March 31, 2020
Online Car Advertising -WTF Vehicle Remarketing

Online Car Advertising -WTF Vehicle Remarketing

Duncan: “Hey guys. Duncan Cochrane from Strathcom
Media. Today I want to talk to you about remarketing. [Pause]
This is the best form of online advertising that you can engage in currently. What is
remarketing you ask? Sometimes it is referred to as retargeting
or site retargeting, but picture this. Someone comes to your website. They look at
inventory, they look at new cars, they look at used cars, they check out a few sections,
they’re considering buying a car. Then they leave your website. Maybe they go
to do their homework, read some reviews; they’re going to a competitors website.
With remarketing, when they visit your site, we can drop a cookie or a pixel. Think of
it as something we can track them with. Literally then, when they leave your site,
we can stalk them around the web while they’re going through their car buying phase.
When they go to different sites that are in the display network, we can target them with
your specific ads, keeping you top of mind throughout the car buying phase.
This form of advertising will increase traffic to your site, it will increase leads, it will
increase conversions. We typically base it on
a pay per click model, so again, you only pay as a dealer when someone clicks on your
ad. There is some work that goes into this, you can do it
yourself at the store. If you have any questions about how to implement it, please feel free
to give me a shout, I’d love to hear from you and help
you out. If not, we are a Google certified partner. We do this for many of our dealer
clients and they have seen great success.” [pause]

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