February 18, 2020
Pepsi pivots business model towards e-commerce   펩시 전자상거래로 눈돌려

Pepsi pivots business model towards e-commerce 펩시 전자상거래로 눈돌려

And finally, the iconic soda-maker Pepsi has
launched its newest soft drink… in an exclusive deal with online retail giant Amazon.
Paul, is this just a new marketing scheme or a major shift for the international company?
Well, the product is called Pepsi True… and it′s a naturally sweetened soda pop.
It will be available online later this month… but the company says you won′t be able to
buy it stores just yet. By introducing the new drink through Amazon,
Pepsi says it can better assess demand and gain insight into where people are buying
it…. ahead of its wider launch in traditional retail stores.
Analsyts say the move illustrates how the food and beverage industry is expanding into
e-commerce as it searches for new growth engines. “Amazon and e-commerce are driving a lot of
the retail growth in the U.S. And the beverage companies are very under-represented on Amazon
because of their bottling systems. So it′s a way to launch a product to get some high
media exposure.” Pepsi′s move comes as sale of carbonated
soft drinks in the United States have been on the decline for nearly a decade.
Market watchers say it′s due to consumers becoming more health-conscious and weary of
possible health risks from artificial sweeters. Chery.
All right Paul,… thanks for those updates. We′ll see you back… in just about two

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