April 9, 2020

100 thoughts on “Peloton husband received ‘hurtful messages’ after new ad aired

  1. And that shows you the American dream…..star in a commercial for something but you can't even afford what you are advertising without a "couple of downpayments"

  2. It’s an effing commercial….not real. Actors act. That’s their job. No reason to send them hate mail. The company is trying to sell product. No reason to be freaked out about anything. Get a life.

  3. The ironic thing is the women who are whining about this ad probably has purple hair, nose rings and weighs 350 pounds. It's not like they would ever use this product.

  4. Dear Santa, please send me a Peloton.

    Faux feminism is simply outrageous. My goodness do none of these haters think for themselves? Maybe, just maybe she asked for this gift. And, btw dingbats, he is an actor!!

  5. I'm a chubby 58 year old. Nothing wrong with this commercial.
    My only complaint is I can't afford a Peloton or I would have one.

  6. That is just RIDICULOUS. Every woman with a young child knows there is little or no time to exercise!!!! Snowflakes get easily offended about EVERYTHING!!!! Who knows if she asked for it???

  7. this is just another example of the queers , lezzies and the feminists take over of America what makes you think she did not ask him for it heaven help America if the communist democants get control

  8. I wish my lazy fat wife would appreciate the Peloton bike I got her like the wife in the commercial. Maybe my next wife will like it.

  9. Over sensitive Much Snowflakes. I too would love to get a Peloton bike$$$, so sad the people making the commercial didn't get one as a perk.

  10. There are MILLIONS of people around the world who have "twitter" and social media accounts and give the allusion they are American citizens when they are actaully posting from a foreign country. It's all a part of the deception that America is going crazy.

  11. Wow I don't know if this is a publicity scam or not I'm leaning towards that it is and its a paid troll to boost up sales

  12. Maybe some of these fat bastards that are complaining should jump on an exercise bike instead of using electric mobility scooters.

  13. I'm sorry! I just don't see the inference, either. To me, it's just 'little mind's knowing/recognizing their own small souls striking out at, almost, anything in order to 'belong to something (in their own mind's, at least).

  14. Maybe these so called complainers can neither identify as a she or he but someone still too confused, seared conscience, obsessed with nit picking, its a demonic nature.

  15. I'm offended by the new ad with all men. Their wives should be ashamed for buying them a $2000 stationary bike. He wanted a mountain bike, so he could get away from them

  16. Lol, definitely proves just how dumb people really are. Gets mad at an actor playing a role on a commercial. Wake up in the land of stupidity people … it’s an actor … acting … if one has to get mad … go after the WRITER of the commercial. Absolute dumba$ses.

  17. Lol. These people don’t know that he’s just an actor and they aren’t actually married?

    How stupid are these people?

  18. Disgusting! Crybaby, idiots will complain about everything! Air brained, no-brained stupid idiots are just jealous! Whiners….

  19. Can this get any crazier. The people up in arms are CRAZY DEMENTED MENTAL DEMS. Get a life or a job people. It’s a Christmas Gift. Get a life.

  20. The 8 dislikes of the peloton ad all have one thing in common, they are miserable turds who live on their moms couch, eat lots of cheetos & protest everything full time other than vaping or fueling their drug habits. For the actors, you are why I am buying a poleton… excellent ad. Btw, you sjw types offend might think about buying one of these too to actually have some fun working out.

  21. I do not agree with the criticisms. I do not agree with promoting this soy boy, obviously on his man period. Fox please. Never again

  22. You know what..maybe it’s time to remove the comment sections from social media. Who cares what everyone is thinking including me. I think commenting has exposed and brought out the hate in society. We need to stop it for our own sakes.

  23. If I was Peloton I would make an ad with women on their Pelotons, wearing dog collars and arranged like a dog sled team with Peloton man on the sled yelling Mush! It would be very seasonal and very Spinal Tap. 🤣🦄🌈

  24. I watched the commercial and did not see anything wrong with it. Obviously the wife wanted one of the machines for Christmas…is that a problem? Must be Hollyweird people dis'ing the commercial for some reason.

  25. My response to the commercial was how nice to have an at-home, in-door exercise bike to save me the drudgery of getting bundled up and driving in the snow to a spin class. These feminazis need to put out of their misery.

  26. ACTRESS, ACTOR, PELOTON. This is how many people think the commercial was Excellent and true to the emotional journey of intense physical exercise!

  27. Oh hell no! This non sense has to stop!!

    He doesn’t deserve this from people that have nothing better to do but trying to ruin other people’s lifes.

  28. I don't know if it's good or bad for my Peloton stock. It is down, but these scandals tend to bring a lot of attention to companies.

  29. Oh stop! How can a gift, especially to a fit person be bad? By the way, even fit and thin people need cardiovascular workouts because heart attacks, high cholesterol, etc.afflict thin and seemingly fit people. A piece of equipment, even a handheld lawn mower could invoke negative opinions. Better he should have given her a soda machine? Or what?

  30. Only fat women and feminists would get offended by such a cheesy commercial. Sad this is what society is getting upset about

  31. Why does anyone give a f**k what these whining, SJW Crybabies think about anything?
    They contribute nothing of value to our nation or to society as a whole.
    Ignore the kool-aid haired f**ktards and they will eventually go away!
    It’s not like the person or persons complaining are likely to have a job that pays enough to buy a Peloton anyway.

  32. The eastern European wh1tes decided to found a inc3st cult, kinda like Mormonism. They became J3wish, and to this day believe there so much better than their NON INBRRD COUSINS, AKA ALL WHITES
    This anti wh1te (except eastern European askenasi of course lolwat) cult is responsible for all the fake outcry

  33. I have seen this commercial many times. The only thing that pisses me off about it is I don't want a machine telling me what to do.

  34. What is wrong with this commercial ??? They are selling bikes. These whiny, no job, entitled little brats cry about everything !!

  35. And people sometimes ask me why we need the 2nd Amendment….I tell them we need it in case leftist SJW lunatic's ever try to take over….

  36. Welcome to the ideals of the Left. Oh, and you are a public school teacher. Interesting. Hmmmm Perhaps you could learn from this experience

  37. Before she was my Ex, wanting a new car, my wife asked for a Christmas present that went from zero to 160 in just a few seconds, so I gave her a bathroom scale….

  38. This is why as an American male I would never date an American woman again. Feminism had given American women brain damage. I chose my bride from the Philppines.

  39. Just when you think you have heard it all and you let just any one have there 15 seconds of fame . It's just a commercial people

  40. So if I buy my wife or kids a bike, that they can ride for fun and exercise, that's wrong, and I'm a bad husband/ father. Ridicules!!

  41. Picture the complainers for a moment… 🤔

    Empty tubs of icecream scattered around the base of the oversized recliner in front of the large screen TV in the basement. Fresh party-sized bag of potato chips ripped down the side for easy access while greasy fingers slip-slide across the keyboard keys and heads tilted to avoid the trailing whiffs of smoke from the cigarette burnt down to the filter as it dangles from their lips.

    The outrage!

    😨 🤢🤢🤢🤢 🤮

  42. If its not some supposed black man white woman with biracial kids enjoying some fantastic life, 2 queers or lesbians snuggled up on the sofa drinking wine or eating a pizza, anything outside of that these days is probably considered an offensive commercial in some kind of way.

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