April 1, 2020
Omnitude – Easy to Understand ICO Review – Open to US! Mar 28 – Apr 25 2018  Helpful Tips & Tricks!

Omnitude – Easy to Understand ICO Review – Open to US! Mar 28 – Apr 25 2018 Helpful Tips & Tricks!

– What’s goin’ on everyone? It’s JP here from CryptoHobby. Today we’re gonna be talking
about the Omnitude ICO that’s going on right now. But first, don’t forget
to subscribe to my channel and like the video if you like it and hit the notifications
bells so you get notified every time a new video comes out. And so Omnitude is an ICO
that’s happening right now and I’ve had quite a
few requests from people wanting me to do a review on this. It’s actually quite popular now, and it’s gaining steam. And there are actually
several videos out there reviewing Omnitude, but the
comments that I was receiving were telling me that they, the videos were a little bit technical
and they wanted me to try to break it down and
make it a little bit easier to understand, and so that’s
what I’m gonna do today. So we’re gonna go through this. It’s gonna be kind of basic,
but it’s not too complicated, the concept of what
they’re trying to do here. But I wanted to just kind
of break it down for you, and let you know, step by
step, what’s going on with this and what it is that
they’re trying to achieve. So before I get into that, though, I’ll just let you know that
the pre-ICO is already over and the general sale
is going to be going on from March 28th through April 25th, so March 28th is when
they reopen the main sale and they’ll be listed
at .46 cents per token. I believe the pre-ICO was .40 cents. So, and this is, by the way,
open to US residents as well. So, since it’s a utility
token and they do a KYC, so they verify your identity,
and it’s very simple. I went through the process
and I’ll show you that in just a little bit, but
it is open to US residents so starting on March 25th. Also, I am not being paid by
Omnitude to do this review, just so you know. I will leave a little referral link below that you can click on
and it helps by giving me some extra tokens of theirs,
but that’s the only way you know, that I would
be compensated for this. It just helps out. It helps out to get a few
extra coins because it takes a lot of work to go through
these ICOs and review them as you all know. So it just helps to support the
channel and I appreciate it. But you don’t have to use the
link if you don’t want to. I’ll leave it below. It’s up to you. So okay, so let’s get right into it then. What is Omnitude? Let’s just understand what this is. I’m gonna read you one paragraph here, and then I’m gonna break it down for you. Omnitude is a radical concept
in blockchain ecosystems. Not only creating your
own blockchain solutions that integrate enterprise
systems, supply chains and eCommerce platforms, but
also enabling a community of app developers that can
imagine, build and deploy blockchain solutions
to real world problems. So what does that mean? It sounds like if you’re not
really hip in the tech industry or hip with the latest business terms, maybe you don’t know what all that means, so let’s break it down. Omnitude is coming up with
its own blockchain solutions for these three things
here: enterprise systems, supply chains, and eCommerce platforms. Let’s look at those first. What is enterprise systems? Okay, for those of you that
don’t know, I’ll just show you a little definition here. Enterprise systems are
large-scale application software packages that
support business processes. Let’s just leave it at that. These are, enterprise
systems, are software. It’s software that
businesses use internally. It could be for their inventory. It could be in their warehousing. It could be accounting. Any software system that
a business would use is part of enterprise systems,
so that’s the first step. If you wanted, let’s
see, as I said accounting would be an example, customer
relationship management software, customer service software, you know, that’s what that is. All of that would be part of enterprise systems. So that’s what that is. That’s the first thing that
they’re trying to integrate. The second thing is going
to be supply chains. So what are supply chains? Supply chains, the sequence
of processes involved in the production and
distribution of a commodity. So what does that mean? That’s very simple. It’s just any business
that produces something and then distributes it
out to either retail stores or restaurants or wherever they’re doing. That’s a supply chain. Most of the larger companies
have their own supply chain. So if we looked at examples of companies that have their own
supply chain it would be like McDonald’s. McDonald’s produces their
own food and they distribute their food and ingredients out to their different restaurants,
and so that’s their supply chain. They’re producing and
they’re shipping it out. Amazon, of course, also
has the same type of deal. Intel, there’s lots of companies that have their own supply chain. But basically it’s anything
involved with the production, manufacturing, and
distribution of their product. That’s what the supply chain is so, we’ve got the software
systems of the businesses, we’ve got the manufacturing
and production and delivery of their product and then
finally the eCommerce platforms. So this one probably you’re
more familiar with because pretty much we think of
eCommerce and we think of Amazon or online stores,
that type of thing. So that’s what eCommerce
is, and eCommerce platforms would be a platform would
be a place where a business or a person could go set up
his own little online store. So if you build an eCommerce platform, and you make it available to the public, then people could come on
your platform and they could build a little store for
themselves, and there are examples of this already
out there as well. And, let’s see, software technology, yeah,
this was the definition. eCommerce platform is a
software technology solution that allows you to build
storefronts which is what I just said. So I just had that definition out for you. And some examples of that
that already exist that are not on the blockchain
would be Shopify, and some of these others
here, which you might be familiar with. Some of the larger retailers
like Amazon, would have their own platform like
a self-hosted platform where, because they have
their own IT department, they have people that build
these platforms for them so they don’t really
need to go on somebody else’s platform. But if you’re smaller,
and you don’t have the technical expertise, but
you have a product that you wanna sell and you wanna
set up a little online store somewhere then you can
go on to somebody else’s eCommerce platform and
you can set up a little store for yourself. A little retail store. And then you can start
selling your product online. Okay so that’s all pretty
simple, and then they say they want to integrate these three things. Basically they wanna make
it so that any company that wants to participate
or person, if they want to participate in the
Omnitude ecosystem that, regardless of the software that they use or the supply chain
processes they have going on, regardless of any of that, they will still be able to smoothly transact
using the Omnitude platform and ecosystem. So it just, you don’t have
to, businesses won’t have to change their software or
uproot all their processes. They’ll just be able to
seamlessly go onto the Omnitude platform and get into
the Omnitude ecosystem and be able to participate
and transact in this whole project so that’s all that means. And then lastly down here,
it says they want to enable app developers that can
imagine, build and deploy blockchain solutions
to real world problems. They just want to help app
developers achieve their visions or whatever it is they’re
trying to build, so pretty lofty goals. They’re on target, I believe. Now along those lines,
I’ll just say that I have investigated this ICO thoroughly,
and I have run it through my checklist that I have. If you watch my other
videos you know that I have an extensive list of
things that I go through, and this project is 100% legit. It is a very good project
and it checks out. It checked out of all of my points, and I’m quite impressed with it. I wouldn’t bring it to you
if it was any other way. I don’t do reviews on ICOs
that I don’t think are good. And I will never do those paid reviews so, yeah that’s just not gonna
be a part of this channel. We’re just gonna do these. If I think they’re good
I’ll bring ’em to you, and if I don’t think they’re
good, you might hear about it in passing on one of my
videos but I won’t do a video on it that’s for sure. Okay and real quick I will
show you what it looks like after you have registered with them. This is inside on your dashboard. They take Bitcoin and Ethereum, and again it’s as of March
28th, so you can go ahead and set your account up now and do your KYC. You’ve got your things on the side here. Your KYC is down here,
and if you click on that it’ll take you to the page. There’s only three things
that they, they need front id, back id and
then proof of address, so I’ve done all mine. It’s very seamless. It’s not hard to go through. So, you can go on there and
register and get that done, and then you’ll be all set
for March 28th when it starts. Okay and I wanted to just
take a few minutes and go through some of the white paper. I’m not gonna go through
every little detail but I did wanna point out a few things. If you read through it
you’ll see that the online eCommerce industry is
huge and it’s grown a lot in the past five or 10 years and it will continue to do so, and
they have figures on there you can look at but it’s a huge industry. But one of the biggest problems
is, that they’re trying to solve is the fraud involved. And there are several
different types of fraud that are going on: clean
fraud, account takeover, identity fraud, re-shipping fraud, going on each and every day online. So you know, I personally
have had this happen to me. I’ve had my identity hacked. I’ve had credit card information
stolen and I’ve even had, which we’ll get into in a
second, but I’ve had merchandise come that I’ve ordered
that wasn’t the real thing. It was fake. So that’s another kind of
fraud, and so you know, not to mention the fact
that when you go on these different sites,
you have to register and you’re putting all
your information out there each and every time you transact
with a different company, you’re filling out another
profile that’s going out to God knows who. It’s going out across the whole internet, your personal information,
your credit card information. You know, all of your personal
data is going out there and it’s totally
uncontrolled and unsecure, and just flying around
for you know whoever to come and take advantage
of it and it happens. So that’s one. Okay, and so the solution
to the eCommerce fraud, is Omnitude’s Single Identity
and Single Reputation provides the means to help
merchants reduce the most usual form of eCommerce
fraud, identity theft, and so on. So that, they’re gonna have basically, a single identity solution. When you go on there, you’ll
go through the KYC process with them one time and then from then on your information stays
there or with you actually, in your profile and other
merchants will be able to, you’ll be able to use
the Omnitude platform and an app if you will, and
you’re going to transact with those merchants but you
won’t have to keep filling out the online profiles all
over the place and putting all your information on
a hundred different sites in order to get things. Everything will be secured and
maintained on the blockchain here, and you won’t have
to go through all of that. So, Single Identity. Once they know who you are,
then nobody else will be able to impersonate you. It won’t be possible with blockchain. So, that’s good, and
you go through, again, read all of it, you know go
through it, and understand it, because it is important. Supply chain as well. You know we’ve got problems
with the supply chain. And I told you what that
is but we have counterfeit, pirated goods is one of
the biggest problems, and you know, 2.5% of global imports are pirated and 86% of retailers
say their sales are hurt by counterfeit goods. So I’m telling you
personally, I have received counterfeit goods and I
know that that goes on and that’s not helping the economy, it’s not helping the
merchants and it’s not helping the consumers. Also, real-time information
on customer deliveries is a problem, because either
customers didn’t receive dispatch and delivery
date notifications or the etailors did not receive
a delivery confirmation and so those are problems as well. You can’t track the information
like you’re supposed to be able to. And so that’s a big
problem, so the solution, again Omnitude Solution is allowing for individual items or shipments
to be tagged with identifiers to be tracked as they move
along the supply chain. So from raw materials,
components, to assembled goods to finished products to
final customer delivery. And while they’re traveling
through these different points, at each item’s location,
they’ll be recorded by a trusted witness and written mutably to Omnitude’s blockchain. So each step of the way
they’re getting logged and tracked and recorded onto the blockchain which cannot be changed. So smart contracts running
at each Omnitude’s node will track the item’s progress. It’ll release payments to
shippers, suppliers or milestones when they’re reached, without the need for manual reconciliation,
and regardless of how many different parties are involved. So all of that is going to be, it will be the solution
to many of those problems, so identity confirmation,
we did talk about that. And it also has to do with
the reviews that people are leaving online and
many times the reviews are fraudulent. Either people are putting
fake reviews on there or businesses are doing
it to get an edge on their competitors. Omnitude, again has the
identity confirmation where they will reduce
fake reviews and fake identities or eliminate it altogether if you’re going through Omnitude’s platform. And honestly those fake
reviews are costing a lot. They’re costing consumers
and they’re costing merchants a lot. They’re making it so that
consumers that wouldn’t normally buy something, they’re buying it and it’s crap, or the
review just wasn’t fake, I’m sorry, it just wasn’t real, or they’re making it so that certain
businesses have an edge on another business, and
so that’s not good either. And the way that Omnitude will be reducing the fraudulent reviews will be whenever somebody goes to leave a review, it would be verified
that they had an actual transaction to go along with that review, that they are, indeed, a
purchaser of that product and so also recorded and
verified in the blockchain, so you won’t be able to
just go in and, you know, leave a fake review, because
if you don’t have a purchase to go along with it then it
will not be counted as valid. So that’s a pretty good system they have. And so that’ll probably
do it for the white paper. I’ll let you guys go
through the rest of it. There’s a lot of good information. It’s laid out very well,
and very easy to understand so you can go through and
check out the different parts of it. I did look at their team
and all of the team members have, that I could see,
well, there might be a few that don’t have it, but
most of them have their LinkedIn profiles connected
to it, and most of them are fairly well-known
that I can see that are involved in other projects as well. I don’t wanna bore you
with all the details, but it’s always a good sign when they have their LinkedIn profiles and you
can go in and check ’em out. So I encourage you to do that. But it’s a large team and
there’s a lot of experience on this team. I’ll just leave that at
that and, the road map is also there for you to see. This project did start back in Q3 of 2017, as you see there, and the ICO, as I said, it’s going on now but
the main sale will be March 28th through April 25th, as I said. It’s a hundred million
tokens total supply. 100 million. So it’s not completely outrageous. It’s a good amount, and
they’re estimating that there will be about 55
million circulating supply. There will be a token burn
after the ICO is complete and the estimated market cap is between 27 and 28 million. They’re planning on being
listed on some exchanges in Q2, yep, Q2 of 2018. So sometime before the end of June, they would be listed live
on exchanges, and if you look at their social
media, they’re very active. Twitter and Telegram
are very active, and I keep up with them. I read their messages on
Twitter and go into the Telegram chat once in
a while, but they have quite a few followers. 12.7 thousand followers which
is pretty good for an ICO. They also have a Reddit
page you can look at, their LinkedIn page,
Facebook and Medium page that they have here so,
I would encourage you to look at it and check
out their Telegram page to see if, yeah you
can always participate. Mostly you can read a lot of the comments. People are shooting comments
back and forth and you can kinda get a feel for what’s going on and see if it’s something that
you might be interested in. And also I just wanted
to point out ICO bench gave them a 4.6 rating
which is really good, with 25 expert ratings
which is really good so if you keep up with it at all, you can see that that’s not bad. That’s not bad so I would look
through that if I were you. They do have a video here, too. I didn’t show the video. I think it’s three minutes long or so. But, the video is okay. I just, I wanted to just
make this really plain and simple and walk through
each basic step of it and not get too technical so,
but you can check that out if you want to. But overall, this is
a solid project, okay. This is a legitimate
project, and the team is good and all of the points have
been checked off on my list on this one. It’s also gaining popularity, and more and more people are
starting to talk about it. Their Tweets are getting
circulated more and reTweeted and that’s
always a good sign because you want to see some good
social activity in these, because if there’s no,
there has to be some hype. I mean there has to, in
order for it to catch on and so, and that’s another
reason why I wanted to make the video, to
bring it to you guys, so it’s definitely two
thumbs up, good project and I think it’s gonna be a great ICO. There is other competition in this area. There are other ICOs and other
projects like this out there that you’ll find. Quite a few actually. But I haven’t done videos
on any of the other ones. This one, to me, caught
my eye, and I think it’s going to be one of the better ones. And so, so that’s why I
bring it to you and I do recommend it, so that’s about it. But, I appreciate everything
that everyone has done. All the likes and the
comments that I’ve gotten, and I appreciate everyone
that’s used my little links that I leave below there. It helps to get some
extra coins and to support the channel and so believe
me, every little bit makes a difference,
and it really does help and I do appreciate it a lot,
so if you have any comments or questions just go ahead
and leave them below, and if you like the
video give me a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. I’ll bring you as many of
these ICO opportunities and other opportunities that I can find as I can. And we’ll just kinda go from there, but if anybody has any questions or comments, leave them below and I will see you guys in the next video. Thanks.

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