April 9, 2020
Path Over Plan   Carly Fiorina

Path Over Plan Carly Fiorina

Path over Plan. Hi, I’m Brian welcome back
to Brian J. Pombo Live. Coming to you live every
day here from Grants Pass, Oregon. Here at the
headquarters for BrianJPomo.com. Today I wanted to talk about this
concept of the path over the plan. I first heard this termed in an
interview with Carly Fiorina. Carly ran for Senate in California as a
politician. Was a business person, made into a politician.
She also ran for president. Still a number of things like that. I’m not here to get into politics or
talk about whether I like her or not. It’s irrelevant. What I heard though, something that stopped me in my tracks
and she talked about path over plan and said that a lot of times we get caught
up with the plan and when it doesn’t go right, we forget where the next step is. This comes back to the kind of the three big
things that I think business owners get confused about and it has to do with
what are we talking about right now? Are we talking about tactics? Are we talking about strategies or
are we talking about principles? One of the most common things you see
is people getting caught up with the tactics. So her getting caught up with YouTube
or getting caught up with this new product. It’s that tactic. It’s a temporarily exciting thing that we’re
getting caught up in the action and the action really doesn’t have much meaning
unless there’s a plan behind it, which is the strategy.
The strategy, should proceed the tactic. If you’ve
got a strategy behind the tactic, the tactic means more. It’s based off of something deeper, but there’s another level deeper than
that is most of the time we don’t as business owners. If we are strategy focused then we get
too overly focused on strategy and we haven’t spent enough time thinking about
the principles that should proceed the strategy, the principles
of the deeper thing. And so if you get too caught up with
strategy……and this is coming from a business strategist, okay, my main
areas and helping businesses to plan, hench, The Worthington Method that we’ve
been discussing in previous videos, hits a lot of the concepts that I
bring to you here have to do with their strategy base. Because most companies do not have
any sense in long-term strategy. But that strategy has to
be based on principles. It has to be based on something that
means something to you that is taking you somewhere important. And those principals, they have
to be true. If they’re not true, the whole thing falls apart. The tactics fall apart and
everything falls apart, if the principles aren’t true, If the real clear in
destination isn’t true, if everything about that
is not true, then it’s like a formula and the whole
formula falls apart. So here’s a couple pieces out of Carly’s
book. I haven’t read it, but the book is, Find Your Way.
So you can go and track that down. I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet, but this is where she actually has a
section or a chapter on it and I found an excerpt and it’s called
the path over the plan. And says that the dirty little secret of
a destination mindset of living life on plan is that if it fails to deliver what
it promises every time for people who adopt an on planned approach to
life, there are only three outcomes, each devastating in its own way. And then she outlines
what those three outcomes. These are the three things that you
end up with when you have some type of long-term strategy you get
there. But you can’t sustain it, or you get there but it can’t
sustain you so it doesn’t fit. It doesn’t fit with what you want
or you never get there at all. Those are the three things that most
often happen when it comes to our strategies, to our plans, and that
should always take you back to the path. In other words, the principles. You’ve
got to take yourself back to why are we doing this? Starting with
why, by Simon Sinek is also a great, great book and you could find
speeches from him on YouTube. Just understanding the real
why behind everything. The principles is what matters most. The path proceeds the plan. It’s more important. You always
have to have it in the background. You always have to go back to it when
the plan doesn’t seem to be going right. Just a simple concept. Once again, a lot
more deeper, a lot more on principles, kind of broad based idea.
Hopefully it’s helpful to you. If you’d like to help with your business
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