketing expert and in this video I will show you
first how to drive traffic campaigns on Pinterest to get targeted visitors for
just 10 cents a click and convert them into buyers on your site and you will
get a step-by-step guide for starting a traffic campaign with promoted pins and
I will also make a quick overview of other campaign types available on
Pinterest at the moment so now let’s dive into all of this good stuff so our
Pinterest ads really was it all the prejudice against Pinterest ads starts
from the wrong assumption that Pinterest is just another social media platform
like Facebook or Instagram but what many people don’t realize is that Pinterest
works more like a search engine like Google so when you advertise on
Pinterest you can target audiences which are interested in your topic or even are
looking for the exact keyword you want to target if you live outside of the
United States it’s quite possible that you didn’t encounter that many promoted
pins in your Pinterest feed yet and that’s because Pinterest ads are not
here available globally it also depends on the niche because in fashion and
print on demand for example you will find a ton of sponsored pins but in some
niches like personal development or relationship advice for example you will
hardly find that many promoted pins if you never seen a promoted pin here is
how it looks like this pin from Taiwan team is a promoted pin this is another
promoted pin so you can see that these pins show up in a user smart feed or
maybe search results in this case along with organic pins and visually it’s
pretty hard to tell the difference because Pinterest only mentions that
it’s an ad at the bottom of the pin so if you’re on a mobile device and they
are scrolling down the feed you see each pin one by one you first will see the
top part and most probably the bottom part where it says that the pin is
promoted will not even show up but the main difference is that when users click
on a promoted pin they are immediately sent to a landing page and when they
click on a regular pin the pin is just going to open and then they need to make
a second click if they want to go to the website so it’s easier to get click
throughs with promoted pins and I’ve got a few interesting stats which will show
you the potential of Pinterest ads let’s call them six reasons why you should try
Pinterest advertising so the first reason is that the platform is an active
growth stage so you can grow with Pinterest and you can be an early
adopter of their advertising system you can get visitors to your site for as low
as 10 cents per click and obviously with more competition over time the prices
will keep growing like on any other platform but now is probably the best
time to try Pinterest at the second reason is buyer intent about 50% of
Pinterest users products after they see a promoted pin
the third reason is that 67% of people discover new brands and products while
prior browsing on Pinterest because the majority of users on Pinterest they
don’t have a specific brand in mind they’re just in this discovery mode they
want to get inspiration so most of the searches on Pinterest are unbranded
people are open to discover new brands and products the next interesting fact
is that about 35% of all Pinterest users make more than $75,000 per year and 90%
of weekly users use Pinterest to make purchase decisions and last but not
least this is a very important number that advertisers get about two dollars
in profit for every dollar spent on Pinterest let me just show you my
account to demonstrate that I’m not joking about 10 cents a click so here
are my ads I’ll go to reporting and you can see here that for some ads I’m
getting 10 cents a click and for some I’m even paying 9 cents a click because
the algorithm drives the CPC even lower because the ad is very relevant or it
gets more conversions now that the benefits of Pinterest ads
are clear let’s look at how to get started with promoted pins so first you
need to set up a business account so what you are looking at right now is a
business account okay the these are the features of business account I have at
support I have analytics I have ads dashboard if you using a
personal account you don’t have any of this you don’t have Pinterest analytics
and you cannot run Pinterest ads so to make it clear if you’re using Pinterest
to promote any website and drive traffic to any website you must use a business
account I will give you a link under the video in the description to a blog post
where I give you an instruction how to start a business account or how to
convert from personal to a business account it’s not a diff
process it’s very easy you’ll do it really quickly so when your business
account is set up you can start running ads on Pinterest if you’ve ever run ads
on Facebook you will quickly understand what’s going on on Pinterest dashboard
let me go to my dashboard and show you how it looks like so we have here let’s
go to traffic campaigns because that’s what I run the ads and so you will see
here that you have several levels it’s campaigns ad groups and ads level
and let me give you a quick overview if in case you’re unfamiliar with these
terms so on the campaign level you defined the objective of your campaign
so objectives are here they can be awareness traffic conversions video
right for app installs and and some other objectives the most common is
probably traffic campaign but if you are running an e-commerce site and shopping
would be probably the best option for you now I’m looking at the settings for
ad group level and here you can pick the placements for ads the placements can be
in the Pinterest Smart feed or in search results or you can pick both of them on
this level you can also select the targeted audience bands based on their
location right you can pick locations in different countries you can go down to
select some interests of your audience and you can even define the keywords
over here and here is the keyword research tool that you can use on
Pinterest to find additional keywords so if you type in here vegan you will see
some suggested keywords and you can start adding them just by clicking on
this plus you can also tell Pinterest for how many days you want to run an ad
or maybe if you don’t want to have a specific dates you can just keep it with
an open date and you can also define here the daily budget or the lifetime
budget usually the easiest waste to define the daily budget and you can
decide how much you you’re willing to pay
per-click now we’re going to the ad level and here you can select one of
your recent pins here we go I just click on the pin and then I click on review
ads and here I can change the destination URL add some UTM codes to my
promoted pin so I can track promoted pin clicks in my Google Analytics so let’s
quickly create the most standard type of ads on Pinterest its promoted pins with
traffic objective so I first need to go to create add and I will pick traffic I
will just decide that I want to spend for example one dollar per day on this
ad I’ll go continue and look at the ad
group level here I will choose for example people who live in all United
States locations I will speak people in these age groups
for example and then I’ll go to I want just to target people who actively
searched for my ad I’ll go to select some keywords here it is here’s a little
hack if you work in a specific niche you can make keyword research either here on
Pinterest or even in Google Keyword research tool and then you just keep
this list of keywords somewhere on a separate file and then every time you
need to create an ad you just copy/paste the list and put it here but for now
let’s try to search for anything related to Pinterest Pinterest login Pinterest
marketing Pinterest tips Pinterest what else Pinterest
strategy so I’m just showing you some keywords that could be relevant to my ad
and you can always look at the right side and look at potential audience size
so in this case I’m I’m seeing that it’s a little bit narrow so either I want to
increase the number of keywords here but that will take some time you can put up
to whatever number one sometimes I have a hundred keywords
here targeting you can also increase this number by changing the locations
adding more countries you can remove some of them age restrictions that you
selected languages I forgot to talk about here so by default it will select
all but you can target people that only use English we can say that we want to
spend one dollar for this ad and I will just put the minimum the minimum budget
is ten cents it will tell me that it’s too low but it will still run the ad I
mean at least it my niche it it runs my ads even with this low cost per click
then I’ll go to continue and here you can select one of your recent pins you
can use any existing ads but let’s say I want to use this pin review as the spin
goes actual to my YouTube video but who cares let’s imagine that I wanted to run
an ad to go to my YouTube video so I’ll go to Google Google campaign URL builder
we’ll put here the website link campaign source interest CPC and here we’ll go
for example and that’s the link we can now copy don’t use the shortener I’ll
tell you later why copy the URL and we copy paste this URL here and after I
click lunch Pinterest will review my ad within 24 hours so these are some of the
rules you have to remember when you are selecting the pin to promote and
defining the URL I already recommend to you using Google UTM builder to create a
different URL from your organic pin URL because changing the destination URL on
a promoted pin will not change the destination URL of your original organic
pin which is great because it helps you track the clicks from promoted pins
separately in Google Analytics but these are the rules that you have to remember
when you’re creating promoted pins first you cannot promote
from another profile second you cannot use pins saved to secret boards then you
obviously cannot promote any pins that don’t link to any external URL and then
you cannot use link shorteners for the destination URL so so that’s what I try
to emphasize when we were building the link in Google UTM builder that you
shouldn’t use the URL shortener and now you also cannot use third-party videos
or gifs now Pinterest has several other types of ad campaigns I already showed
you how to create a traffic campaign because I found them the most efficient
of all campaign objectives available for me from my account from my website but
depending on your website and depending on what you are promoting you might be
interested in testing video ads or app installs or even awareness campaigns if
you are a big brand and actually I wanted to note here that conversion
campaigns might also be quite interesting for me but my account
doesn’t yet meet the minimum requirements for running a conversion
campaign I would need to have at least 50 sign up conversions in the last seven
days and I’m actually getting around 10 or 15 per on average you can see these
conversions in performance report so I’m just going down here and I’ll show you
what we have it shows by default for the last seven days so that’s what I need to
look for so for the last seven days I’ve had twelfth sign up conversions which is
not enough we need 50 conversions to have conversion campaigns available now
it can get a little more technical because I will show you how really
quickly how you can track those conversions on your site and you need to
have Pinterest tag installed so where is the Pinterest tag we need to go to
conversions over here and you’ll see the Pinterest tag I have several already
created I’ll open this one so you can see that you can install first the
code this code has needs to go between your hat tags in the HTML code of the
side this is the base code and then you have event codes so that’s how I’m
tracking my signup conversions I have this event code for signups let’s look
at the sign up conversion here but you can have other types of conversions even
page visit but for conversion campaigns you need to have signups or maybe lead
lead type of conversions and you need to have 50 of them in the last seven days
so we’re looking now at the different types of conversions you can even have
checkout conversion and you have to install this piece of code on the
specific page where you want this event to be fired and by the way when you have
your Pinterest tag installed you can also go to audiences and create a few
audiences to retarget your ads to people who’ve visited your site earlier so you
can advertise to visitors who visit your site or some specific pages of your site
you can upload a list of your customers you can create an audience based on
people who engage with your pins and also you can create an actor like
audience based on the audience’s you’ve created earlier so you can see that
Pinterest is working hard on improving their ads targeting and retargeting
options and on better conversion tracking and on analytics for
advertisers so whether you are completely new to Pinterest ads or maybe
you’ve tried them and you didn’t see good results I’m going to tell you a
little secret today I’m working now on a detailed Pinterest Ads course and if you
want to be invited to the best test of this course when it’s ready go to the
page I will give you a link in the description of this video and go to that
page and leave your email or connect with my page on Facebook so I can send
you an invitation as soon as the course is open in better if this information
helps you make sure to share it with your friends do the thumbs up and follow
my channel because I specialize on Pinterest marketing and I share the most
current tips about this platform every Thursday I’ll see you in the next videos

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