April 9, 2020

100 thoughts on “Pick $100/DAY Products In A 1-Product Dropship Store [TUTORIAL: Facebook Ad Demographic Targeting]

  1. Yep… having a 1-product store & rebranding a single white-label product is VERY different to a "normal" store! Which do you prefer?

  2. Can you please make a full course on Facebook ADs? Your drop ship club Facebook ads section is so basic it doesn't teaches anything. Focus on targeting

  3. It seems like one product store is making waves – maybe its a trend or a phase. And I know Scott Hilse – the dropship entrepreneur – advocate the one product dropshipping and he is successful at it. I suppose it's more about finding that one super-effective product!

  4. Could gadgets that don't solve a huge pain also do well as one-product stores among a broad audience? For example, an interesting kitchen gadget or pet toy?

  5. There is probably such huge competitiveness that it doesn't work anymore, what does work is making youtube videos such like these. And so many businesses cry about facebook ads doesn't even work anymore…

  6. I understand the point, but THIS product DOES NOT fix health problems.. it actually encourages them.. encouraging laziness over being active and keeping in shape naturally, laziness carries lots of health issues such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and also some form of cancer… so, this product is just slightly less worse than selling the magic cure agains cancer to desperate people.

  7. Do you want to sell it even if it's a piece of junk and actually makes your muscles lazy? Ethos anyone?

  8. Funny enough, I love this one product item you spoke about… I'm going to be honest… I think the website is awesome! But, there are many other marketing platforms other than Facebook… although… everyone loves to offer items in that platform. Interesting thou… thanks for the insight!

  9. How do you determine whether the products you choose to sell are compliant with the legislation of the destination market?

  10. I hear that people advertising health products without scientific evidence specifically of their product get banned from Facebook as it is against their use policy. Losing their FB page and business manager. * So careful with using health products. *Have a backup Business Manager

  11. Also chinese devices for $4 that engage small electric shocks is not a good one. Low current but there is enough to make your muscles contract, if there is a short then it will be enough to cause burns – you have the potential to be sued.
    Which makes me wonder….
    @Sara have you ever been involved with a product recall or know the logistics for a dropshipper if this occurred?

  12. I'm sorry but you teach the old way of making dropshipping – Basically why 99% of people fail. Think outside the box guys and stay away from all these guru's strategy.

  13. thankyou for being soooooo generous about sharing such valuable information for free!!! very grateful and much appreciated !! u are awesome sarah!!

  14. one product page are great 🙂 Welcome back to great tutorials, when you invite someone, it looks like its only about affiliate marketing, this kinda of video are pure value, thats why i am searching for something to buy from you even we do offer no paid course. Keep up the good work.

  15. One product dropship store or niche stores either way they all work, Just make sure to not try to reinvent the wheel if your brand new that is. keep it simple

  16. I need some advice!
    I understand that e-packet is basically the way to go BUT…
    …if you wanna do a promotion for a small item as "Free just pay shipping" and make it let's say 4.95$ …?
    Is free 45days shipping on that really a bad idea? Any pros and cons, experiences that anybody wants to share?

  17. Sarah, I heard that with Facebook ads, you need at least 1 million or more as an audience size. Why should we start with 500 thousand? Isn't that method outdated?

  18. Explained very well. Many videos on Youtube lack explaining how to target in various ways. No course just free content and knowledge, best dropshipping channel on Youtube.

  19. Hi Sarah, I have a question. One of my friends told me that I may need to ask the suppliers at AliExpress if they allow dropshipping… I wanted to ask you how much true is that and how to go about it. Thank you so much!

  20. Great video. Thanks for all the amazing content.

    Do I need to open a LLC for every company (website) I create?

  21. Hello Sarah , thx for all the informations 🙏 . Please how can i create a video ad ? Can i use the videos from AliExpress ?

  22. Thank you! You talked about the pixel learning about your customers. But what do you do when you have different products with different demographics on your store? How does the pixel learn then about customers of each different product?

  23. Sara, informative and interesting video as always! Thank you! For me the one product store I tried at the begging of my carer did not work. May be because I had less experience back then. I started my very own brand name and products and this is when actually my business stared being successful. I have my own line of eyewear. I get it from this wholesale website – https://www.wmpeyewear.com/. It has been working so good for my store. Orders are more than ever now.

  24. Sarah you are doing amazing job. Can you talk about brandsgateway dropshipping? Targeting high end products.

  25. nice video Sara:) I saw that the product has 2 warehouses and wondering about that. Is it ok to have the 2 choices also available on our stores?

  26. Thank you for all the great videos. I am still working on my new website https://armorelite.com/ and your information really helps even thru I specialize in hobby products and not a big drop shipper store like you do but this information still helps give me new ideas. I know I have a lot more to work on. Again Thank you, Mike Armor Elite Hobbies

  27. hi how are you can you please make a video how we create youtube ads for Shopify?

  28. I wonder how long the drop shipping model will remain profitable when more and more people start to realise they can just go to aliexpress and buy the product they see in a FB ad for a fraction of the cost?

  29. Hi what happens alixpress item dosent reach the customer in time and cust wants a refund. How do u resolve customer compalints.

  30. The other day I watched ONLY ONE of your videos and you got me from the very first moment! Took the $1 course offer and I'm currently deciding what niche to take!! You are amazing!!

  31. 100% of them miss talking about banned account (paypal, aliexpress, strip, shopify, facebook ads). How can that possible? 💯
    Good video 👍

  32. Sorry if this is a bit long winded. I have watched several of your videos and thank you for all the good advice, I will be buying your course in the next couple weeks.

    My questions are about domain names.
    I’m not new to the idea of affiliate marketing or the concept of drop-shipping, but I am just starting out and I do have some questions about the domain name. How do I select a good drop-shipping domain name, whether I want a single product store or a general store?
    I understand how to do it for marketing in general. If I sell socks for example I’d want a domain name with socks in the name. But once I find a product or two I want to pursue and test, what do I name my drop-shipping store? Do I just do it the same way? For example, if I find a clever lamp for computers, do I call it ComputerLamp.com for example? But what if the product doesn’t perform like I thought it would during testing? Did I just buy a domain name for nothing? Should I pick something more general that I might be able to reuse if my first couple products that I test don’t work out, such as ComputerProducts.com for example? How do I test products with or without a domain name?

    Should I pick my niche, buy a domain name, build a store and start testing products in that niche, then if the products don’t work, pick another domain name and start again in another niche?

    I have bought domain names in the past for things that never worked out and I feel like I couldn’t use the name again and it was a waste.
    Is buying a domain name for a specific product just one of the risks we all have to take or do you have advice about how to pick a fitting domain name that I might be able to reuse for a different product if needed?

    Also, if I decided to start a one product store and it works enough to keep the product, then should I open or start another store? Should I have two or several stores? And the same question applies if I have a general store. Should I open several general stores, i.e. one for kitchen utensils, one for women’s ware, one for men’s shoes, one for baby cloths etc.?

    Please let me know how many stores the typical successful drop shipper has and when is the best time to expand into more stores, I’m guessing after I have one successful product, then I can branch out to more stores?

  33. Hi Sarah. I’m a big fan of yours. Just a quick question. 9:15 in the video, the muscle trainer, how do we know that a product like that will definitely help people tone their muscles. What if we setup a store and promote it, but in reality if the product does not work as it promises, how do we take responsibility and handle disappointed customers. Thank you

  34. Hi Sara! I'm a big fan, but I was wondering about ethics, in this example it says "sold exclusively at" when there are a lot of stores selling it. Is this legal and is this ethical? Also you mentioned that there were many sellers with the same product, so we will have access to their images as well. For some reason, I thought I could only use images from the supplier I am actually using? Am I allowed to mix and match product photos from different suppliers if the product is the same???? Thank you sooooo much for everything you do!

  35. Wait that website says Exclusively available through them…isn't that against certain laws considering its a rebranded ali express item?.

  36. this is not updated enough. Why are you always copying other people's contents? Can't you create something BETTER than the others?

  37. I have a question. When you refer to income of $100 per day are you referring to net income after expenses or revenues? Thank you for the interesting videos you prepare.

  38. Since dropshipping is being so openly discussed frankly anywhere online, for how long do you think people will just widely learn about dropshipping and bypass same dropshippers, making the industry fail?

  39. Great stuff as always. You provide fantastic training with fun humor a touch of cute and obvious knowledge! Im so hooked. Need to watch more! Im nearly ready to start my store!

  40. Why no one says that Facebook is going to shut down you ads account because this product health repeated.

  41. Hi. I just have one question, what happens after the product passes it's selling boom?! I imagine that you need to find a new product, get another domain, getting a new name and logo, new Facebook fan page…this let's expensive and time consuming. Sarah do you have an alternative to hop products from time to time without all the downsides I mentioned? Some of us need to hop products until we get the clear idea on what we would like to brand.

  42. You have some of the best content Sarah, Please do an FAQ on dropshipping. I want to know why would someone buy the backbrace for $24 on the shopify store when they can get it on amazon for half the price and twice as fast? I want to understand this better as I'm in the research phase and every thing is scaring me. I love the success stories but sometimes I don't see how it worked. Please do an FAQ video on things like this. THANK YOU. ❤️

  43. Hello,
    Thank you for the valuable videos you are sharing with us. As i can see, you are talking about a posture corrector which actually goes against FB policy. I am confused here as i see many dropshippers promoting this type of a product, but when i try to do the same thing my posture corrector products get rejected by FB!!
    Could you please tell me how i can get this product into my FB store without being rejected and how to be able to promote it using FB ads.
    Thank you very much

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