February 23, 2020
OpenMoves Review –PPC eCommerce– Brass Clothing

OpenMoves Review –PPC eCommerce– Brass Clothing

I interviewed approximately six agencies
and freelancers before I decided to go with OpenMoves and the reason why I was
so compelled to go with OpenMoves is because I felt like they were truly
listening to my needs and my goals we thought we set some pretty ambitious
acquisition goals for ourselves for this year and they were the only company that
was willing to get into the nitty-gritty with me look at the breakdown of
acquisition goals by week look at my CPAs look at my target ROAS as goals and
really help put together a strategy that Brass could use to hit those goals it
was a great experience right from the start with OpenMoves I felt truly
supported and I felt like the whole team really had our back even on the kickoff
call Alex and Amir were there to help introduce me to my account managers and
the people that I would be working with like on a day-to-day basis I’m thrilled
with the results that we’ve seen with OpenMoves coming off of we’re just
coming off the month of August where we actually hit above our projections by
fifteen percent which was thrilling for us we are growing at a very steady clip
so not only are they smart strategic experts at PPC and totally capable of
helping you hit any goal you might have they also really understand customer
service they really understand a small business owners experience and what it’s
like to manage multiple channels and wear multiple hats and they just have
that great balance and provide a really amazing customer experience

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