April 9, 2020
Never Assume What Is “Success”

Never Assume What Is “Success”

Never assume What is “Success.” Hi I’m Brian Pombo welcome
back to Brian J. Pombo Live. Coming to you live every day
today from Grants Pass, Oregon. I apologize for the last few episodes
we’ve had been having technical difficulties broadcasting out
and have some little glitches. We’re trying to work it out. Hopefully
everything works out better today. And I want to talk about
assuming and what it does, especially when it happens
to do with marketing. So I’m going to give you a
concept, a very specific concept, and then bring it out to
a very broad principle. What we’re going to cover goes straight
into some tactical things here. I got this postcard, larger postcard in the mail. Merry
Christmas from one of the local churches. I’ve never been to this church. I don’t
know anything about them. This is a River Valley Church that meets at Lincoln
Savage Middle School over on New Hope Road, and says, Christmas Eve in Murphy. Now, oftentimes people will show
me a piece like this. Sometimes, in fact, one of the most common things I could ask
for is my opinion on the usefulness of a particular political mailer,
which is a little bit more, but in terms of what
they’re trying to achieve. I like this version because it’s like, what was the point of this mailer? And you should never assume you know
what their concept of success is based on what they wanted to do with
it is how I would grade this. I wouldn’t just grade it on a very basic
sense of marketing because I can use a million different things that I
would improve or not improve on. But it all depends on what you’re
wanting the end user to do what you’re expected to get out of it. Now perhaps
them sending this out to everybody. This was at every door. Yeah. This wasn’t every door a piece of direct
mail. So that means it gets sent out. It’s blanketed out there. It isn’t specifically
sent to any one person. There’s not even an address
name on it. It doesn’t even say, the current occupant or
anything of that sort. It’s just a local postal
customer. So with that, when you’re buying a piece of mail like
this and oftentimes you’ll see this with a postcards, you see a piece of mail
that gets sent to everybody. This is something they call,
every door direct mail. It’s done by the post office has
been for a number of years now. And it’s an inexpensive way to be able
to just blanket something out if you’re trying to get within a specific radius. So you can just hit the postal routes
and so forth that you’re looking to get. Not just the zip code, but
down to the postal routes. So it’s a pretty, pretty interesting, that’s an interesting tactic if you’re
understanding anything about direct mail. But the other thing is, as it says, Merry Christmas from your neighbors
at River Valley Church Murphy. So they’re giving you a little
bit of a feel good on one side. On the other side it says, please join
us for our second annual Christmas. Even Murphy’s not far from here.
We’re in Grant’s Pass technically, but Murphy’s right down the road,
a Christmas carols nativity scene, refreshments, a message of hope, 5:00 PM on December 24th Lincoln
Savage Middle School with the address. Find out more about who we are. Visit
us online RiverValleycc.org/murphy campus about the only thing you can see
in terms of a call to action. If we were to guess what
the point of this is, the people out to this specific Christmas
Eve celebration on Christmas Eve night. And then, they’re looking to get you to go to
their website and they’re looking to make you feel good. Even if you don’t know
anything about them. And this is the first time I
realized that River Valley, it is a well known church in town, but I didn’t realize
they had a Murphy campus. So that’s my first realization of that. So it’s a little bit of
branding advertising there. It’s very glossy. It’s very
nice, nice feel to it. But the real issue is, is
what was the point of it? If the point was just to make me feel
good and to put the bug in my brain of who River Valley Church Murphy
was, it did okay on that. I know to most people they’d probably see
this and they toss them and they don’t think twice about it. So those are always tough when
you’re looking do any for branding, it’s very difficult to judge
whether it worked or not. So that’s one thing you got to
keep in mind. Another thing is, is what was the end goal? Are they looking to see how many
strangers show up to this date on this particular time? That’s
something that they can track. That’s something they’ll be able
to see and there’ll be like, see whether it worked or not. I don’t know how wide an
area they went over for this. This isn’t that far from us. So it could have been a very targeted
area so they should get a good idea of who’s new and who’s coming as long as
they’re there checking with people at the door and then they can always look at
their website and see if there has been any new people popping in. Any bump in visitors to the website. So there’s a couple of ways they can
judge whether this was worth the money worth the time. The fact that it’s a nonprofit you tend
to see, especially a local nonprofit, you tend to see them not be as
detailed with that type of thing. But when they are, if you run a nonprofit,
if you run anything of that sort, then it is something to keep in mind is
really being targeted with what you’re doing, why you’re doing
it, everything else. But the bigger picture idea here I want
you to think about is don’t get caught up in trying to judge things from an
outside perspective because I don’t know, in the end I don’t really
know what their point was. I don’t know what success is for them and
oftentimes in our businesses it’s real easy to look at everybody else,
including our competitors and say, wow, they’re doing really good. Look at all the ads that are run running
there or look at what they’re doing over here. We should copy that. You don’t know if they’re actually being
successful with what they’re doing. Just because they’ve
launched that new product, whether that product’s doing any good, you can’t really tell in even over years
and years of time whether they’re doing the right thing because you don’t know what
qualifies as success. Now, if you had inside information
that the more you have, the more of a concrete idea you
can have and then like for example, if they said, the main thing we want
to do is drive people to this website. I’d say there were many ways that they
could have put more attention toward that and less attention towards anything
else and they’d be able to up how many people show up to the website. There’s also ways they could have gotten
more people to show up on Christmas Eve. They could have been made this a whole
lot more specific and you really do have to sit here and read through it in order
to get the main message and because it’s directing you a
couple of different ways, I don’t think it does as well at
bringing into mind those calls to action, but see that’s all dependent on what
they wanted as success for this. If they may very well
be a success for them. So that’s a simple idea,
very much a principle, but it’s core to what I look at
when I’m looking at a business. I can’t look at the outside and tell
you whether it’s working or not. I have to know where you’re
looking to take things, what the purpose is of your tactics
before I can know whether those tactics worked or not. So hopefully that’s helpful to you. If you’d like me to be able to look at
your business, go to BrianJPombo.com. I’d be happy to be able to
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what I mean by a strategy session or a Dream Business Transformation. Hey, I
will have another video for you tomorrow. Hopefully have a couple more. I’m going to have to put some
extra videos one of these days, to make up for a day we missed a couple
of days ago. So you have a great night. In the meantime, get out there
and let the magic happen.

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