April 9, 2020
People Are Making Millions With Shopify – $90 Million Shopify Dropshipping Success Story

People Are Making Millions With Shopify – $90 Million Shopify Dropshipping Success Story

(Shopify Dropshipping Success Story) imagine starting a small Shopify store
maybe it’s just you maybe it’s a team two to three people you go really
confident in it you don’t really know if it’s gonna be a small little project or
a big big business you’re very confident in it she’s start you start running some
ads you make it as beautiful and as appealing as possible you make your
pages you optimize absolutely everything you start getting a sale here and there
maybe one day it’s not so good not so profitable the next say you start making
money next month you start making money you start slowly going through the steps
maybe it doesn’t go as you plan but you start going you build a brand out of it
you build a company maybe you hire one more person to help you and you slowly
build it out the first couple of years it’s a little bit slow you’re making
some money you’re making progress but it’s not huge and then everything
changes from one year to the other you scale up massively you go into the six
figures you go into the seven figures multiple seven figures per month again
and again and again and ultimately your little Shopify store becomes a
multi-million dollar business somebody from the outside maybe from another
country maybe from a cool country they’ve never known like Italy comes and
offers you millions of dollars in this case ninety million dollars for part of
your company and you can still keep the company that you built from scratch and
you’re still the CEO imagine that going from absolute zero nothing a team from
scratch a little Shopify store from scratch all the way up to ninety million
dollars in cash and then you still own the company well that is exactly what
happened to blenders eyewear blenders essentially a company that started from
scratch from just an idea that this guy right here
a surfer got an idea to make a sunglass brand from a friend and he built it on
Shopify sort of building out the store got a little team started running some
ads and started slowly getting some sales until now in 2019
they sold 70% of the company not the entire company for ninety million
dollars surfers civic beach sunglass brand blenders
acquired by Italian giant and 90 million dollars insane this is not an insane
story and an amazing case study for the entire Shopify community to just show
what’s possible and the cool thing about it also and not cool but relevant to you
is that they didn’t start off making a ton of money in the beginning the brand
was actually started in 2011 by this guy chase Fisher which is a long time surfer
that’s why he was able to basically know the audience know the brand know the
people that he was advertising to they launched in 2011 and only recently
exploded their ads actually started converting massively they started
scaling up in 2016 when they got their first million dollar year 1.3 million
dollars in sales then the company absolutely exploded into multi seven
figures then they expect to hit 42 million dollars this year 2019 and now
they sold for valuation of 70 percent for ninety million dollars leaving that
remaining 30 percent to Fisher what this means is that the guy sold part of his
company but he still is the CEO he still owns the company that he built from
scratch and now he’s 90 million dollars richer
it’s absolutely amazing and also it’s something really cool that Fisher set
right here you can go from selling seven pairs to 700 pairs overnight but it’s
not an overnight success working on a brand working on a company this big
doesn’t happen really fast but it can be like that if you keep trying you commit
to your brand commit to your store and you build a team you keep going you
build some ads you build more ads you get better and better every single day
then you have that overnight success after years of building your brand so
then they went from like 6,000 to 40,000 units per month and now the acquisition
has been in the works since May so then it’s been working on since months now
it’s finally been finalized it’s from a company called SAP below which is just
an absolute giant and e-commerce in Italy and now the guy is just an
absolute millionaire Shopify created a millionaire from scratch because he
committed it and built a brand and you can do the exact same thing this
isn’t a dream this isn’t some hype that everybody’s saying get into this
business get into Shopify Shopify is amazing make some money it’s not a
scheme it’s a real business that you can build a profitable company a massive
brand that you can then sell for millions of dollars this is the company
right here blenders eyewear they essentially now
sell any type of eyewear products sunglasses they even sell prescription
glasses actually you can see all the colors here they have these amazing
colors amazing designs and that’s also why they were able to do so well with
facial Cats their face cuts and it’s absolutely amazing it’s because they
have these clever designs these clever colors that look really well when
they’re shown in an ad they have these pictures right here really good they
also have a block there and you can shop and the website actually looks really
cool they’re making millions of dollars per month this the website and now
they’re worth nineteen million dollars hey if you’re enjoying this video so far
and you’re looking to build a profitable Shopify business in 2020 and beyond make
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button if you’re enjoying this video another company that you may know as
well that did the exact same thing build a brand sold it for millions of dollars
is envy MT they got acquired for a hundred million dollars in 2018 building
a brand from scratch and this one was dropship like they started drop shipping
these watches from China Shopify drop shipping then they built
the legitimate companies started importing everything becoming a solid
brand then they became just a multi-million dollar company sold for a
hundred million dollars absolutely insane story again they started from
scratch that’s the beauty of this you can also create this brand appeal by
using a theme like for example the prestige theme a time you’re an eighty
bucks so it does cost you a little bit what I recommend is for example getting
sailes first on your niche or general dropshipping sword dropshipping is just
the best way to start start something start a physical product business get
some sales here and there be able to test multiple products then when you
have a category just like this student right here who’s doing about a thousand
dollars a day and then again this student right here who’s doing almost a
thousand dollars a day both my students that I’ve taught them how to go from
basically general selling niche products here and there all the way up to
building a legitimate brand where people come back again and again and again and
one great thing to do it is with prestige you can basically take a
product from Aliexpress Aliexpress is obviously going to go off a little bit
in July 2020 he patted is going away so you do need other services which I
talked about in the video I was gonna pop up here Aliexpress alternatives but
it’s a great way to just start just start something pick a product that you
can start advertising me maybe you get a professional theme like that build a
Shopify store you can build it with multiple kinds of products it doesn’t
have to be a particular brand once you start getting sales then you build a
brand off of the products that are working just like those two students and
you can get there very very fast and just like blenders you can go from
basically getting a little bit of profit maybe 120 dollars a day ten thousand
dollars a month over a hundred thousand dollars a month and then multiple seven
figures and then potentially once you have that brand you have that brand
loyalty you have a lot of customers I keep coming back maybe you already have
that product in physical stores then you can go and sell a brand from multiple
millions of dollars like these companies have been able to do that’s it go ahead
and get started with your brand right now whether that’s drop shipping or just
a general Shopify store if you want to learn how to build your brand properly
with the right strategy and see how we can help you become one of those
students that’s doing a thousand dollars a ten thousand dollars a month you get a
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it as well if you want to start on top of I highly recommend you watching this
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Rafi low Cintron and I’ll see you in the next one

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