January 18, 2020
Online Marketing Tips

Online Marketing Tips

Today’s video is gonna be sharing some ideas
on how you can look at your online presence, your online marketing presence over the next
twelve months. Hi, Mike Blissett here, and in today’s video
we’re looking at what you could do, for example over the next twelve months that’s going to
help you to sign more clients, to grow your business and really be able to be out there
making a difference. There’s so many things that you can do on
the Internet, from Pinterest, to Instagram, to Facebook and blogging and websites and
Twitter, and there’s so much. What we’re talking about here is communication. For me there’s
only one rule in communication and that rule is that we can never not communicate, we can
never not communicate. What I mean by that is we’re communicating now, when I’m sending
a blog post, when you’re updating your tweets, or your Facebook, you’re communicating. But sometimes when we decide to have a break
from Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram or we don’t make any videos or whatever and we
disconnect, we’re not making a communication… actually, you know what? That’s going to communication,
it means that we’re not communicating anymore, we disengaged. If you’re a perspective client or if you’re
a perspective business, look in to what with the coach like you and everything checks out
and the picture’s nice and the “about you” is nice and the niche really fits, and it
ticks all the boxes. And then they check out your Youtube videos or your Facebook posts
or your blog posts and they see it hasn’t been updated for nine months. They might be thinking, well this coach doesn’t
follow through, they haven’t got anything to say, there’s nothing happening in their
world, in their business world anymore. So what, number one is the medium that you would
use, would it be Instagram or Facebook or twitter or Youtube. It doesn’t matter which one it is. It just
means, it’s good if it’s well that you naturally feel comfortable with and you naturally already
engage with, that’s the one to start with. And then start to think about the communication
that you have, think about peppering what you update with, a little bit of your knowledge,
even scale a little bit of the contents that you bring with the coaching service, with
the coaching programs that you have. Just pepper that with your updates, with your pictures,
with your videos, whatever it is. So do you still a three-dimensional person,
you’re still an individual and you’re also someone who talks or writes about your subject. So hopefully that makes sense, if you want
some more information please contact me via the website and if you enjoy this video give
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business, sign more clients and to really be able to make more difference in the world
and especially to do that in a non-pushy and in a non-salesy, authentic way. So that’s it for this time, I’ll look forward
to talking with you in the next video and until then take care.

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