April 8, 2020
Payment Processing 101 – 5 Steps to Selecting a Provider

Payment Processing 101 – 5 Steps to Selecting a Provider

– Payment Processing 101. Five tips on selecting the
right provider, coming up. – [JB Voiceover] Hi, I’m
JB with Marketing 360. And we help small businesses grow with our Marketing &
Design, talent technology, through our number one marketing
platform Marketing 360. We call Marketing & Design
mad, and we love mad. And, hopefully, these videos will help you fall in love with mad, too. So make sure to follow us to learn tips, tricks, and strategies to grow your business and fuel your brand. – So if you’re a business
owner, you’re in the business of making money, at the end of the day. So it’s crucial that
you can actually collect that money in the best ways possible. That comes down to your
payment processing provider, and the person and the company
that you’re working with, and how effective they are. So let’s talk about five
tips on how you can choose the best payment processing
provider for you. So tip number one, look
for a payment provider that offers solutions that
are best for your business. One size does not fit all when it comes to payment processing. If you’re only processing
a low volume level, maybe a fixed structure
would make more sense for your business. Whereas if you’re processing high volumes or certain types of products,
a more custom product or custom payment processing rate plan would make much more sense for you and put more to your bottom line. So when you’re looking
for a payment provider, look for one that offers solutions that fit your business and your needs, and don’t necessarily
push a one-size-fits-all rate structure plan for you. Tip number two is look for a company that offers an easy integration
for e-commerce solutions for online invoice pay
or online product sales. A company that has a very
solution-based product that’s easy to integrate
with your website, or your e-commerce store, or
even your in-store POS systems, just to make it fluid and
make sure that you can collect payment in all these different mediums, whether it’s an e-commerce
store, on the go, or face-to-face, you can
collect payment with ease. Tip number three is to look for
a payment processing company that provides you the
point of sale solutions that you need to collect payment as well. Many times, you can do payment processing, but would go to another
company to find the tools that you need, like mobile
card readers, and terminals for your front desk, and
those sorts of things to collect payment, which can be a hassle. So look for a company
that not only provides the payment processing piece,
but also gives you the tools that you need to collect payment in the best way possible
for your business. Tip number four is to look for a company that also offers marketing
solutions and integrations with marketing tools so that you can actually grow your business. It’s one thing to be
able to collect payments, but if you have no customers
and payments to collect you’re not doing very well. So look for a company that
can give you ideas, solutions, integrations, and tools
beyond just payment processing but actually marketing
avenues so that you can build your customer base, grow your business, and has a full integration
from marketing to revenue so that you understand
the marketing channels that are actually working,
can vest more in dollars into what’s working, invest
less dollars into what isn’t so that you can truly grow your business and get the best return
on investment possible. Tip number five is work with
a company that you can trust. So what does that mean? Number one, it comes down to support. Do they have a good support solution? Do you have dedicated
people that you can talk to? Do they actually answer the phone? And when you call a lot of these payment processing providers, there’ll be a queue-based system. Sometimes you have to sit on
hold for quite a long time. Sometimes you have to talk to
a different person every time, and it can be difficult. So look for a company that has
excellent customer service, where you can talk to the same person the second time around, where the hold times are minimum to none. And give it a test. Try calling these companies
that you’re looking at two or three times at
different times in the day, and just see how that goes. See if they’re gonna
have the support you need because what you don’t want is to sign up and then have problems,
to be knocked offline, not be able to process payments,
not be able to get a hold of somebody when you need to to make sure that your business can keep
operating and keep growing. So test out the support. Make sure that it’s dialed in. So thanks for watching. Hopefully, these five
tips on finding the best payment processor are helpful
to you, so you can find a solution that makes
sense for your business. If you have questions, don’t
hesitate to give us a call. We also offer payments
here at Marketing 360. We’d love to be able to
answer your questions and help you out, whether
you go with us or not. Follow these videos for more content like this in the future. Please share it and like
it if you enjoyed it. Leave a comment if you have a question. Other than that, happy marketing. Have a great day. (hip hop instrumental music)

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