April 6, 2020
Our Vision: Mobile Financial Services

Our Vision: Mobile Financial Services

money has been a central part of society
for as long as we’ve had societies it has connected cities, countries,
cultures and people until now money has been about dollars
and pennies, yens and euros a physical method of exchange. But thanks to mobile technology the way we send, spend and receive money is changing fast. Mobile
payments are gaining momentum and the benefits are clear. The potential too. Yet today three-quarters of all payments
around the world are still made in cash. Why is this? Well handling the billions
of small everyday transactions our society generates is simply too complex,
time-consuming or expensive for current financial services. At Ericsson we
believe that next-generation mobile-wallet will make sending money across
the world as easy as sending an SMS today. We envision that by
connecting banks financial service providers and mobile network operators
we can create a more open financial ecosystem a payment network that is
connected and interoperable because mobile and financial services need to be
open in sync and be able to talk with each
other by helping them connect will make mobile transaction significantly more
affordable and accessible for the entire value chain people businesses and
societies in fact that what we do every day we have extensive experience of
managing large numbers of small transactions all in real time we believe that an open and networked
society where everyone benefits from being conducted why should money be any

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