March 30, 2020

100 thoughts on “Online users say this Peloton ad is sexist. Here’s what it portrays.

  1. Give me a damn break . Idiot's everywhere. If This truly offends you there's something wrong with you . Get a life

  2. It’s funny that there are a million commercials bashing men. Then comes a commercial like this that’s not even sexist and the typical feminist warriors lose their minds.

  3. instead of showing all the twits and WAPO opinion why not showing the ad from A to Z!
    This is part of investigative TRUE journalism…but why am I surprised?!?! from WAPO?? don't make me laugh!

  4. I kinda feel like the newspapers don't know how to read the tone of Twitter comments. If you actually read the tweets showcased in the clip above, no one appears to be offended at all. They're just making goofy jokes about the ad. And to be fair, the actress' expression is pretty funny and the camera angles of her selfies do resemble the off kilter angles of horror film cameras. I am not sure how the Washington Post read those tweets and interpreted them as commentary about sexism? The tweets don't even address gender so I have no idea how they made that mental leap. I also doubt that any of those people tweeting were the ones rushing to sell off their stocks (kinda doubt many millennial twitter users have stocks?). It's probably a bunch of out of touch older folks who read the news articles without the context and didn't bother actually looking into what's going on.

    Then again, most of the people commenting on this video don't seem to have read the tweets that are actually shown in the video. I mean, I could understand if you didn't want to bother looking up what they were and just took the clip at face value, but come on… it's right there in front of you. I guess some folks want to believe so badly that the internet is full of people who are readily offended that they immediately get offended themselves?

  5. living secretive lives, the sad, group mentality gains strength – based on misplaced vitriol. and it continues and grows – living in this online dynamic.

  6. The people that complained about this ad will really dislike me. I'm female; I exercise 6 days a week. I own a Schwinn airdyne bike that I ride at least four days a week.
    I exercise to maintain my health. Sexist and thin has nothing to do with it.

  7. All the fatties and millennials are going ballistic! This is what happens when they virtually step out of their safe space! What would they do if Peleton put a fattie on that commercial?!!! Peleton – go do it!!!

  8. I'm sorry but if you honestly think this ad is sexist and you need to whine and moan about it, then you are a big part of what is wrong with this country.

  9. The commercial isn’t sexist, it’s just a terrible commercial about a woman trying to be a youtube personality to just her husband. if anything, it’s sexist against men, but it’s not, it’s just one of the worst commercials ever aired

  10. This is not news. This is an attempt by news media to create a story from nothing. By the way 1.1k disliked the article. Only 117 liked. Stop trying to shape a narrative that doesnt exist.

  11. The only bad thing about this Peloton ad is the fact that the product is called Peloton which means ballsey in Spanish and it's not even bad it's a ballsey ad.

  12. What I can’t stand about this commercial is the anxiety this women projects in every way. She just exudes worry, anxiety and fear. She’s also overly dramatic.

  13. The only women that are complaining about this commercial, probably have ten cats and prefer donuts to exercise in the morning. They'll probably be riding in the electric shopping carts by the age of 50.

  14. Right, All the lard-butt fat chicks who don't have a life and can't find a husband,
    are adamantly opposed to those women who try to improve themselves.
    It makes the fatties feel better about themselves.

  15. Please give me a dam beak about this Peloton BS. People do me and everyone a big favor and get a dam life. Omg, I'm so disgusted about every dam thing y'all complain about. Not a dam thing is wrong about the comnercial, I like it !!
    If you want something to talk about, how about who can we do something nice for the holidays..hmm
    Can't we all just be happy & be glad that we woke up to see another day. Stop with the dam BS complaining for every little thing. U R ALL IRRELEVANT !!!!

  16. BS. Made up nonsense to get PR. I know a dozen couples like this. It is not a crime to buy exercise equipment for your wife or husband, especially if she asks for it. She doesn't have to built like a baby elephant either.

  17. Does this offend someone too? Because someone wants to stay in shape? Or because the maker wants to portray their product in the nicest atmosphere possible? Jesus. Next it will be you can't advertise a product because it MIGHT offend someone, sometime in the the future. 🙄

  18. If you lazy $&@ would stop complaining and go exercise to life a healthy and happier life. You wouldn’t be complaining about this ad. Feminism is cancer and obesity is gross.

  19. SHE IS NOT SKINNY ENOUGH……I cant stop laughing……Its a $50 cost hunk of metal
    with a wheel and some pedals………Must be the same owners as GoPro…..and the selfie stick…..
    Both represent NO BRAINS……just marketing…….
    It works because there are so many stupid Americans with money……look at the lifestyle
    portrayed in the commercial…….How many americans live like that………
    only the rich stupid ones……..and most are probably democrats…..and they tell their friends
    how wonderful Peloton is…….I have a local ad that sells better similar units for less and
    he calls the snooty Pelotons…."Pelicans"… is very funny…..
    you just gotta love America…..

  20. Its not sexist, its just dumb and unrealistic. No spouse, male or female, gives the other a piece of exercise equipment for christmas. no one, male or female, is scared to ride a stationary bike. no one, male or female, has a life changing experience by losing 4 lbs over the course of a year! no one, male or female, wakes up @ 6am with perfect makeup on and flawless skin tone. its not sexist, its just ridiculous..

  21. I'm assuming the trainee did it on behalf of his relatives living in America, because there could be bad people in the Saudi government that would love to destroy us, what he did just raised the security barrier of America towards outside nation's coming in the US for American training, the lives of the many outway the lives of the few( the many being America and the few being the people on base) he probably did it to undermine the infiltration of the Saudi government into the US government, because they turn around and start saying they love American people when their the richest nation in the world

  22. Am I missing something here? I don't see anything wrong with the ad. I mean, if Twitter users are mad about it, they're wrong about a ton of stuff, so I wouldn't trust their judgement.

  23. I am confused. As an over weight woman I know my husband would like me to exercise because I tend to have more energy when I do also I enjoy shopping more. If they had placed an ad with a heavy set woman aka fat, it would have been said that it was being insensitive to overweight people.

  24. There is nothing wrong with this ad. What's wrong is that a whole bunch of people can come out and say that there is something wrong with this ad. This is a soft generation!

  25. If you really have to look deep into an Ad to find something sexist, just to be angry, know that there are people protesting, all over the world. Get a freaking life

  26. It’s just a bad commercial that makes no sense. Why is she filming herself every time she gets on the bike or is about to go on the bike? And why does she act so nervous about it? Like she’s afraid of the bike? And then her surprise reaction when the bike “talks to her”. It’s all kind of creepy. And then the end when she and her husband and sitting around watching her creepy bike video. A little context would’ve helped – like maybe she’s recovering from an injury?

  27. I said "thee" instead of "the" once and this woman got offended by it to the point she had to take time to tell me how it bothered her. Someone somewhere is LITERALLY offended by anything and everything these days. It's to the point where when you call almost everything and anything offensive, we are going to stop listening to you and stop taking you seriously. You've overplayed the "offense card" and it's only going to ruin your life, not those who are not easily offended. We're resilient, we'll be just fine over here NOT being offended.

  28. Fat people who are out of shape finding a reason to blame the patriarchy for their chubby butts and lazy belly. They just hate her for being beautiful.

  29. The Walmart commercial is too. The wife keeps forgetting stuff and the hubby keeps going back and forth to the store for his wife…shows the wife is the boss…I'm hurt.

  30. ‪Nothing wrong with this Peloton ad! A loving husband gives his wife an incredible gift for Christmas which gives her great joy. She loves the gift and it makes a difference in her life.

    I just don’t get the backlash. I’m baffled Peloton stock dropped and actor-husband trashed (he’s just an actor for god’s sake…why is he getting flamed)!‬ Also, Peloton criticized for marketing to wealthier people – which is just common sense because it’s an expensive item.

    Any men who don’t see the sexism in the ad are then accused of being tone-deaf. So now men have to be worried how it will be interpreted when they do loving things for their wives.

    This has gone too far!

  31. So in a nation with one of the highest obesity rates on the planet and a declining life expectancy, people are criticizing an ad promoting health and fitness. America has reached a new low.

  32. The fact that I am sure that of all the women who were actually gifted this very expensive product, it was paid for by their husbands for which I am sure that they were and are all fully ready and willing to accept and then complain about it in public as is their penchant for glaring hypocrisy.

  33. All you whining, feminist douches wearing your size 22 sweat pants should be on a peloton, then I wouldn't have to gag everytime I go to walmart having to see all the disgusting landwhales loading their carts with donuts, potato chips, and pizza.

  34. It portrays a nice caring relationship with a man being thoughtful towards his wife.

    Why cant people see that its sexist for the other reason then that WHYS the man have to buy the woman the bike.??????????

  35. No one is saying this ad is sexist! A few morons, maybe. But people with an IQ above 3, maybe 4, can see he is a good husband. She needed to lose a bunch of weight anyway 🙂

  36. Oh WAAAAAHHH 🙄 I can think of many many many other things to be offended over then a husband buying a bike for his wife…SHEESH

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