March 31, 2020
OrderWise Manufacturing

OrderWise Manufacturing

In the world of manufacturing, managing
manufacturing operations is a difficult balancing act between accurate control
over processes, recording labour costs and efficiency of completing works orders on
time to fulfil orders. By not having a reliable system in place which could
record and analyse manufacturing processes, more often than not accuracy
sacrificed in order to live up to promised order dates in hope of not
compromising customer service levels. However, lack of control over works
orders and subcontracted processes results in inaccurate cost recordings
that directly impact bottom line for profitability. On one hand, it is vitally
important that essential data is recorded such as component stock levels,
production progress and accurate costs so the errors are kept to a minimum,
effective management of production is achieved and precise margins maintained.
However, when dealing with complex manufacturing processes such as managing
multiple Bill of Materials, revisions and options, attaining coherent manufacturing
operations can be almost impossible to achieve. On the other hand, businesses
need to ensure staff aren’t overwhelmed by seemingly endless amounts of
information to record at a computer terminal or on various pieces of paper,
resulting in staff productivity manufacturing efficiency and item
quality all dropping below acceptable standards. What’s worse, this kind of setup can quickly result in a backlog for sales
waiting to be despatched, consequential of manufacturing time delays caused by
manual data logging. If any of this sounds familiar,
then OrderWise Manufacturing is the solution for you. The power of OrderWise Manufacturing lies in its ability to cope with basic low-level assembly through to complex multistage builds and sub-assemblies. Striking the perfect
balance between detailed recording of information without compromising high
levels of both accuracy and efficiency, OrderWise Manufacturing enables
businesses to productively manage works orders, no matter the size of operation.
This is achieved through the ability to set up multiple processes for each
manufactured variant with associated labour, equipment and time recorded in
order to produce actual costings and build times. OrderWise Manufacturing allows multiple revisions to be configured for each
manufactured item. This provides a fast and simple method of changing components
used to account for product updates, absolute parts or sales options, whilst
retaining an audit trail for each existing Bill of Material version.
Production down time can be reduced with the ability to specify substitutes for
individual component items against each revision. Further flexibility is added by
assigning additional options against the revision to be specified by the customer
at the time of order. This allows for more bespoke builds or multiple option
products to be managed in both an accurate and efficient manner.
What’s more, greater levels of automation in your manufacturing process can be
achieved through the To Manufacture Report, which will identify manufacturing
requirements for both stock and sales demands, accounting for customer required
dates and manufacturing lead times. The powerful batch edit functionality then enables existing works orders to be easily managed with quantities, revisions
and start dates updated, along with options to merge and split works orders for easy schedule and demand control within a single screen. But that’s not all, with
an option also available to manage manufacturing works orders on our
revolutionary OrderWise Mobile Devices, businesses are able to achieve
exceedingly fast, highly accurate and completely paperless management of
manufacturing processes through the use of barcode scanning technology. Using
these mobile devices, manufacturers are able to massively streamline component picking and gain efficient management over their processes. So as you can see by choosing OrderWise Manufacturing, businesses are able to achieve extremely fast and accurate management of complex manufacturing processes. With the comprehensive suite of functionality on offer, manufacturing companies no longer
have to sacrifice detailed recording at the expense of greater efficiency.
Through rapid works order of picking, massively streamlined processes and
precise logging of costs incurred, OrderWise presents businesses with the
perfect solution for highly productive manufacturing operations
that gets the balance just right. This video covers just a small selection of
the functionality available within the OrderWise Manufacturing module. For more information, to arrange a demonstration or to organise an on-site consultation,
please contact one of our business consultants today. Thanks for watching!

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