February 20, 2020
Para Dhe Pas Zjarrit Ne Australi

Para Dhe Pas Zjarrit Ne Australi

Brave Browser is the only browser based on your personal privacy users blocking ads and trackers stealing your data for for the benefit of advertising companies or even misuse of your information. Instead the Brave Browser uses the redemption mode of its users, so you can earn some currency only by browsing through your favorite web pages. More than 10 million hectares of land have so far been burned by wildfires Australia, larger than the surface of South Korea or Portugal. New South Wales is the most affected state in Australia with over 500,000 acres burned. In this video SHQIPtube has brought scary images before and after the fire in Australia since show the fatal demolition of over 2,000 homes, claimed 23 lives and over 1 billion the animals have lost their lives. Kangaroo Island in South Australia has always been remarkable for its unique ecology. But after the fires this once magnificent island may not be completely healed with. Tathra Beach in New South Wales is almost completely destroyed after one Fires were quickly moving through dozens of homes and businesses. It is thought to be 70 properties including a park were destroyed by fires. Fire Heated by very high winds high winds and temperatures spread through several kilometers of bushes turning these beautiful images of Tathra beach in terrific views. Hundreds of animals have been rescued at the New South Wales Zoo after the staff encounters dangerous fires around. Mogo Zoo during the fire in us Australia had 200 pets with the largest collection in Australia, however the destruction was fatal, turning it into a scary place for animals. This image best demonstrates the fatalities brought about by fires in Australia. This picture of scary is just 3 days after the Fire in Victoria. It’s incredible how the house is still standing undamaged. Cobargo’s Main Street has been almost completely destroyed by fire out of control leaving a father and a son dead. Cobargo got involved by an emergency fire leaving residents without potable water and destroyed dozens of buildings. Before and After scary pictures show horror in the city Cobargo a very attractive place for tourists, but after the Fire in Australia is back in an apocalyptic scene, the before and after photos reveal the eerie horror of caused by fires. Thousands of people in the small town of Mallacoota in Australia fled the lake while fires hit the city. Fire in the city caused 4,000 people to leave the line Coast. The fire had reached the water’s edge, people reported about 20 flames meters high on the outskirts. The country was one of the eight emergency alerts in more than 200,000 hectares of hazardous area have burned over 80,000 in the area alone Last 24 hours.

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