April 9, 2020
Oberlo: How To Fulfill AliExpress Product Orders || Shopify Help Center 2019

Oberlo: How To Fulfill AliExpress Product Orders || Shopify Help Center 2019

This step-by-step video walks you through
the process of fulfilling AliExpress product orders one by one and in bulk. Before you start, make sure you have completed
the following steps: 1. You have the Oberlo Chrome Extension installed
and you are using the Google Chrome browser on a computer. 2. You have created an AliExpress account and
you are logged into it. Do not place orders using a customer’s email
address, because you will not be able to track the order later, and your customer will receive
emails from AliExpress. 3. You have cleared your shopping cart on AliExpress
before placing a new order. Now, how to place orders one-by-one. If you want to learn how to place multiple
orders, check the comment section for timestamps to skip ahead. To place a single order, go the “Orders”
page. Click on the orange “Order Product” button
next to the order you want to place. If you don’t see the orange button next to
your order, then you need to click on the link in the yellow banner to install the Oberlo
Chrome Extension to your browser. Once you click on the orange “Order Product”
button, you are directed to the AliExpress website, where the products and shipping information
are added automatically by the extension. Double-check to see, that the details of the
shipping information match the order in your Oberlo dashboard. Then, add your payment card details in the
“Payment Methods” section. Review your order details and choose another
shipping method if you want to. Finally, click “Place Order” to confirm
the order. Suppliers ship orders within 2-7 calendar
days and add the tracking information to the orders on AliExpress. Use the “Get Tracking Code” button in
Oberlo to import the order’s tracking code to Oberlo and Shopify and mark the order as
Fulfilled, Or visit AliExpress and click “My Orders”. From here, use the “Sync this page” or
”Sync all orders” button to import tracking codes for multiple orders. After you add the tracking code to the order,
the order status in the Shopify admin changes from “Unfulfilled” to “Fulfilled”. You do not need to manually update statuses
in the Shopify admin. Now, how to place multiple product orders
at once. The bulk ordering feature is exclusively available
on Basic and Pro subscription plans with Oberlo. If you are on a Starter subscription plan,
but want to get access to this feature, consider upgrading your subscription plan today. To start, go to the “Orders” page, select
orders you want to fulfill and click “Place AliExpress Orders”. Oberlo opens a new tab in the browser and
starts processing your orders. This means that Oberlo adds your customers’
purchased items to the AliExpress shopping cart, fills in the shipping information, selects
the preferred shipping method according to your Oberlo settings and adds orders to the
“Awaiting Payments” section on AliExpress. You don’t necessarily need to be on the AliExpress
website to follow the whole process. Once the fulfillment process is finished,
Oberlo shows a notification in your Oberlo Dashboard about the completed or stopped process. For example, if there are any issues with
the order like the product being out of stock or the shipping information being insufficient. To review the status of your orders, go to
the “Status” page. From here, you can see a detailed overview
about your order’s: order status, order number, customers’ shipping information,
purchased products, and the product quantity. After you review your orders, click “Pay
for All Orders”. This payment method works to pay one supplier,
or if your products are from multiple suppliers. From the AliExpress checkout page, select
your preferred payment method, and add your payment details. To finish, click ”Pay Now”. Once the supplier ships the order click “Get
Tracking Code” to mark it as “Fulfilled” in Oberlo and Shopify. You can also use the ”Sync this page” or
”Sync all orders” button on your AliExpress account to transfer tracking codes to Oberlo
and Shopify. Once you add the tracking code, the status
of your orders are shown as fulfilled both in Oberlo and Shopify. Check out the next video to learn how to send
notifications to customers about the shipped orders. Subscribe to the Shopify Help Center YouTube
channel for more videos like this one!

21 thoughts on “Oberlo: How To Fulfill AliExpress Product Orders || Shopify Help Center 2019

  1. To learn how to fulfill single orders, start the video from the beginning. To skip ahead to learn how to fulfill orders in bulk, start at 2:37

  2. You MUST add the possibility to select 2 DEFAULT SHIPPING METHOD or this bulk feature is useless !

    Because now, my favorite shipping method is "Epacket". BUT when epacket is not available, it automatically chooses the cheapest shipping method, and it is VERY long.

    We need to have the possibility for example to choose :
    – 1st favorite shipping method : Epacket
    – 2nd favorite shipping method : Aliexpress Standard Shipping

    I'm asking this to the Oberlo support since 6 months !

    Please like this comment guys !

  3. When fulfilling the order on AliExpress, will the customers address auto fill or will my address? I'm confused since I did a test order

  4. some time its fkg take me 5 time to buy . i put my credit card info i click order & again i have to enter again my details again & again Its fkg PISS ME OFF !!!

    & other thing i order a product and its said the payment did not work BUT ITS WORK!!
    I have order 5 time the same product becose they told me my payment did not working!!

    i have conctact the seller i told im to cancel the 5 order only keep 1 …


  5. Its fuck top becose some time i can order & some time it dont work …. WTF CHINIES WEBSITE IM FKG PISS !!!!

  6. Will the tracking number automatically be sent to the customer? Because when I did the test run it said that I (the customer) can track my order.

  7. all of my transactions are closed by aliexpress for security reasons? Anyone know how to fix this. Ali help is useless..im about to give up and cancel shopify and do something else?

  8. I can't order one product at a time for some reason. Clicked the yellow order button and it orders all the items I have to fulfill and it will only ship to one of my customer's address any help?

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