April 10, 2020
Order Management Help Video – Inxeption, an Industrial-Strength eCommerce Platform

Order Management Help Video – Inxeption, an Industrial-Strength eCommerce Platform

In this video we will show you all you need
to know to manage your business within Inxeption We will cover:
Order processing and statusing Automated emails associated with order management Order cancellation/refunds within the system and Inventory tracking Most importantly, you will decide who in your organization will perform these tasks as you begin to operate
your online business When an order is completed by a customer and is submitted and paid online, your customer will receive an email confirming
their order. Additionally any individuals within your company you designated to receive
order emails in system settings will also receive an order email.
You will see your order in the Orders module, but it will also appear in the Supply module.
Within the Orders Module – all the details of the order can be found.
The Orders grid shares a handful of important data elements about the order. Simply
click on the Order number to gain any additional details about the order.
As you will see all the key data elements about the order are here. A couple key things
to note: Currently the option exists to enter a manual
shipping tracking ID. Future integration will enable additional features associated with
shipping tracking within the Inxeption application. The ability to resend an order email exists
in the Action menu The ability to cancel an order or refund from the same menu.
If selected a cancel order message will appear to confirm the cancellation noting
this action can not be undone. Your customer will receive an email indicating the order
was cancelled and a refund is pending. The Supply Module serves as your order fulfillment
area. Any new orders that have been completed with payment will appear here.
Think of this area as your “work list”. You will see a high level graphic of items
in a specific status. Depending on the nature of your product or service, you
will want to define how to status your orders and what that means for you and your business.
When you click on an order in the Supply area there are a few things to note.
You have the option to indicate a production ID – currently there is no back-end integration,
this is a manual indicator if you would like to use it
You can also update the status of the order There is also a “past due” feature which
can be selected and will highlight a specific order if you want to call out a delay in processing.
You also have the ability to add some notes about the order As it relates to statusing, there are several status options Received, Accepted,
Production, Ready for Shipping, Shipped, Completed, Returned
How you use the status will be “personal” to your business process
Once an order has move to the “shipped” status it falls off the list. If you are a
service provider, the status of “completed” performs the same way and takes the item off
of the list. When an order status is updated to “shipped”
or “completed” it moves to the archive area. There is still the option to bring the
“order” back to the worklist if an error is made, simply change the status. Let’s take a deeper dive into the Order
details grid A few key things to note here is the Status
– this represents the Payment & the Online activity status. As customers enter your site
and crate there are various levels of “status” that highlight how far they got in the order/
payment process: The status of Draft-Incomplete indicates that someone came in and abandoned the crate completely. Draft – Customer Info: indicates they entered
customer info and did not proceed to shipping & payment
Draft – Shipping: indicates they entered customer info and made shipping selection, but did
not proceed to payment For orders with a status of Draft – Customer
Info, Draft – Shipping, you have the option to select the order and send the Draft Email
– this allows you to re-engage – the customer and see if they are interested in returning
to finalize their purchase. On the payment status front the other statuses
include: For online orders you may see a status of:
Completed – Paid with CC Completed – PO invoiced – currently online
orders to accounts that have been set up to accept a PO, can enter a PO number for their
purchase online. The payment status would then be updated manually within the system
on the order to Purchase Order – Invoice Paid when the invoice was paid by the customer
If you enter a manual order within Inxeption, you have the option to treat Inxeption like
a POS system. After entering the account and contact information, entering the order details,
you can select the payment status “Paid with CC”. A pop up window will appear where
you can enter the customer’s CC #. Simply enter the CC# and save and the transaction
will be processed and the status of the order will change to Completed – Paid with CC
For manual orders additional Payment Statuses may include: None, Paid, Payment Pending,
Financed, Purchase Order – Invoiced, Purchase Order – Invoice Paid. Currently these are
status indicators that are performed manually by the Inxeption user when choosing to use
Inxeption as an order entry system.. Inxeption also will calculate Sales Tax (if
appropriate) based on the Tax Nexus address entered into the application. The tax will
pass to the buyer when they check out if it is appropriate to collect sales tax. You can
view this data in a Order Tax Grid and identify the date range to view. There is also the
option to download the data to a file by clicking the Actions>Download menu item. Inxeption has the ability to provide some
basic Inventory management within the system. Currently integration does not exist, and
it must be managed manually. If you choose to enable inventory for a given product, select
Add Product to Inventory Tracking Select the product
And enter the count, clicking SAVE As orders are placed against the item, the
inventory count will be decremented. At the point that the item is out of stock
a message will appear to the online buyer when they attempt to purchase, stating the
item is currently unavailable for purchase Any questions or issues about how to manage
your Orders within Inxeption, don’t hesitate to reach out and email [email protected]

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