April 7, 2020
NEW eCommerce Paradise High-Ticket Drop Shipping Masterclass 3.0 by Trevor Fenner

NEW eCommerce Paradise High-Ticket Drop Shipping Masterclass 3.0 by Trevor Fenner

– Guys, Trevor here with
E-Commerce Paradise. Thanks so much for your interest in my High-Ticket Drop
Shipping Masterclass, I’m really excited to
tell you more about it and to show you inside the course, what I’ve included in there, training that I’ve made, the bonuses that I’m offering, and all the awesome handholding
I’m providing along the way, like group coaching, private coaching, and even a done-for-you service. All right, so, without further ado, I’m gonna go into my computer and I’m gonna show you
the backend of the course, what you can expect to get from the High-Ticket Drop
Shipping Masterclass, everything that’s included, so let’s get in there. (light music) All right, so here we are in the backend of the High-Ticket Drop
Shipping Masterclass. This is based on Teachable, and this is an easy-to-follow
step-by-step process, a modulated course that
goes from getting started to the mindset you need, understanding the business model, understanding the niche
selection guidelines you have to follow, doing proper market research, deep niche research, and following my niche reports to find profitable niches, business formation, business finance
accountability and bookkeeping, learning how to use Shopify for beginners, setting up your Shopify store, recruiting suppliers, product uploading, supplier onboarding, conversion rate optimization, and SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and lead generation,
Facebook retargeting ads, and launching your store with paid search engine traffic with Google CPC Ads and Bing CPC Ads, average order value optimization to make more money per order, content marketing, optimization, SEO, search engine optimization for free traffic and free orders, YouTube video marketing, eBay high-ticket drop shipping, scaling your high-ticket
drop shipping store, managing your Shopify store, outsourcing customer service and sales to virtual assistants, selling your store, buying stores, and investing, and flipping, and then all the bonus
interviews, that I offer. Okay, so that’s the process, and I’m constantly adding to this. So I’m gonna be adding more
sections as time goes on. This is the third version, of
the course that I’m launching. Okay. And the number one thing that’s awesome about buying the course is that you’re gonna get access
to all my member bonuses. So, this is the first
thing I wanted to show you. It’s the first thing you’ll be doing when you join the course, is you’ll actually get access
to all the member bonuses and the mastermind group. The mastermind group is where the group coaching sessions are
held, and it’s on Facebook. So it’s really access, very easy to find, and it’s gonna be something
that you’re gonna want to log in to every single week to get your questions answered. And the member bonuses
are pretty spectacular. If you click the link,
once you join the course, you’ll be taken to the
Google Drive folder, and you’ll request access to it. Once you receive access to it, and I just had to verify your email and your enrollment to get access. You’ll get access to
all the course bonuses, and there are tons of bonuses in here, and I’ll show you what
it looks like right now. So these are all the bonuses right now, and I’m adding to it as time goes on. But under Niche Research, there is quite a few different things. There’s our Niche Hacking Guide, our Niche Digging Sheet, our Niche Research Template, and our supplier directory, as well as all the niche reports, for all the different niche
categories that I’ve researched. And there’s tons of
different ones in here, and we’re continuing to add all the time and fill them out. Okay. Let’s go check out the rest of them. Under Website Setup, you’ll get the Income Statement Template and the Master Spreadsheet Template. So this is how you’re gonna track, keep track of your profits. That’s a custom template
that I’ve created, and your Master Spreadsheet for staying organized with your business and having a checklist of what to do. You’ll also gain access to
all my content templates. These really help for
filling out your website, creating content right away. And you’re also gonna get
access to all my gig templates. When you wanna order custom
content, products to be added, that kind of stuff. This is for ordering, orders
from Fiverr, from freelancers. And then you’re also gonna get access to my library of
trust sales and icons and things like that. So you don’t have to search,
google for the best ones. You just get them all right here. They’re really easy, okay? All right. Next, is Supply Recruiting Resources. You’ll get access to my 500
Drop Ship Suppliers list, Business info , dealer
application, template. Initial Supplier Contact Email, New Drop Shipping Supplier contact and the Phone Call Follow-Up Script. Lots of good stuff there. And for Supplier Onboarding
and product adding, you get the product collection navigation. Process, organization process. And the Shopify Product
Listing Guide for the VAs. Makes it really easy to hire somebody to add products to your store right away. Okay, and then for
conversion rate optimization, you get my 50-point
optimization checklist, our checklist tags for Shopify, Klarna Financing Content Template, NSG Kickers, Product Optimization, product
description outsourcing guide. So this is what you can use to hire a Va, to actually go and write
the description for you. And this is for the meta description and meta tel templates
and the Buying Guide. So when you wanna get a Buyer’s Guide, made for your store,
this is what you’ll use, to outsource that, it’s pretty simple. Okay, and then for Email Marketing, I have our three flows here. So promotional campaign, abandoned cart campaign, and post purchase email campaign. This is includes about five
or ten emails for each flow. So they’re huge, training
comes with that, obviously. And then for traffic, I have my product
description writing brief. So this is really good
for getting free traffic. And then for customer
service and outsourcing. We have different SLPs,
you can fill in here. And the Virtual Assistant
Hour Tracking sheet. Virtual Assistant Master sheet. Virtual Assistant Time sheet. Okay, and then for affiliate review sites, we have a Niche Affiliate
Site Master Sheet. For a buying website, I have a buying a site guide
and Store Transfer Checklist. And actual transcriptions of many of the videos that are in the
course here as well. Okay. And instructions how you use it. So that’s the entire
Google Drive of bonuses. Of course I’m add into it all the time. So there’s gonna be more
in there as time goes on. All right, and then. Yeah, the members group is pretty awesome. I’ll show you around
there for a little bit. This is a private group on Facebook, that you’ll only get access to when you actually join the course, The Masterclass. And, lots of people asking
questions all the time. And, you know, right, were
doing group coaching calls and things like that. And we all supporting each other
and helping each other out. All right, so there’s
training throughout here. And, you even get a free on-boarding call as soon as you sign up for the course. So it’s a free 15 minute call
with me that you can book. And I’ll talk to you and
help you with your stuff. All right. So, all this stuff is
like, these videos are, a certain style, basically
me drawing on a whiteboard, showing you guys how things work. These videos are more
liking talking head videos, me talking to you about,
what you should be doing. Okay, and then these videos
are screen share videos. So, I have different types
of content throughout the course for whichever,
kind of make sense for the topic, and
basically different types of content really help you learn better. Okay. All right, and then as
we go on, there’s going to be really in dept stuff,
like, let’s see here. The Shopify theme is really cool. So, we talk about which Shopify theme, you will be using, and why you’re gonna wanna use it, first. And, there’s some website examples. And, then I also talk to
you about how to actually get the website theme and download it. Cause you need to purchase it first. And then you need to
purchase your license, from Shoptimized. We use the Shoptimized theme. And then we actually
install the Shoptimized theme, and I have a
theme file, that I give you access to, as a member of the course. And that’s going to
allow you to download the customized theme file,
so you can get that from the Google drive folder. And it takes about twenty
minutes, and you just have to go through and
customize it for your store, and that’s about it. So, it’s pretty cool. So, I’ll show you a little bit of what it looks like here, on the
front end of the website. This is kinda what it looks like, and it’s really optimized, and it
looks great for eCommerce. All right, and going in here, we have Supplier Recruiting stuff, and templates, and exact instructions
on what you need to do. We have a whole product
uploading system video, that’s an hour long. It’s actually a video of
me teaching my VA’s how to upload products to
the store and everything they need to do with it. And, you can download Shopify
Product Listing Instructions, and order the Fiverr gig and give them instructions on how to do it, or hire your own VA, as in
like, online jobs, okay. But all the instructions
are there, and you can actually give them access to do the work themselves. All right, and then all the
conversion optimizations, the steps in training
exact, over the shoulder walk throughs on how to set things up, that you’ll need for
optimization conversions. And then, over the shoulder setting up, on social media. A full two hour long
training on how to set up all three of the email
marketing campaigns, I showed you in the bellmisses. So, it is really long, but it’s worth going through and setting
those up before you launch. And, Facebook Retargeting
Dds, and then setting up all of your Google Ads and Bing Ads. I go through how to install
the Google Shopping Feed App, and Merchant Center, and
getting a, you know, coupon, and installing the conversion pixel, and then Google Shopping
Ads, how to set up your campaign, and then how to optimize your campaign and organize it. Setting up search text ads, and Bing Ads, and more is going to be
coming in there later as well. Okay, then I go over the average
order value optimization, first with Clyde, and then thank you page up sell video and content, there’s a lot more that’s going to come there. And, content marketing,
tons of good stuff here, making buying guides,
making collection content, high quality images,
and alt tags, and then creating your buying guides. YouTube videos, all the work
that needs to be done there. Ebay high-ticket drop shipping
for raising your revenue, every single month. Scaling your store,
managing your store, tons of lessons on how to manage your store. Deal with freight, deal with customers, deal with back orders, things like that. Outsourcing customer service, and sales to virtual assistants. Ill actually show you,
how to set up a virtual call answering service, if you need to. How to create SOPs and
how to hire a freelancer, to actually run your store for you. Okay, then I show you
how to sell your store, if that’s what you’re looking to do, and how to buy stores, and flip them, and have tons of bonus interviews in here. Really, really in-dept stuff, you will definitely want to watch those. All right, so that’s about it. All right, so I hope you enjoyed that. And, I basically went through
the entire course as it is. Now, this is a course that’s in progress, it’s always going to to be in progress. It’s something that I’m always adding to, and updating, adjusting, when, you know, software changes, when I
wanna add more content, more trainings, when I get
request for more trainings. I’m always updating this course, I’m also doing group coaching calls, within the Facebook group. So you get to ask me one
on one, any questions that you have, and I’ll answer them, right then and there. And you can have an option, you have the option for signing up, for private coaching
calls with me as well. These are 30 minute coaching sessions, over Zoom, and I can actually get on, one on one with you, and even
help you with your things. Do website evaluations, do
Google Ad account audits, that kind of stuff. So, super excited to help you out, and get you started with
high-ticket drop shipping, in a real way, with a
real course, that’s super in dept, over the shoulder. You know, tons of creators out there, make courses that, are you
know, not very in dept. There’s just, they talk about what to do. They don’t really show you,
how to do it, very much. And I feel like, they’re
always kind of doing that for a purpose. It’s that they want to
make money off of you, and they don’t really
wanna, actually help you that much, so that you end up failing, and that sucks. If this sounds like something
you’ve been through before, I totally get that. Because, that’s what I
went through in the past. Okay, I went through courses that, I felt like I was left behind. I felt like, the creator
could have done a lot more, and could of held up, their
private coaching offer, a lot better. And so, what I decided
to do, is make something that is way better. And I’m providing way more content, way better in dept content, and providing real group coaching, and
real private coaching, and real done for you services, as well. So, what you’ll see below is that there are multiple pricing options here. Actually, have a up front payment of $997, for access to the course. This is lifetime access to the course, and the group coaching
calls, and all the bonuses, and all the updates in the future as well. So, for only $997, you
get full Lifetime Access. For $1497, you get Lifetime
Access, plus the bonuses, plus the group coaching
calls, and five private coaching sessions, with me. Like I said, Zoom calls, 30 minutes each, where I can actually talk to you, or I can dive into your website, for you, or, I can dive into
your Ad account for you, I can help you with that. And they are recorded, you
will get to watch back later, on YouTube, as an unlisted video. So, they’re super useful,
and I highly recommend signing up for that package. Most of my successful
students, signed up for that package, and they’re more
successful because of it. Okay, for those that cannot afford to pay the upfront payment, I totally get that. So, I created a payment plan option, a financing plan option, for you. Okay, it cost $97 per
month, for 12 months. And with that payment options, you’re going to get Lifetime Access, just like everybody else,
to all the course material, the group coaching calls,
and the bonuses, as well. Okay, so if that’s something
that you’re interested in, go ahead and sign up for that below. Now, the last thing is, I
have a Done For You Service. If you are the type of person,
that knows that they want to start a high-ticket
drop shipping business, so they can be location independent, you can be financially free, so that you can travel the world, and you can spend more time
with your family and friends, and you’ve got a really
complicated life already. You’ve got, you know, a job, and it takes up all your time, you got a family, you
got kids to deal with, you just don’t have like,
three to five to eight hours a day, to spend building
one of these businesses, to learn how to build it. I have a Done For You Service, for you, and it’s at a very affordable price. One of the best in the industry, okay. And I have a team, and
what we do is we build these high ticket drop shipping stores, really well, super optimized
for conversions and for SEO. We actually are able to easily launch your email marketing campaigns, which can take you
hours and hours of work. We launch your Ad campaign,
which can be very confusing, and take hours and hours
of work, and we optimize everything for you, okay,
and then hand it off. The done for you service is only $4,997, for complete package. It takes somewhere between
60 and 90 days to complete, the entire store build and launch. It includes recruiting suppliers, so depending on the
suppliers, that approve you, it can take longer or shorter, okay. And beyond that, we actually
charge a three percent revenue fee, that is three
percent of your gross revenue every month, starting at $10,000. So once your store, starts
doing $10,000 a month, we’ll be charging you three
percent gross revenue, okay. So that’s about $300, for every $10,000, that you make, in revenue. And what you get for that,
is you get on going support and coaching, website audits
and web account audits, and just help with everything. So my goal is to help
you make as much money, in the long run. I don’t wanna just drop you off. In the past, I’ve had
clients that have paid me a lot of money, and of
course the package ends, and then they just kinda
stop working on the site, and everything just falls apart. I don’t want that to happen anymore. So, I’m lowering the price of the package, but I’m also providing continued
support, along with it. So, I think it’s a great deal. Once you start making, 20, or
30, or 50 thousand dollars, you’re gonna have plenty of money, and extra three percent, is not going to cost you that much,
and it’s going to provide a bit of on way money
for me, so I can make sense of providing you on going support. So, consider signing up for that package, all the information is below,
just click on the package, you’ll get all the details of that, within the drop down menu, okay. So, I look forward to helping
you in the Master Class, I really do. Go down below, click
the enroll now button, I will see you on the inside. As soon as you get in
there, you can get access to the bonuses, you’ll get access to the members group coaching calls, and you’ll get access
to book a free 15 minute onboarding session, with me. Where I can talk about strategy with you, and we can over the best niche ideas, and stuff like that, okay. I look forward to seeing
you in the course, and thanks so much for your interest. Take Care. (light music)

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