April 7, 2020
Phantom Couriers Now Offering E-commerce Deliveries To The USA

Phantom Couriers Now Offering E-commerce Deliveries To The USA

Mark: Hi, it’s Mark from Top Local. We’re
here with Mark Huggan of Phantom Couriers in Vancouver, Vancouver’s best couriers, and
we’re going to talk about e-commerce deliveries to the United States. How you doing, Mark? Mark: Excellent. How are you? Mark: Good. Good, good. So it’s snowed in
Vancouver, and of course I didn’t get any mail.
How do you guys solve that? Mark: We didn’t get any mail either, but our
customers got their packages delivered. Rain, sleet, or snow, they used to say, well, if
you want it done that way, call us instead of the postal services. They gave up and we
didn’t. Mark: So how does it work for US? To deliver
to the US for an eCommerce company in Canada? Mark: Well, Canadian e-commerce e-tailer would
create a product and have to, obviously their customer says, ship it to me. I’m in Blaine,
or I’m in Idaho, or something. And what we do is we pick it up, find out what the value
of it is, declare the customs, and ship it out on our vertical using our power, like
we have a volume discount and we just pay the duty and customs.
Those are never changing. There’s no discount on that. And just get her, get her across
the border. So it’s going to be on that grand mail, ground mail service. It’s like a four
to six days depending on customs clearance. Mark: So for the customers, they don’t have
to go to the post office. They don’t have to fill out the forms. They don’t have to,
you know, some of the details that they don’t have to take the time to do that. You guys
are looking after that? Mark: Yeah. We’ve got a full team here that
takes care of all the manifesting, all the proactive tracking and monitoring of all of
our shipments. So everything that leaves here. From start to finish has eyes on making sure
the job gets done because we bill when it’s completed, right? And so we’re not going to
work. We’re incentivized to get the job done so we can make money. So that’s why we watch
it. Canada Post bills you at the source. And says,
bye bye. Catch you later. You know? And you’re like, okay, bye. I trust you. And
then weeks later you get your thing from anywhere. It’s, you know, it’s not as, it’s not as robust.
So we’re trying to add a little bit of more value add because more, there’s more e-tailer
in our, in our customer base that need the need to good service Phantom is used to giving. Mark: So is it expensive to ship from Canada
to the United States? Mark: Well, it really depends on what you’re
shipping, but the cost could, they’re super cheap compared to like courier costs, like
an envelope to San Francisco is like 45 bucks, and we can get down to the States for like,
for a large, like a value package, for $15-$16 for something that could have a value of up
to $300. So yeah, there’s a lot of power in consolidation. Mark: And how long does it take then? What’s
the delivery time difference between the two ways of delivering? Mark: Well, we do overnight on courier. And
mail service is what it is. It’s ground mail, but the faster you get it into the US
postal service, the faster it’s going to get delivered. So you want to hop the border quickly.
That’s why the consolidated shipping model works. Instead of, you know, so many different
stops. You’re just cutting out four stops, go direct. Mark: So maybe just describe, walk us through
that. So it goes the, you go to the Canada Post, then what do they do with it typically? Mark: Well, we’re not going to go to Canada
Post, hopefully. We’re just going to pay the postage, jump the border with the consolidated
shipping. Have it picked up in Blaine. Mark: And the way it normally would work if
I went to the post office and did it. Mark: Yeah. Post office, wait, generate enough
volume sent to sort facilities, sort facilities sorts.
Puts it into pickup, which is, it’s pretty efficient, but I mean, it’s going to take
a day there and another day to go on the truck. Then they want to have full loads, so full
load going down, has to go down, unload. It takes time. And then reload to to final destination.
So you’re skipping like five days of just normal stuff. It’s just normal everyday work.
Just like if you were taking your time, putting groceries in the car, taking a break, driving
home, taking a break, unloading the car, taking a break and then putting it away, taking a
break. It’s just, we speed it up. We put it right in the fridge. That’s how it works. Mark: So is this the cheapest way to ship
from Canada to the United States for an e-tailer? Mark: I don’t see any other way unless you
know, you’ve got a friend driving directly to your client. It’s the most economical and
cheapest way, you know, you can get your best bang for the buck. Customers are going to
be pretty satisfied with shipping mode. It’s taut, it’s not super fast like courier, but
it’s definitely going to get their track and trace. So I would say it’s the best bang for
your buck, that’s for sure. Mark: Fantastic. So if you’re, if you’re an
e-tailer, retailer, online eCommerce person in Canada, and you’ve been struggling with
getting your packages delivered from Vancouver area to the United States of America, the
guys to call her Phantom Couriers. You can reach them at (604) 899-5447. Don’t worry
about it anymore. They’ll look after it and your package will get delivered as quickly
as possible at the right price, and your customers will be happy and so will you. Any package
anywhere… Mark: Phantom Couriers gets it there. You
got it. Mark: Thanks, Mark. Mark: Thank you.

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