April 10, 2020

30 thoughts on “PayPal VS Stripe 2019: Which Online Payment Processor Is Best For Your Business?

  1. Thank you for watching! Have a better idea of whether PayPal or Stripe is right for your business? If not, let us know.

  2. My larger clients use both. Our biggest challenge has been fighting disputes. Like you said, results have been hit or miss there.

  3. I can testify that from a developer point of view PayPal is a nightmare.
    Outdated docs, poorly designed api, dozens of services that all seems to do the same thing, services advertised for features that aren't implemented, lack of flexibility, poor support…
    On the other end Stripe is well documented, offer tons of options and if you still have problem you can reach someone competent ready to assist you within a couple of minute ( no joke ).
    PayPal is only easy to use via e-comerce plugins like shopify or for the more basic usecases like HTML pay button.

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  5. Well done educational material! Although, there are more options than PayPal or Stripe itself. I personally recommend Sofort or G2A PAY.

  6. now does stripe have something where i can just email people a payment request and the customer doesnt have to sign up for anything and can just pay with a credit card?

  7. I thought is was well presented. Although not in a business suit, it was present in a friendly business manner.

  8. Stripe will RIP YOU OFF!! They take money out of your account for no reason. Need help? NO PHONE CONTACT AND SUPER SLOW EMAIL. Stay AWAY I A warned you.

  9. Word of advice from someone who is trying to get my hard earned money from Stripe…run do not walk away from this scam company! Stick with PayPal. I have used them for years and never had a problem with them. Your funds are available immediately. You can even transfer them to your bank account within minutes. There is a dispute process that works. Stripe, on the other hand, has zero customer service, zero recourse, and zero accountability. Learn from my pain. SAVE YOURSELVES!!!

  10. Well they are good but don't have to be the biggest one to process your payment even better. For instance I use G2A Pay and Stripe both.

  11. I recently started accepting students and offer online tutoring for those wanting to learn sign language. I started doing everything through Patreon, bit now that I'm looking at the numbers, I'm wanting to find something that doesn't have as many fees and offer clients a more direct way of payment. Someone was recommended that I use Wave. What is your opinion about that software?

  12. Thanks for the video. As a full-time digital marketer and ebook author, I recommend Stripe. PayPal is garbage, has zero user-support, favors scammers over longtime users, and has a poor architecture for payments. Stripe is the best.

  13. It is worth comparing other solutions, e.g. less known but with better options. When it comes to payment gateways, g2a pay is an interesting solution, because it supports more than 80 currencies and 200 different payment methods.

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