April 3, 2020
Online Course Platform | Why I Chose Kajabi πŸ–₯️

Online Course Platform | Why I Chose Kajabi πŸ–₯️

Hi guys Petrina here and in today’s
episode of Petrina shows I’m going to show you how to choose an online course
platform so if you’re someone who knows a whole lot about a particular subject
and would love to make money by sharing that knowledge go ahead and hit that
like button down below and stay tuned. If you’re wondering what the heck I’m
talking about and have never heard of online courses before boy have I got
news for you! Online courses or online learning or eLearning as they’re
sometimes called are really marvelous ways you can learn just about anything-
whether you want to speak a new language, start your own food truck business, play
a musical instrument, clean up your nutrition, perfect your
public speaking skills, improve your relationship or even how to perform CPR
on dogs and yes that really is a course! Chances are you can find an online
course that’ll teach you how to do it and if you’re someone who knows how to
do a certain something or better yet a whole bunch of different something’s and
can break it down in a simple step-by-step fashion for others- guess
what? You could be creating an online course on that special something or a
whole bunch of different somethings and make money doing it. I kid you not!
really good money potentially if you’ve got something that lots of folks would
love to learn and most importantly would pay to learn but in order to deliver
your course content (we’re talking video, audio lessons, worksheet, checklists and
anything else you’d like to throw in the mix to make it easier for your students
to master whatever the heck it is you’re teaching) you’re going to need a place to
put it on the interwebs and that my friends is where an online course
platform comes in mighty handy! Little spoiler alert I just finished launching
a course about YouTube for marketers. It’s called Brand Starring You and if I
do say so myself it’s pretty awesome! Before I even started developing my
course, I did a ton of research on different online course platforms. There
are a lot to choose from and things can get pretty
confusing and pretty overwhelming pretty fast. The big players and the ones that I
spent the most time researching are Teachable, Thinkific, Zippy Courses, Kajabi and Udemy each have their own pros and cons when it comes to pricing, ease
of use, different style elements you can use, customization you name it. The good
news is all but zippy will give you an opportunity to try them out a little bit
before investing in them. Udemy is pretty different from the other
four in that the platform is part of an entire marketplace. It’s composed of
literally thousands of different instructors all on one big platform
where people visiting the Udemy site can pick and choose and search for a
ridiculously wide selection of different online courses. The big Pro for getting
on board with Udemy is that you can get absolutely free exposure for your
course just by being part of the marketplace so you could get students
without even having an email list or spending any money on ads whatsoever. Now
the big con with Udemy is they will take half of your earnings for those who find
your course on their marketplace. Now if somebody comes to Udemy because of
you, you would then keep 97 percent of your earnings which is not too shabby
but another big con of Udemy is that it also offers its users significant and
I’m talking huge discounts on Marketplace courses to new udemy
students and sometimes even all of Udemy We’re talking let’s say you
have a $200 course – Udemy will sometimes bring the price of that course
down to 10 dollars. That’s a huge chunk of money that you could be making and
it’s completely unfair and not very cool in my humble opinion. My own personal
take on Udemy was also colored by the fact that I’ve taken courses through the
Udemy marketplace and found them to be pretty much crap. Not to say everything
on Udemy is absolute crap but the few courses that I took the content
quality was really really low and because of all of these things put
together udemy got off my list pretty quickly.
After that point I started comparing pricing and
features of again Teachable, Thinkific Zippy courses and Kajabi. I talked to a
lot of other course creators, did some digging around with YouTube reviews and
message boards and did some majorly deep business and budget soul-searching kind
of stuff before I wound up choosing Kajabi and now well over a year and a
launch later I am so glad that I did! The big reason I wound up choosing Kajabi
over all the others is that it’s truly an all-in-one online learning platform and
doing the research and actually getting on board with the platform
I learned that Kajabi was great not just for creating and selling online courses
but also you know if I want to branch out into having a membership site where
people would pay monthly to have access to different digital products I I may
want to offer or if I wanted to start offering standalone digital products like
an e-book or maybe an audio training series I could do it right there in my
Kajabi website. If you’ve got good knowledge to share, Kajabi is in my
humble opinion the best place to market and deliver that knowledge online
and it’s just gotten better and better since I first joined. With Kajabi I’ve
got a space to store all my documents and PDFs -we’re talking the worksheets
that make up my course and help my students better master YouTube marketing.
I’ve also got built in Wistia video hosting for all my different video
lessons included. I’ve got simple PayPal integration and
Stripe integration so that I can offer my students an easy way to pay for my
course. I can even have live or pre-recorded evergreen type of webinars
within Kajabi to promote my course. I was able to really easily create a website
to not only feature my online course but also deliver really great blog post
content, opt-in offers and all sorts of other marketing goodies. I could easily
create landing pages for different opt-in offers to get people on my email
list and best of all make a really crazy good sales page for my first of
hopefully many courses or digital products that entice
people to actually buy these courses or products. I can also manage affiliates
for my programs if I want to get other people on board with promoting certain
online course or product and I can quickly and easily build a sales funnel
that doesn’t feel one bit slimy putting any of these different features that
Kajabi offers me into play to convert browsers to my website into buyers
thanks to Kajabi’s really remarkably simple pipeline too. I can even create
quizzes or surveys within my courses, my website or my landing pages! That’s crazy!
With Kajabi I could even get rid of my CRM and if you don’t know what that
means its customer relationship management which is a highfalutin way to
say like an email kind of service that helps you connect with your clients and
your prospective clients. I can email those on my list, segment them in to
different categories based on behavior and create nice email sequences for
those who sign up for one of my freebie offers. Kajabi is easy. It’s intuitive. It
helps you get everything you need on as far as course creation and marketing
without having to pull your hair out at a cost between a hundred and three
dollars and eight hundred and ninety nine dollars a month depending on which
plan you choose and whether you pay monthly or just in one annual payment,
Kajabi is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but in my eyes it is
worth every single penny and then some. I did the math for everything I had
started building when I was first creating my course with WordPress and
I’m actually saving money from all the different plugins and services I had to
patch together in order to sell my course. If you really want to create an
online course or a membership site or even offer any number of different
digital products and you want to do it under one magnificent simple roof and
you really don’t want to sweat on the coding and other computer labyrinths of
torture, Kajabi is gonna be your jam- even if you wanted actually dig in and
do some custom coding kind of magic Kajabi lets you get under that hood so
to speak and do some extra custom things with code. Could you tell I heart Kajabi? If you’d like to make money by sharing what’s in your noggin go ahead
and use the link in the description to check Kajabi out and try it for free.
Yeah I know I said it before in this video but I will say it again – in my humble
opinion out of all the online course platforms out there and there are a lot
and more coming each and every day good Kajabi is hands-down the best online
course platform out there period end of story. Kajabi made online course creation
actually and i’m not kidding here fun and super simple giving me more time to
focus on creating great course content and so much less time stressing over the
technical aspects of it all and it can get really technical. The customer
support at Kajabi is super responsive and I love the fact that the two
creators of Kajabi and all the developers they have on their team
actually listen to the feedback of all the course creators using their platform
and continually add new features based on our requests. I love me some Kajabi.
If you’ve got any questions about online courses, digital products, Kajabi or even
if you’d like me to come back on the channel and do like a walkthrough demo
tutorial kind of thing just leave a comment below and I will be happy to
oblige and again if you want to learn more
about Kajabi or even try it out just click on the link in the description
below! And that’s it for this week guys. Take care and have a very happy
Thanksgiving! Bye guys!

10 thoughts on “Online Course Platform | Why I Chose Kajabi πŸ–₯️

  1. Today Kajabi charges 1428.00 USD for their cheapest plan (1 year, maximum 3 products/courses). It includes a wordpress LMS style web site (you can get free anywhere), Stripe or paypal payment gateway (usually a one time $100 fee elsewhere, some places free) and a bunch of marketing tools (free anywhere but you need the know-how) . I'm guessing from her vague wording that Wistia video serving is included, but Wistia normally charges $99 a month for 10 videos so I'm guessing that if you have more videos the price goes up. The only nice things is, Kajabi puts it all together in one spot. The marketing know-how is also there. But is that worth $1428 a year to you?
    Many people posting here wrote that this video helped them decide to go with Kajabi. I wish someone would post again how it went for them.

  2. Nice video ty! So is it better to prepare a course before going into kajabi for saving some $ or is it better to just have a basic idea of what i can teach and build the whole course using kajabi?

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