April 4, 2020
OFFICE TOUR // running a small business in Toronto

OFFICE TOUR // running a small business in Toronto

hello everybody and welcome back to our
channel we’re Eamon and Bec and we live full time in our self converted Sprinter
van today we thought we would show you guys around our 1,000 square foot office
in Toronto Ontario Canada we run a number of businesses out of this tiny
space and we thought we’d give you a proper tour of how we do that what it
looks like it’s kind of organized we cleaned it up a little bit it’s still a
chaotic mess well that’s good let’s get into it together Eamon and I started a
tea company called Chaiwala back in 2015 and he’s always been super
forward-thinking so he knew to look for an office space well before we needed an
office space because we’re in one of the biggest cities in Canada so luckily
Eamon found us this one thousand square foot office we moved in and we’ve been
here for about two years so let’s start by offering you guys a cup of chai
welcome to our little cafe on wheels we bring this thing around to different
shows if you are a really really good customer sometimes we get you a free
latte on the house no guarantees today I’m gonna make you guys a little chai
real quick nice big scoop of chai wallah a chai a little hot water in there and
let that steep for couple minutes so I actually designed this setup because
we’re going around to lots of different shows and we wanted a quick way to be
able to steam up hot lattes on the spot so we didn’t need the use of an actual
regular espresso machine found a company in Italy to make steam boiler and and
actually design the drip tray so it’s easy to
rinse out your jugs you can just pour your water out and rinse them and yeah
it’s worked fantastic for all the different trade shows that we go to it’s
gonna add some soy milk and steam that up nice and hot I’ll get back to the
tour in just one second I’m just gonna pour you a fresh cup of chai let’s
continue with the tour the main business we’ve run out of this space is our chai
Company we started with one blend the original chai blend and our focus was on
selling to independent coffee shops and cafes so cool sailing and our
wholesalers started packaging that up and selling to consumers as a retail
product and we thought hey we can do that too so I thought I’d show you guys
how we package that up and then tell you about our second blend as well so
essentially these are our kilogram bags this is what normally goes to the cafe
or to those of you who are completely obsessed with the childlike means and
these are the retail form of our original blend so it’s a hundred and
fifty grams worth of the chai perfect for at-home use the last thing we do is
we put it into a kit so this kit has everything including the chai a pot and
a strainer to make your chai at home and the last thing we’ve recently introduced
is our rooibos chai bun so it’s the exact same spices all the same goodies
it just replaces the black tea with a rooibos tea which is a red horrible
plant so that it’s a non caffeinated beverage you can have before bed now
these shelves don’t normally look as beautiful and well faced as this because
this is just a wholesale office but it does feel really good we can make
everything in small batches so we’ve spent a lot of time over the past two
weeks making lots of product for you guys so the shows are looking quite nice
and I’ll follow you guys into this area which is the beginning of shipping and
receiving and we can kind of talk through our workflow here I am NOT the
shipping and receiving expert that is actually b.o.b Bob you guys probably
seen him if you watch our other videos but we both kind of design this space so
we wanted everything easy accessible although we make kind of 1/2
products there are a lot of little add-ons that we have and believe it or
not it gets complicated so when it comes to small business shipping is so
important and especially saving money on the boxes and the sizes that you pack it
in is key so if you get a good shipper you’ll save a lot of money so we have
everything easy accessible so we keep our rooibos here the original blend here
are more inventory down at the bottom we also sell cinnamon strainers and tea
filters on their own and this is kind of where we start to build all the packages
together this is something that I actually bought before we even moved
into the speed just because it came in orange and I thought it was freaking
awesome but it actually does serve a great purpose so it’s just a pump truck
so you can pump stuff up moving her on this is his little garage that he lives
in so even if we need to move that garage around we can just quickly do
that and then it gets out of the way I just quickly wanted to say that you and
your you and your dad and me we moved into this space and it was completely
empty shell we had that yet like this wall wasn’t here these shelves were in
here nothing was here everything was so DIY we would go around on the streets we
moved in around spring and we would find anything that was on the on the street
and just repurpose it for the office yeah a lot of the wood and pipe material
like this from Home Depot yeah we try to save as much money as possible and we
did it all by ourselves yeah feels so cool okay as we dive a
little bit deeper we actually custom-built this hack
looking shelf on top liebherr not it is super super secure and that’s where we
inventory even more boxes there’s lots of different box sizes we need to buy so
that helps get everything out of the way we try and use as little plastic as
possible so we actually wrap everything in brown paper and we do that to save
money because we don’t have to put a box inside of a box or a canister instead of
a box everything just gets wrapped so the shipping labels go on top so we’ve
got two different sizes instead of using scissors you can slide
the paper just underneath this white piece of wood squeeze on that and then
pull and tear so that works really really well just little things that will
save you a lot of time shipping process hate looking for pens
so we’ve got five of them permanently mounted right they’re ready to go and
that everything’s got its home so this tape gun lives here at all times so if
you need to do a box you can just put it right back
this tape gun is mounted sideways so in case you just need a little piece of
tape you can grab that quickly it’s got lots of recycled what I call bubble wrap
bubble wraps pretty fun but we recycle everything we were used
I apologize just sometimes your products don’t come in a fancy box because we
reuse all of the boxes so this is our beautifully organized box inventory you
like to keep it looking fly and then that dives a little bit more into my
work area back it calls it my play area but really this is what I thrive at is
building stuff you’ll notice another structure
suspended from the room that is our tradeshow booth so we built that a
couple years ago and needed a place to store it but needed it out of the way as
we only used it a couple times a year so that works really well it looks super
sketch but it’s been there for a year we can’t make our way over to my area
without first noting that we have a basketball net in here not sure why but
hey it’s a battle I haven’t won yet we’re often asked how we’re able to make
it work working as a couple and living in such a tiny space together and I
think a big part of that is having really defined rules so not only do we
have defined rules but we have separate areas so you just saw Amon this is kind
of my desk and workspace starting with this little piece remember how I said we
picked everything up off the side of the road this used to be teal blue and a man
and I just picked it up for free and send it down now it’s full of label was
just documents and expenses and all that kind of stuff
Amon also built me this table I basically sent him to Home Depot with
this Pinterest image and I was like can you build me this table and he did so
yet again Here I am breaking about Amon but the space is awesome it’s a really
really big desk often if we have people over we find ourselves sitting here and
hanging out or eating together this chair was actually Bob’s which is a
man’s dad he had this when he had his own company and he kind of passed it
along to me he did it’s the CEO chair which is my spot so yeah this is an
awesome little desk we have a little hole here where we can charge our
laptops charge our ear pods also charge our phones to match books one for the
each of us I don’t know why I spoke like that not only do we email invoice and
run our try company from this desk but we also edit all of our footage to make
these YouTube videos for you guys right here when we’re back home in Toronto I’m
not sure why but Becca calls the lounge area this is more of dry
inventory so below us we’ve got the unopened canisters to the right is the
tea pots strainers all just kind of raw material and then further above us is
some wholesale canisters so we got this shelf used secondhand and it’s really
maximize the square footage behind me here we lose these canisters for events
so we do hot chai served up in there and then we found this couch basically on
the side of the road slash my parents contrary to popular belief we don’t just
drink chai so this is sort of our tea bar the cart we can call our chai bar so
we make all sorts of teas over here we also hang our employees of the month up
it’s a new initiative we have here at chai wallah I was pretty shocked but I
was named it in September we have a new guy on the wall his name’s Bob so he was
doing a lot of good work coming in early to peel that chin just so we appreciate
you Bob do you guys want to be on the wall you should apply to work at Thai
wall I’m not on the wall I’m sorry you’re not on the wall yet and just
quickly like I’ll just show you a little sneak peek it’s probably ugliest often
of all time but we’ve worked really hard to make it kind of pretty so you can
come on in it’s basically a toilet and a thing so
we bought a lot of this restaurant equipment use we try to get the best
price possible obviously these shelves I’m surprised they’re still up but I
built those some three years ago so that’s just cups and cutlery and stuff
like that clean white towels love having the three basin sink
nice big open use easy to wash dishes and then you can hang and dry them up
top huge nice counter top so this is actually where we make the tea
everything’s made in-house so we actually grind the spices we blend it we
pack it that’s just our steam machine going we
pack it we seal it everything gets done here this is the area where we spend all
of our time when it’s time to make the tea so first things first
Emma and I will come in will suit up into our chef’s whites we will then put
on hairnet gloves your net beard net it’s all stored right here and then all
of the dried goods so the spices pre-cracked that kind of
thing are stored on these shelves right here we’re a little low on inventory I
know we’ve been making lots of tea lately it’s a good thing and that’s
pretty much this area just extra storage Sam some packaging Sam a sealer we’ve
upgraded over the years to the beautiful Sam the sealer and we love her so much
or he it’s a unisex name we’ve come full circle that is our one thousand square
foot office in the City of Toronto of Toronto that’s not a lot of space so
looking for space in Toronto was an absolute nightmare super difficult to
find and not cheap we’ve spent about $2,000 a month renting this space I
think we’re almost at the point where we’re outgrowing it just little things
like receiving pallets is becoming more and more difficult there’s nowhere for
them to live as you guys can see even behind me here we didn’t really show you
but up top there on top of the bathroom we’ve got extra boxes no space goes
unused sort of like the van yeah we’re actually low on inventory right now in
the next couple weeks we’ll be getting more and more product in and you should
see the play so stay tuned for her videos because it just gets both worn
out maybe one day we’ll have a little space with a chai barking lab where you
guys can come and visit us pop in grab a buddy
cafe vibes oh I thought we’d never reopen science on but we’re
really over don’t really have set hours here if you guys are interested you can
always order out the RT online if you’re in Toronto you can visit a number of our
cafe partners those are listed on our website under the find us page anyways
we hope you guys enjoyed touring around our tiny space that we make work for
multiple businesses if you did enjoy the video please make sure you give it a big
thumbs up subscribe to our channel for van-like content on Sundays and
Wednesdays and food related videos on Fridays anything else you want to say
there that’s it guys maybe we will see you around the city yeah if you ever see
it make sure you say hi oh you guys can come up here in Toronto what we’ve been
preparing for if you’re interested in visiting us at a show we are gearing up
for the one-of-a-kind show here in Toronto it runs from November 22nd to
December 2nd at the under care center downtown we will be there we are going
to be bringing our 10-foot boot that’s hanging from the ceiling the chai bar
will be there there’ll be all sorts of fun stuff going down we’ll be rapping
and singing and fixing me rapping and saying if we’ve tried that last bit of
the video like 10 times so I think we’re done with this vid stir make sure you
like and subscribe we’ll see you in another one hmm I’ll just cut and my son yeah it was
mine okay yeah let’s go for a jog okay mm-hmm
so we make cha mm a try company sorry I’m independent if that seam didn’t make
it very obvious we own a okay edit and fill No
so I whoa whoa what else we got booze here a hole puncher what I’m think we’ve
done the tour you

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