March 30, 2020
Nvoicepay’s Payment Automation for AP

Nvoicepay’s Payment Automation for AP

Your business keeps moving, but your
accounts payable isn’t keeping up. You’ve got tons of suppliers all being paid at different times in different ways. By cards, ACH, but still too many are by
paper checks. Which means you’re chasing payment information, printing, signing, and mailing checks, and reconciling multiple payment types. It’s like the 80s! Maintaining this old-school system is costly, too. Between bank fees, paper, and sheer manpower, each payment winds up costing way more than it should. Enter Nvoicepay, the leader in strategic payment solutions. Nvoicepay streamlines the entire payment process through cloud technology, delivering immediate and significant bottom-line results in both cost reduction and new revenue. Our strategic payment solutions come with a subscription to our Payment Command Center services, enabling an efficient payment experience by making it easy to conduct electronic supplier payments. Here’s how it works: We reach out and enable 100% of your suppliers to receive electronic payments. Then when you’re ready to pay, you just send us your payment instructions. We immediately pay domestic and international suppliers by card, ACH, electronic print check, or wire. Through payment optimization, we always pay in the way that’s most beneficial to you, lowering costs, maximizing the percent of
vendors paid electronically, and freeing up AP to focus on more strategic activities. Nvoicepay follows a payment through its entire lifecycle and guarantees its successful completion. For enterprises using Nvoicepay,
the benefits are piling up. Whether your AP spend is 50 million or 1.5 billion, Nvoicepay delivers immediate and significant
bottom-line results. Contact us for a demo and see what Nvoicepay can do for your organization.

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