January 27, 2020
Packaging Ideas – how to do packaging for your online business

Packaging Ideas – how to do packaging for your online business

– Want to know how to better
ship orders to your customers? Well, stay tuned as in today’s show we’re going to open another delivery and see what lessons we can learn for our own e-commerce businesses, because today I am super
excited to be opening the order from Classic Handtools and we are gonna look at packaging, logos on boxes and how we can better engage end customers as a brand. (happy music) Now, a few days ago I
ordered a plane, a hand plane from a website called Classic Hand Tools and if you’ve not seen that video where I choose the
website I purchase from, you can check it out, the link will be in the description below. That will explain how
I’ve got to this point. Now, the parcel, a few days later arrived. And here it is. Dah! If you remember when I was searching, I searched for the Lie-Nielsen plane and the first website that came up was a website called Dictum and I deliberately ignored it because it had German subtext, so I just assumed it was a German site, didn’t even check it out. And then when the box arrives, check this out, can you see that? It says Dictum on the side of the box and now I purchased
from Classic Hand Tools, so I’m assuming they’re the same company. Now, I got an email from
Classic Hand Tools confirming the order and I got an
email from then saying, “The order’s been shipped
with a tracking number,” which was super great. This is from Dictum to Classic Hand Tools. Now, just looking at the label here it says on the front, you can see that. Box is heavy. It says that it came from
Dictum to Classic Hand Tools, so maybe Classic Hand Tools
are buying from Dictum, and maybe I should’ve
checked that website out in the first place. Anyway, it’s arrived, so I open the box and actually it came this way, because it had the FedEx on,
which has got my address. I opened it up and that’s
the one on the inside, so I notice they’re
buying them from Dictum. Okay so this is how it comes, it’s got the usual paper inside. A lot of paper. Okay, this is how Amazon
sends their parcels, isn’t it, with this paper? Which is great in some respects, it’s cheap, it’s biodegradable, but it’s brown and it’s dull as dishwater and it’s pretty boring. But still. Let’s throw that away. Oh, and now we have
more packaging material. So we have shredded paper and we have three types
of packaging material. I’m not quite sure what that’s all about. Choose one, guys, and
don’t use shredded paper because that’s messy. Okay, still is good for the compost bin. Let’s have a look at what we’ve got. So this is what I see
when I take the paper out, again, not inspiring, but I get it, I understand why it’s
not gonna be inspiring. So I’ve got this envelope
here, nothing on it. Let’s see, but inside is a metal rule, which you can see. I didn’t order that so I
assume that’s a freebie, which is great, thank you for the freebie. My advice, a little sticker on there saying, your free gift is enclosed. Just to help, that would be great. I am being picky, of course. Oh, and another freebie, a 2017. Very nice, again, a
little sticker, Free Gift. Okay, so we’ve got a
Classic Hand Tools brochure, now, they’ve obviously spent
more time thinking about their brochure than they
did about their website, which is nice, nice little brochure to tell me what else they do. Okay, so inside we have some boxes, let me get these out. Okay, so, as I’m unloading the box I come across these two very small items, which would’ve been easy to forget about and lose in this massive box, especially with all this
loose packaging here. I’m not really sure what you could’ve done to make that stand out
more, it’s quite good. For this I would’ve quite easily assumed this is just, you know, spare bubble wrap but it’s actually got
a little stone in there which I need. So I’m glad I found those, but just make them stand out a bit. Let’s remove this big ass box. (loud thud) Okay, so let’s look at
what we’ve got here. First and foremost, as I’ve said, the stone which I ordered, which is great, comes in protective bubble wrap. I obviously know what it is, because I ordered it, but there’s nothing to
identify what it is, I don’t know if that’s
a problem going forward. So this I’m gonna assume is my plane. Now, let’s have a look. “Heirloom Quality Tools,”
is such a great tagline, I really like that, it’s
such a great tagline for Lie-Nielsen. Anyway, let’s open that up. Oh, as an aside, on a box, right, when you do boxes like this, it tells me on the side what it is, great, Low Angle Jack Plane, nice. And it’s on every side, which is great and the top just to be clear. I’m not convinced,
again, a personal thing, your logo needs to be that big, I’m a big fan of smaller logos, because it’s not about you,
it’s about the customer, right? It’s not about who you are,
it’s about what I’m gonna get as a result of using this plane. Anyway, let’s open this up. Bubble wrap and paper. Feel like I’m opening a bag of chips. Not sure that’s a good association, might be a British thing. And there she is, my Low Angle Jack Plane, a thing of beauty. And inside was a little slip here. Here’s the thing, I’m not
gonna talk about the plane, because the plane’s a plane
and you’re not here to watch videos about woodwork and planes, and if you are, I’m sorry,
I’m not going to talk about the Lie-Nielsen
Low Angle Jack Plane, other than that feels lush in the hands, it looks beautiful and
I can’t wait to use it. Now, what I am gonna talk about is the packaging that it came in, now, bear in mind, this is one
of the most expensive planes on the market, I think, it
certainly was expensive for me, I’m sure there are much
more expensive ones, but for me, out of the planes that I saw, it was the top end of the market. Now, how do you package something for the top end of the market? I’m not convinced wrapping
it in chip shop paper is a good way to do that. Now I get that you need the paper, because it’s a little
bit of oil on the plane, and so this would’ve been special paper, I’m sure, for the oil. But you’ve wrapped it in brown paper, then in white paper, then in bubble wrap. And this is a fairly expensive plane. Personally, I think you
could look at this experience and make it a little bit more sexy and just make the openin’
experience just a bit more wow to go with the tool that I bought, just to make it feel great. I have seen videos,
actually, from Lie-Nielsen where the planes, dependin’ I guess, depends what plane you order, it comes in a wooden box, a crafted wooden box, which
would’ve been stunning and I’m assuming the
reason you’ve not done it with this plane is a cost issue, because there are more
expensive planes out there. But I just think, for what I’ve purchased, I appreciate I’m gonna
be focusing much more on what I get out of this one, I actually use it in the shop, but it could’ve just been a bit more WOW. Now, let’s talk about this, the little leaflet that came with it. Now, first and foremost, is
not printed in the centre. Again, this is me being picky, but this tells me that it
just feels like some guy’s copied this in the back of his workshop, that’s not what I’ve bought, right? I’m supposed to have
bought something great from a reputable company that likes to put its logo in really big places, you know, make it really big. Make your logo smaller. I’m supposed to be buying
Heirloom Quality Tools. So far, doesn’t feel like it, with this piece of paper is not central. Now, that may have just been
a one-off printing issue, and it’s just me being picky, but in here, for example, it says, for the blade sharpening thing, so it talks about how
to sharpen the blade, super helpful, you gotta
keep a sharp blade, right? But it says here you can find, “Further sharpening instructions
in a printable PDF format “on our website,” with
a super long domain, which I don’t think I’m gonna
be able to get on the screen. But it’s like, you know what? Here guys, we could do
something really simple, QR codes, I’ll just get
a scanner (loud zap), scans it, takes me to the website where you show me how
to sharpen the blade, you give me a video, because I’m buying heirloom quality materials, I’m
buying top end stuff, right? So we could use videos here
on how to use the product, how to sharpen the product. Now either they’re out there,
’cause I’ve been on YouTube, but you can make it easy with this, just with some QR codes
to get me really involved in this product that I’ve
bought and really involved with you as a company,
I could connect with you so much better if you promote
yourself better in this. So rather than just giving me text, give me QR codes and send
me to a website with videos. Now, granted, a lot of woodworkers
may not be into the web as much as I am, I might be an anomaly, I might not be your
specific target audience, but, you know what? We’re all gonna get
there, so, just for me, I would’ve redone this packaging and I would’ve integrated
the post buying experience and got me onto your website
as quick as possible, registering the product,
watching videos how to use it, how to sharpen it, the
top 10 tips on, you know, the Lie-Nielsen plane, so
you would then know who I am, and you could connect with
me, you can market to me and you could build a
lifetime sort of relationship with me as a customer,
but that does not happen. So I think you’ve missed out on that, but the product itself seems
to be, on first glance, living up to expectations, I can’t wait to use it. Okay, and I’m sure you are curious to know what the rest of the
items were that I ordered. I’ll tell you what I ordered, (loud metallic thud) I ordered a honing guide system, now, what this does is it
helps me sharpen the blade. So again I got this from
YouTube videos, right? Watching people on YouTube, not from Lie-Nielsen themselves where they could’ve easily
upsold this to me, but this, saying this was actually
100 quid or whatever it was for the sharpening guide. I got another piece of paper, this one’s actually got a date on it, which is six months ago. Okay. Fundamental problem you’ve got here, you can just about make that out. Every measurement you have given me, in terms of distance, is in inches. Now, British, European, we
don’t do Imperial anymore, we do millimetres, so
take note Lie-Nielsen, you have an international audience, make your products international-friendly. I’ve now got to figure out
what 7/8s of an inch is. Now, I appreciate some
people watching this might think it’s a bit sad that I don’t know what 7/8s of an inch is, but the bottom line is
I’m a millimetre man. Now, like I said, this
was not a cheap item and I get that it’s not cheap, it’s well-built and you know
it’s a nice honing guide and I guess it’s sending
this because I can use it time and time again and I
can just keep it in there to keep my product safe, which is nice. Bit cheap and plasticky,
could’ve done something a bit more imaginative there,
but I get it, I do get it. Tip, Imperial, Metric, get yourself ready for an international audience. And the final Lie-Nielsen product we have. You like these little booklets, don’t you? You send them with every single tool. This one’s actually printed
on centre, which is nice, nice paper, and again, I
think, get me integrated into the website, into your
website as quick as possible, don’t just give me a piece of paper, make ways to know me. We have the wooden box and again, at least we’re consistent
now with our paper packaging and I feel like I’m at the chip shop again and again we have the same brown paper and we have the chisel. I actually knew this was
gonna come in two parts because I’d watch something on the web, a bit of a review, so I
knew what was coming, right? But not from them. Now, there was nothing in here to tell me that this is
gonna come in two parts, that grabs my attention, right? So the chances are
strong, because I am not like a woodworking super guru genius, I’m just trying to buy some nice tools that are Heirloom Quality and gonna last. I bought this chisel,
there is a strong chance I would’ve send this back going, you’ve sent me a broken chisel. Why would you do that? (chuckles) Now, obviously you’ve not
sent me a broken chisel, I know what I need to do and this is one of the unique features of this particular product is
you can swap out the handle with a bigger handle if you’d like, which is nice, right? I don’t know if you
get many people like me that look at that and go, why, what, why? It would’ve been good,
I think, to identify that it was gonna be in two pieces and why it is in two pieces before I got into the product. So something on the inside of the box. And here’s actually, that reminds me, the box, the inside of your box, everybody likes to put their logo on the outside in super big. Make it small. You can do something here
on the inside of the lid. So, as I open the box, there. Just some simple statement like, well done on buying a tool
that’s gonna last a lifetime, you know, pass it on to the generations or something like that,
just a simple statement which makes me (breathes
deeply), I’ve got quality fore I’ve even looked
at the actual product. So don’t miss that opportunity there on the inside of the box. And the rest of this
stuff is not Lie-Nielsen, it is in fact Japanese sharpening stones. Great. Wonderful. So just some simple stones
that I can use to sharpen my plane that I needed to buy, which is great, so, happy with those. What they didn’t do on Classic Hand Tools, if you remember, is they
didn’t sell me these, I had to go searching for them. And it strikes me that if
someone is buying a plane, there’s a strong chance
they’re gonna want this, there’s a strong chance they’re gonna want some sharpening stones. It would’ve been sensible
to upsell me those, I had to go looking for them. As it is, oh, and the other
thing you could’ve done was a bundle, right? You can put all this together in a bundle, do a little bit of a discount so I’m more likely to buy more. So, overall, Classic Hand Tools, fast delivery, great email,
tracking service was great, the website worked well,
I’ve got the actual tools, they’re all branded, which
was one of the concerns, it’s like, it looked like
a bit of a cheap website, but we knew it was authentic
because of the link from the main website. I think Lie-Nielsen themselves could learn a few lessons in the packaging materials, I maybe would play around
with those a little bit, especially getting people involved with you post-purchase, right? Because you’re going through, you’re not going direct,
you’re going through the middle man, and so think of ways where you can connect with your customers, if you’re selling products
through other people, mainly get them onto the web, show them videos, get them registered and all that sort of thing. So that would’ve worked well. I’m not sure about the chip shop paper, something on the inside of
the box would’ve been great and from Classic Hand
Tools’ point of view, you sent me a box with shredded paper and plastic bits and bobs in there, and I, you know, I get it, you’re just gonna throw
everything in there and just try and keep it safe, which I appreciate, put
it safely and nicely, I like your little brochure. Advice is, work on the website, try and make the opening
experience a little bit better. But yeah, there you go, so I hope you got something
out of this one today and stay tuned and make sure you subscribe as, you know, any good videographer, YouTuber type person would
(chuckles) tell you to do, as we do more shopping
online and look at how we can better our own
e-commerce businesses and e-commerce services by the lessons we learn on the other websites. Have a great day and we will
see you in the next video. (happy music)

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