April 8, 2020
OrderWise eCommerce

OrderWise eCommerce

Having a web shop is now an essential
part of any businesses sales strategy and in many cases may represent the only
route to market a company takes. However, managing a website on a daily basis is no easy task. Manually accessing a web shop to process orders, update prices, manage stock levels and then rekey this information into other systems is a familiar routine for many businesses trading online. Although this may be manageable while handling low order volumes and a limited product range from one website, as volumes grow product ranges expand and the number of websites you sell through increases, meaning your online business can quickly become impossible to maintain. Due to lack of seamless integration between your website and back-end systems, other departments start to become vulnerable when completing daily tasks. Purchasing staff have no visibility of online order demand, resulting in staff buying incorrect stock, causing delays in getting items for customers and leaving popular items out of stock for longer, and your website showing incorrect stock information. As a result, over selling occurs too frequently and sales opportunities are left uncaptured. What’s more, to fulfil orders staff have to manually transfer despatch details
for website orders into courier systems, which is not only extremely time-consuming, but also might result in unfortunate errors and unfulfilled
orders. Loyal customers soon find it harder to justify orders missing their promised dates, so instead of sales volumes, it is actually returns that are steadily increasing. Without fixing these issues you leave your business in jeopardy of losing out on a previously hard earned market share. If any of this sounds familiar then OrderWise eCommerce is the solution for you. OrderWise eCommerce effectively manages all forms of electronic trading, providing you with
a single, integrated and centralised piece of software that can automatically
communicate with websites, web shops, EDI providers, marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, along with data imports and exports in a variety of formats, ensuring it is built to meet the most diverse trading requirements. OrderWise eCommerce allows multiple import and export sessions to be created, with you dictating what should happen and how often this should occur. What’s more, with automated eCommerce session startup functionality, businesses can be sure that once booted the data exchanged between your internal systems and sales channels is effortlessly and automatically launched. But that’s not all, OrderWise can also email details of any error logs as they occur, eliminating the time taken to identify connection problems and allowing you to quickly get
back into the online sales arena. Although custom scripts are available
upon request, through our standard scripts OrderWise is able to integrate
with your online channels for seamless integration and automated order processing. Firstly, sales orders can be automatically imported into OrderWise removing the need for order re-keying and manual processing. Once downloaded they are instantly visible in despatch for fast picking and fulfilment just like
any other order, meaning they’ll also trigger any purchasing or works order
requirements. As orders are shipped, updates can be sent back to keep customers informed on the status of their order, reducing inbound inquiries and providing a greater buying experience. When combined with OrderWise courier integration this can also provide customers with tracking links to better follow their delivery progress. Current stock levels can be automatically updated across all channels to reflect
constantly changing stock availability, eliminating over selling and manual
stock updates in the process. Companies selling kited or bundled and
manufactured products can also have stock levels updated based on how many
can be made from the component stock. Additionally, any changes made to prices
in OrderWise can be synchronised with your online channels to ensure prices
are updated automatically across the board. This enables fast reaction to price changes, helping margins to be maintained and your business to stay competitive. Of course if instead of integrating with
existing websites you want to see how your business could reap the benefits of
a full end-to-end solution, our in-house eCommerce team can design and develop a custom built, fully responsive OrderWise Commerce website for you with even greater benefits on offer through unrivalled integration. The bottom line though, regardless of the web platform you’re linking to, OrderWise eCommerce
means your customers are kept informed of up-to-the-minute information,
orders are despatched quickly and administrative tasks are dramatically
reduced through greater automation. Together this all adds up to a first-rate online buying experience for your valued customers. This video covers just a small selection of functionality available within
OrderWise eCommerce module. For more information, to arrange a demonstration or to organise an on-site consultation, please contact one of our business
consultants today. Thanks for watching!

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