March 30, 2020
Online Jobs at Home Philippines For Beginners ( Full Tutorial )

Online Jobs at Home Philippines For Beginners ( Full Tutorial )

Okay, homemates, in this video, for first-timers those who want to learn and those who want to transition and start working at home or have an online job. In this video, We’ll discuss: 1. What is work-at-home in general? 2. The type of work you’ll do for your client 3rd is the most fun of all this is the reason why we’re working at home salary. Dollars. How can we get that? 4th is where to find those clients and where to register, where to apply, that’s the fourth one. 5th is the requirements what do we need to start working at home I am working for 1 yr and 8 months full-time now and a bit part-time now. Starting March 2018. I have 2 clients. And I have 2 rates too. $13/hour and $18/hour. First of all, what’s work at home freelancing? And how is that? Basically, we have a client, and us freelancers working at home. Third one is the services that we offer to our clients that are paying for it. Those clients are mostly in USA There’s also some in Canada United Kingdom Australia And there are other countries which you can get client too. Those clients are busy some are businessman and the work that they’re not able to do, they outsource it here to us in the Philippines. Mostly in the Philippines but there are still others who work at home from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, also in the United States, they have workers at home. There’s a lot, not just us Filipinos. A lot of nationality. What are the type of works that clients give us or the services that we offer to our clients? Those are two same things. Work the he is asking or the services that we are offering. Those are two same things. To be honest, there are lots of them. A day or a week is not enough to discuss each work that you can see here. Let’s start with what’s being ask about most. Data entry, admin support, email support, chat support. Let’s start with that example. Clients abroad have businesses like Amazon Store, Shopify store, or whatever business they have and they also have websites Someone is maitaining their websites like web developer one job you can find here, web developers. E-mail tasks, they have contact details and sometimes there can be live chats too. Especially those with Amazon store. What they’re doing is the customer service for their website or Amazon stores, that’s what they outsource to us. Amazon store, if you’re not familiar, it’s like Lazada in US. It’s an online shopping platform where there are sellers, clients can be sellers here. So they’ll hire for customer service if someone chatted or inquired on their store, we’re the ones logged in on the account we’ll receive the chat then us as virtual assistant or freelancers will answer the chat. That’s how it works. That’s what it’s like to be a chat support. Another job for a virtual assistant while there’s no chat inquiry, she can start answering email for that store or for that website. I am discussing about general virtual assistant General means admin tasks, customer service, those are general virtual assistant. Let’s give an actual example. For example, in FreeeUp I am currently a freelancer here. This is where I got my client. FreeeUp is a business Since it’s a business, FreeeUp wants to have chat support 24/7 Meaning, if you chatted in FreeeUp now, a representative will answer your inquiry. If you asked a question, FreeeUp VA will answer you. For example on their live chat, We chatted and they said, “We’ll be back in Tuesday.” But I know they operate 24/7. On the back-end of this chat, there’s a virtual assistant on duty at that very moment, who is working at home Maybe they haven’t seen our chat yet, Let’s check back later. There are also clients in Ecommerce platform. Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Etsy. And a lot more. These sellers that are busy or wants to be able to do other tasks, they hire Amazon listers, Amazon Virtual Assistant, And those virtual assistants can be us. What are the tasks of Amazon listers? Listing is sometimes five times a day or once a day, it depends. Listings are to be researched first. They make title for the item, item description also the price of the item. and the product information of the items. These are task of Product or Amazon listers. I haven’t tried the job yet, it’s just an idea. They write this product information, product weight, etc. But don’t worry, it’s not gonna be that hard, like dimesions… Mostly, it’s just a copy pasting job. They get that from suppliers of the Amazon seller, your client, or your boss. Another job you can find here, Graphic designer jobs. Like how this picture has its shadows and lightings. that means this can be edited by a freelance editor. Another job that General VAs or Admin VA can get here, they can be an email support. A lot of email inquiry is being received by businesses. For example, we have here lots of new emails. VAs have different tasks when it comes to email. Task like marking them as read if it’s not that important or delete if it’s not completely important. This is another task of a virtual assistant. Here are just Subscription notifications this is just an example. But for example, mostly are inquiry about the business. Inquiring about the price. Or maybe asking for returns. Those are some of different types of email. VAs have templates they use. For example, for return, Templates to give them an update, or that you’ll check it. They’ll have their database for it which consists documents. For example, someone’s asking for order status so you’ll reply with the status. This is another example. Another job of a general virtual assistant. Other than chats and answering emails, if the business has a Skype account, you can also post some content there and answer to chat inquiries. Another example of service clients are paying for is Social Media Managing. These businesses have social media accounts too One business owner can have Facebook, IG, Twitter. Let’s go local for you to understand more. Lazada. For example Lazada is in a foreign counrtry and hired us. As a social media manager, just a disclaimer, I don’t have a social media managing experience, this is just my own idea, You see these posts, cover photo updated, these ones that are commenting, for example this post “Cash by Vice Ganda” the social media manager’s the one who does that. It’s not the owner or vice president of Lazada, they’re not the ones posting that, they hire social media managers. One task of social media manager’s creating posts, quotes that are posted on fanpages are made by SMM. In a single post, there might be two workers for that. The social media manager and the graphic designer. Sometimes, posts need a little editing, made like by infographics, photo editor or designer made that. Then it’ll be sent to social media manager Graphic designer can be worker at home too. It can also be a Filipino. You’ll post it. Another task for SMM is answering comments or messages to the page. Another task is answering Twitter messages post or tweet on Twitter. They can also be posting pictures on Instagram for clients. Just a bonus example, being a video editor. These are mostly for clients posting ads, If you see video ads on Facebook, video editors are editing that. Another one are Youtube creators abroad. They are hiring video editors in the Philippines to edit their vlogs and videos. Clients would record their own video talking or teaching about marketing, they will then send the raw file to us via Internet like Google Drive, One Drive then us as video editors, we’ll edit it. Add some intro, effects, and also what we call lower thirds. texts, transition, etc. After we edited it, then we can upload it in client’s Youtube account or we can send it back to a client via Google Drive. So we’re able to do video editing even at home. And even if the client’s abroad. Now, the client will pay for the job we did There are different kinds of skills. Writing, web research, there’s also Facebook ads, and so called Google Ads and many more. We’ll not go each one by one. So we now have offered a service to a client or provided the job he needed. we’ll now go to salary That’s why we work at home, to earn. This part is about salary. There are two things when it comes to salary. It can be per hour, fixed price or per project. For example, per hour, we’ll use customer service as a sample. or general virtual assistant. FreeeUp’s 24/7 customer service. They’re on-duty 9 to 5, 5 to 1, and 1 to 9. For that 9 to 5 duty (8 hours total), they get paid per hour. How much is the hourly rate we can earn here? Pay depends on different things like Skill, experience, it’s also on your desired rate. Another factor is client’s budget. There are clients that, not to say they’re low-baller, but some have small business that has low budget. Those are the factors. There are different rates, but let’s say $3 is the minimum. There are also some clients paying below $3 There are some like that. Homemates, it’s up to you if you’ll accept those offers. We have different needs to fulfill. You can be really needing that job or just need experience. So you’ll have something to apply for a higher job or pay. It’s all up to you. Who doesn’t want a higher pay? Let’s say $3 per hour is the minimum. There are some who accepts that pay because we all have different needs. I know ageneral virtual assistant working at home and her rate is $13 per hour. 8 hours a day 40 hours a week Monday to Friday. You can compute for yourself how much she earns per month. That’s someone I personally know. some are getting more than that. For rate, if you have more experience and skills, that $3 will go up. It can be $5 to $8 per hour. I have two clients myself. One $13 per hour and another for $18 per hour. If that’s a consultation, it can be higher. It can be $50 to $100 per hour. Personanlly, when coming up on my rate, I look at if the client’s business is bigtime, if it’s just a beginner, mostly they don’t have that much budget. We’re not sure, the client might also be rich. that’s the basic hourly rate starting at $3 per hour how much will you get per month or per week if your basic is $3 The client sets an hourly limit too For example, you want to work 8 hours a day or maybe just 4 hours a day or even just 2 hours a day, it depends on the client how much hour per week and what day you will work It can be Monday to Friday Monday to Sunday. Or if is it 40 hours a week. Multiply your base rate to see how much you’ll get. You’ll earn $24 a day. So your pay is 1,200 per day. Let’s say you’ll work just 5 days a week, times 5 is 6,000 times 4 for 4 weeks, 24,000 that’s for the $3 per hour basic. Total varies depends on your rate, depends on your weekly limit, there are weekly limits, like for me, my weekly limit is only 14 hours per week I can only earn that much but what’s nice is I only work 14 hours a week for my 18 dollar per hour work, my limit is just 4 hours I can only earn that much, no more than that. I know one general VA who gets $13 per hour and get 40 hours a week she still earns way more. It varies depending on rate, and depends on your weekly limit. Some also offers commission basis. Like if their real estate VAs able to sell a property or when they get a sale they get bonuses for that cases. Another sample work I want to tell you about ESL Tutoring. We have a video with teacher Justine she’s an Acadsoc teacher We have a video about ESL teaching. What does fixed pricing mean? Mostly, these are for graphic designers video editor For graphic designers, for a single logo, it can be froom 5,000 pesos to 10,000 pesos per logo. It can also be per picture. It can start $5 per picture. Another sample for fixed pricing or per project As long as you finish the job, you’ll get paid a certain amount. That’s how fixed pricing works. No matter how long it took you to finish the job, you’ll get a fixed amount. No matter how much time it took you to finish it, you’ll get $50 or $100. Let me just add something about the skills. You don’t have to be a graduate of a certain skill, although it can be your edge, but based on my experience, clients are not looking for diplomas they’re not asking if you graduated college a graduate of video editing or photo related course they’re not asking about that What they mostly ask is for your sample work, they’ll ask for your port folio or sample of your works that’s what most clients ask for or they’re looking for Not the diploma I did not graduate a masteral in Youtube but I am a Youtube consultant What if you’re just a high school graduate? it depends on the client but I don’t want to say all of them Maybe 5 out of 1,000 will ask for your college diploma but I really haven’t encountered anyone yet. That’s it for the per hour and fixed price. We get paid for works we do. Where can we get these clients, like Amazon seller or a Youtube creator hiring editors, or businesses abroad hiring customer service and many more. Where can we them? We can see them, apply, register in freelancing websites These that I’ll mention, I made a video each, step by step tutorial how to work and register on each. These freelancing platforms: Upwork, that’s the largest as of now., FreeeUp, Fiverr, and and many more. Upwork,, clients are posting jobs on there. “Hiring, general virtual assistant” Then freelancers who registered on the website you will see client’s job posting there. Freelancing website is also called as freelancer marketplace. That’s where clients and freelancer meet That’s where the client is posting job offerings requirements or work and that’s where freelancers are browsing for jobs posted by clients Once they agreed, once they’ve met already on that freelancer marketplace, a number of freelancers apply in a single job offering depends on the marketplace there can be one job posting and 10 who applied for it or maybe even 30 sometimes it’s like that Client will choose from the pool of applicants The client will choose who to interview We call that short listing If you’re chosen, the client will interview you Interview can be via chat email, and sometimes it can also be voice sometimes video too it depends on your client whatever mode the client wants it depends on the client One you passed the interview, then the client will hire you Then you can start already or sometimes clients are commencing training and put you on probationary to see if you’re fit to the role. Those things. They will hire us through freelancing platform. I don’t want to say negative because it really helps us. I prefer to be hired in a freelancing website. Aside from freelancing websites, we can also look for direct clients you can find one in Facebook. I haven’t found any in LinkedIn yet But you can find clients on Facebook, LinkedIn, These are direct. If you have a friend working at home too and his client is hiring then your friend can recommend you. That’s a direct referral. Facebook and LinkedIn. I have a video with Mimi luarca There, we gave tips on how to find legit job postings on Facebook. Freelancing websites has pros and cons. To cut it short, in Upwork, it’s the largest a lot of clients hire here The only problem here this year 2019 around second quarter there’s a fee to apply before it was free Every job posting that you’ll apply to here, you will use connects and that connects here in Upwork has a fee. So it’s around 20 to 25 pesos per application you make here. But they said, you can consider it as when you’re applying in local where you need to pay for transpo, food, and stuck in a traffic that’s really how it’s like applying. But for you, it’s just 20 pesos per application. Here in Upwork, once you get hired, there’s an Upwork fee. They’ll cutoff 20% from your pay. If you got paid $100, you’ll only get $80 the $20 goes to Upwork. If you got paid $1,000 $200 goes to Upwork. That’s Upwork fee. But the longer you work for the same client, the lower the percentage would be. I did not become a freelancer at Upwork, only in FreeeUp. In Upwork, after a certain amount of hours, the fee will go down to 10% So from your $100 pay, you’ll now get $90. The longer you stay on that client, the fee will go down to 5%. Here in, a lot is hiring here too. And nice thing here is that there’s no fee. It’s free to register and apply. You’ll get your pay directly from the client The agreement is between you and the client. There’s no fee. They only charge a fee on the client’s side. Here are the sample jobs. Instagram VA, managing Instagram Photoshop VA Customer Service Representative A client is hiring for $3 per hour. Content writer for those who can write. Social Media Manager and Researcher. You can also work here as a Researcher. The only problem here in is there are scammers here. Those client who are not paying There are bad guys posting jobs here. The pay is sometimes not secured here. In Upwork, there’s something called Payment Verified. That means the client deposited in Upwork already and Upwork is holding the money. Here in, it’s directly from the client. It’s nice that there’s no charge but it’s not 100% secure. For the first months of your work, it’s not going to be that secured compare to other freelancing websites. The advantage is that there’s no fee to be paid here. It’s free to apply here. I highly recommend FreeeUp to my viewers but like the current viewers of this video for sure, most of you has no experience yet, Experience is required in FreeeUp. You need to be skilled already and have knowledge already. The advantage here in FreeeUp is it’s free to sign up and in every job posting, only one or two applies They only match 1 to 2 applicants to that client unlike in other freelancing websites where you have 30 to 50 competitors for the job. Here, it’s just you who’s applying or two of you applying for that job posting. Another good thing, there’s no fee, no pay deduction For example, if your rate is $10 per hour, and you worked 10 hours in a day, that’ll be $100 You’ll get the whole $100, FreeeUp will not deduct any. FreeeUp is getting profit by charging the clients. If your rate is $10, FreeeUp will charge the client for $11.5 They are not charging us, they are charging the client. 15% is the fee for FreeeUp but that’s on client’s side that’s a good thing for us freelancers. Another one, like, you’ll get the whole pay from the client In, the payment is not secured. The pay is direct. Here in FreeeUp, the payment is secured. Because FreeeUp’s the one charging the client. Then FreeeUp will send it to us. If ever the client ran away, FreeeUp will pay for your work. The only con here, it’s hard to get in here. Sometimes, even if you’re skilled already, they only get top 1%. Another one, there are fewer jobs available here. But for me, this platform is better to get a job on. Especially if you have experience already. So for our payment, per hour or fixed price, how can we have that in actual cash money? Freelancing websites like Upwork and FreeeUp are the ones charging the client they charge it on their card, client’s bank account, then they will send it to our account. We can send it to PayPal or Payoneer. In Upwork, they have direct to bank. Upwork to your local bank. Another one is Skrill. There are sites that only has Skrill. We also have a step by step video of PayPal and Payoneer. I will require you to watch the step by step video on how to create PayPal and Payoneer account. We have viewers who did something wrong in registering and now telling me they’re not able to watch the video first on how to dowgrade their account so they did it wrong. It’s on the video description. How to create PayPal or Payoneer account. From PayPal or Payoneer you can withdraw it to your bank account oor to your local bank account like BDO, BPI, UnionBank If you’re looking for the easiest account to open We have a video about UnionBank using EON It’s a bit outdated but it’s almost the same process still. It’s free to register, just pay 150 pesos for the card there’s a yearly charge of 200 to 300 pesos. In BDO, debit card is 2,000 pesos minimum to open. If you’re taking this as a career, open a bank account. There’s an option for PayPal to GCash too. Whats better between PayPal and Payoneer? We also have a video about that In-depth sample of PayPal versus Payoneer. I sent $200 to PayPal and $200 to Payoneer. The end money that I got from my local bank account the one from Payoneer is higher. The conversion rate there is higher. In PayPal, it depends on how the client sends it, but most of the time, there’s a fee. From freelancing website going to Payoneer, there’s a fee too. but it’s smaller than PayPal. In PayPal, the higher your pay is, the higher the fee is. I personally use Payoneer. PayPal and Payoneer has pros and cons each. About schedule, if you want too work dayshift or graveyard, the client will decide. it depends on your type of work for example, if you’re graphic designer, you’re not required to work full-time. There’s deadlines only. For example, send the project in one day. For video editors, send the file in 2 days. For customer service like admin assistant, chat support, where you need to log in for a specific time also the client will give your log in hours. If they say 11pm to 7am that’ll be your time. Since that’s 24/7 If the client says 7am to 3pm, then that’ll be your schedule. Those with flexible time, that’s mostly for graphic designer, video editor, SEO, Search Engine Optimization, it still depends on the client it can also be fixed hour. Sometimes they just require you to login 10 hours a week then it’s up to you how much a day you want to work. In that 2 hours a day, you can decide what time you work. In my duty as Youtube channel manager Youtube channel optimization in my case, the client didn’t give specific time my time limit per week is 14 hours I can decide if I want to work Monday and work for only 2 hours that day. I can work anytime of the day. As long as I finish the job. As long as you meet the deadline. For a social media manager since they are more on posting, like posting pictures in Instagram, scheduling posts, creating posts, they also don’t have time requirement. But it depends on the client too. Sometimes if the client is awake the social manager should be too. then you have to follow that. If the client is not strict as long as contents are being posted, then you can work anytime from 1am or 1pm It depends on the social media manager or it also depends on you Comment on the comment section if you’re still awake and listening Last thing we’ll discuss is about requirements What do you need to be able to work at home? Number one requirement is computer or laptop That’s the number one requirement you cannot work using a cellphone only or even a tablet That will not work. I don’t want to discourage some of you but I have viewers who only has cellphone those who want to work with only cellphone. you really need a laptop to work at home if ever you don’t have one, there are some working in computer shops also some are just barrowing laptops maybe from their siblings family, or friends. They barrow laptop first then maybe after a month or two they buy their own laptop You can also start saving maybe 1,000 a month in a year, you’ll save 12,000 you can noww buy secondhand laptop. For laptops, you don’t need to get the high end one i3 is the minimum requirement with 4 to 8gb ram Better if it’s 8gb RAM, but if it’s just 4gb, it’s okay. You can upgrade it on your next pay. If you have the budget but no idea of what laptop to buy, we have a video with sir Dustin from Laptop Station we discussed about i3, i5, i7 i7 is for multitasking i5 for video and photo editing it’s on this video. You can choose either laptop or computer computer has more value for money even if your money is less you can build a good one already Upgrading is easier here too because upgrade is limited in a laptop Another requirement that you really need since we’re working at home we are communicating abroad we are sending files to them video or photo we are accessing Google docs number 2 requirement is Internet connection PLDT, Sky Fiber, Converge, we have a video about those too. Review on each provider You need wired connection here where you will pay monthly fee of 1,500 pesos or 999 for Sky You need it to be wire connected. Globe, Smart plans, per month there is 1,500 I am not really recommending those because they are not stable sometimes the signal is stron and sometimes its not Clients require 5mbps Internet connection How to access Google docs if you don’t have Internet how can you download the files sent to you by your client how will you optimize you client’s website if you don’t have Internet that’s number 2 Another optional need headset Depends on what you’re applying to, if you’re an ESL tutor, you really need a headset. If you’re still applying, don’t buy one yet you can use whatever earphones you have available if you’re applying for voice jobs, prepare a good earphone with noise cancelling and mic last requirement can be learned the skill or work that you can do For general VAs, chat support, email support, or general virtual assistant there’s a lot of competition there in one job posting, you can have 20 competitors or maybe even 100 that’s the con in applying as general VA You can find the beginner rate there starting $3 more or less You can learn those skill video editing and photo editing you can learn that through Google, Youtube, Udemy once you learned those skills, you can add it to your portfolio you can practice then you can apply as video editor photo editor where you can charge higher for video editing you can start $3 to $5 per hour. If you really have the skill like video editing there’s SEO or search engine optimization facebook ads google ads chatbot if you learn that in freelancing, skill is what we’re really selling In my case, I am selling Youtube channel consultation or Youtube channel management those are my service that clients are paying for. Skill that you can sell to client is the third important one. There are a lot of other skills there There’s accounting, marketing, digital marketing… A lot more. If you’re planning to work at home, don’t resign just yet on your local job. It’s not easy to land a job applying today and getting hired tomrrow. But sometimes you can be that lucky. But the reality is it’s not that easy to land a job here. Some are looking for some time now, but still not hired yet There are some who just went looking for a month and got hired. Do not resign just yet. While you are working office based try browsing websites then check for positions hiring then you can start reading about those skills study about social media management photo editing Photo editing is a big plus even if you’re just a basic or general VA if you hae social media management and basic photo editing, that’ll be your edge, I am always telling you that Don’t resign just yet Tap on freelancing marketplace first look at the job posting there If you want me to make a video of what my work is like as a Youtube channel manager or expert click Like, and if this reaches 5,000 likes we’ll make a video about my job and what you need to learn Thank you for watching Make sure to click the Like button if you liked the video Share this to your friends if they want to learn how to work at home or wants to do online jobs All that I mentioned about freelancing, PayPal, Payoneer, we have dedicated videos for them on the description If you want to see more videos like this online jobs, freelancing, extra income online… Click on the Subscribe button Thank you for watching See you next time.

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