April 9, 2020
Payment Gateways in Ghana – Which one to use

Payment Gateways in Ghana – Which one to use

Gone were the days where it was difficult
to make and receive payments online. Now, making and Receiving payments online
has become much easier and fun. Today’s video talks about a couple of payment
gateways that I have discovered that I want to share with you.
Without talking further, let’s dive in. [music]
For a recent project I was working on, I needed a payment gateway which had the cheapest fee
and was easier to integrate into different platforms, being it WordPress, OpenCart, magneto
and so on and also didn’t require so much work, getting it running.
Upon my research, I discovered quite a number of payment gateways right here in Ghana, which
was a pleasant surprise because it wasn’t so, about 3 years ago when I was so much in
need of a payment gateway for a project I was working on.
So as you can see, Ghana is actually catching up in terms of technology as being exhibited
with the emergence of services such as online payments.
So these are the payment gateways I did discover, so we have, Hubtel, Expresspay, Global pay
Gh, Interpay Africa, MyGH Pay, My Business Pay, Mazzuma mobile and IpayGH.
Almost all these payment gateways allows you to process both local and international transactions.
Payments options range from mobile money to debit or credit cards like visa or mastercards.
Now out of the list, you probably may ask which one is the best to go with?
Well, it will all depend on the kind of services you want. But for me, I will talk more about
ipaygh. Please note that, this video isn’t sponsored
by them. Now, why ipaygh?
In my opinion, they happen to have a very cheap pricing of about 2.9% on every transaction
as well as 50 peswas processing fee as listed on their website.
In order to be sure, I called them, and this is what they had to say.
[music] So apparently, it is now 1.9% on every transaction
and 50 peswas processing fee. They are also very transparent about their
process and it is much easier to setup an account.
The good thing is, IpayGH also has a mobile app which can easily allow you to track your
income and so on. [music]
Most of the payment gateways have a mobile apps as well, so that’s nothing special.
Talking more about ipayGH, I tend to like their dashboard as well as their intuitive
documentation. It was easy downloading and integrating their
plugin into a wordpress project I was working on.
You can easily check them up with the link on the screen.
So there you have it, I believe you find this video very useful, especially if you’re looking
at getting a payment gateway for your local business.
Do share with me any other Ghanaian payment gateway you know of which might not be listed
in this video in the comment section below and let me know what special services they
offer. So my name is Ishmeal lamptey, before you
leave, don’t forget to smash the subscribe button and don’t forget to hit on the bell
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Once again, Thank you very much for watching. Bye for now.

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  2. Lovely video. But I'm wondering, with all these payment portals offering virtually the same thing under a different name, is there any other objective parameter to compare them apart from charges?

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