April 9, 2020
Networking With A Purpose: Interviewing Online Marketing Mentor Colin Yearwood

Networking With A Purpose: Interviewing Online Marketing Mentor Colin Yearwood

hey hey hey guess who it is
it’s your friendly Puerto Rican coach Manny Rodriguez coming back at you with
another video in this video I’m super excited to bring you an interview with
mister calling year would I have known Colin probably four plus years now I’ve
followed his work I’ve but he’s actually we actually were accountability partners
in a project that we were doing earlier in the year and that’s what I really got
to know him very well know his expertise know where he comes from know where his
heart is at I am so happy to have him here he has been doing online marketing
for over 10 years runs a full-time business from home he knows about
networking offline to bring his to bring him more business Colin thank you so
much for being here how’s your day going my friend many my day’s going great man
I love your energy thank you I always love being a rung you because your
energy is definitely encouraging and thanks to the good work you do thanks
inviting me I appreciate I appreciate it you know Colin if it’s one thing that
really grabs my attention about what you do when it comes to online marketing you
know about simplifying the process and that’s definitely one of the things that
I would like to talk about today can you expound on that a little bit for the for
the audience yeah man I think a lot of people um I think we naturally
overcomplicated what it is when it comes to build a business online and I
basically break it down into four areas right identifying who is it that you
want to work with and being clear about it and not even just demographics but
what kind of results that person is looking for the second part of it is
look for opportunities to connect with those kind of people right where do you
find those types of people that want that kind of emotional experience that
you’re probably delivered to connect with and the third part is intentionally
engaging with them and engagement it could be done in so
many different ways through conversation through content you share through just
connecting with people in a genuine way and of course as a business owner we
want to sell so that’s last part of the equation is selling to them
you know and I feel when you connect with the right people and you’ve engaged
with them in a in a way that you because you appear authentic and hopefully you
are you’re able to uncover their true problems the true solutions they’re
looking for and then selling becomes a little bit simpler
now you can now provide a real solution or in Arabic in our in our case answer
your networkers refer them to the person that can actually get them the result
they’re looking for so to me that’s how I simplify it um and you don’t have to
do all those things and all the platforms at once but as you go through
your day just look at look at simply who’s it I want to work with who can I
connect with today how can I engage what comes what kind of content I can share
to them how can I sell them a solution maybe not even your product how can I
sell them in a way to encourage them to motivate them to give them a referral
right to better their situation so that’s that’s like um I kind of break it
down to simplify that process of growing on life I love it I love it that makes
so much sense you really hit on some things there especially about being
intentional and I think when it comes to networking whether you’re networking
online networking offline be intentional of course we want to fill our pockets
but don’t go in it with a thought of I want to fill my pocket go in it with
serving other people I love that response Colin we’re also a great start
here my friend let me ask you with everything you got going on what are
your main things that you’re focused on right now so the main thing I focus on
right now is coaching my coaching business and training business I work
with clients on a one-on-one basis to help them go through this process of
simplification and getting more targeted results so instead of you know the ideal
way I look at it I try to a client recently that said look I don’t have to
figure it all out on my own when we get clear on the vision that you’re trying
to build on what you’re trying accomplished I’m able now to help my
clients know know exactly what they need to do next I think that’s one of big
challenges with online marketing is people want to know what do I need to do
next so that’s what I’d help through my coaching and working with clients one on
one is what to do next and then I have some training resources and tools that
help them go a bit deeper and sharpen their skill sets nice nice so you shared
that networking has played a role and if it’s one thing I do know is that social
media plays a role in your in your world because that’s how I met your cold heart
amazing company mlsp and that’s how I originally met you started following you
or getting the same training from some amazing amazing trainers and you’d
become one of their top leaders congratulations my friend and let me ask
you what would to share with the audience what role has social media
marketing played for you well I’m I always thought it was a little strange
right because I love connecting with people in the real world in 2014 2015
and I actually started teaching off online marketing classes offline and a
mentor of mine at the time said that’s crazy why would you do that I personally
felt it allowed me to connect with people on a deeper level because they’re
seeing me in person there every week I think you do the same thing Manning
right you teach our online marketing offline so allows me to connect with
them on a real a deeper level the connection happens a lot quicker now
then I move that relationship online where we connect on social media where
we can continue to nurture that relationship and grow that relationship
so that’s one of the ways I’ve used offline networking and and and training
and courses teach and to actually connect to people online but the other
thing I’ve done on social media I’m very intentional about talking to people if
you send me a friend request you’re going to get a message from me reaching
out to your voice I love doing voice messages if I’m a good mood and I’m
feeling attractive that day I do a video message I reach out I want to talk and
connect with you I look at your profile if there’s anything I resonate with I
comment engage with you and that’s what I’m
know if we’re gonna be friends I think I you know I don’t have a massive audience
on my personal profile maybe 1,500 friends but I can guarantee you I’ve
spoken to 80% of those people at least in one conversation or I’ve reached out
to them sometimes with the people for some reason but connect with you online
but they they don’t engage recon in conversations it seems to be afraid of
it so with social media I use it as a as a means to network get to know people
and when you do that so what I found is not only you are able to connect on a
deeper level you’re able to now be more of a resource to them because in a
couple ways maybe shit a couple ways not only you could sell them your stuff
right that’s what we do but I find I find if I know someone I could Manny I
got to know money through a course we were doing together we were comfortably
partners and I realized he needed some help but certain types of content that’s
what I did I referred that content to him right hey hey this is this is what I
think can help you and I refer that content this last year right but that’s
what it looked at conversation and communication with your social media
audience allow you to do be a resource to them now that you know interim yes it
may lead to sales and but it lead to other a deeper connection that referrals
an opportunity to do an interview with you know I I definitely appreciate it
but I am very I use the word intentional a lot because I’m a firm believer and if
you want to curl your business on social media you have to get your hands dirty
and you have to talk to people you have to be a real person you know that
automation stuff is sexy it’s great way to get people in front of you but no to
get past the automation is when you show up as a real person trouble is you it’s
a little bit longer but it pays off better yeah and it’s interesting you
bring up this topic because actually what this is one of the questions I did
want to ask you so in our social media networking group
we’re learning messenger marketing right now so last week they we did the
education portion behind it why chatbots are important at the moment you know for
that extra customers 24/7 service and when we were accountability partners at
that moment that was one of the referrals you gave me is hey check out
this person she was see what they what they bring to the table
well can you expound a little bit on chatbot marketing because that’s exactly
what we’re doing tonight we’re implementing all of this automated stuff
through many chat as you’re familiar what what it would have been your
experience when it comes to chat bot marketing man it’s a great tool to
qualify you connect with people he’s a great field to connect with the right
people and qualify people who want to go to the next level the next level when it
comes to inquiring about your product or service the next level when it comes to
obtaining your information the way I looked at chatbox I’ve nothing I haven’t
used it but I ever used all the way to the sale what I’ve done the chatbox is I
used those questions use that engagement to qualified people to put them on my
calendar as you can tell I’m a little chatty I’m a big believer in the
old-school way of talking to people putting them on my calendar scheduling
some time so I’ve used that the chat bot sequence the qualified people who want
to go a little bit further and get on my calendar right
I find that definitely is more profitable and it depends on the book
you’re selling and the price point I actually know some colleagues who sell
products every day from their from their chat BOTS but again I love the
automation because it brings you a lot of pains a lot of people into your
audience and bring it helps you connect with a lot of people but also that
automation helps you qualify people to understand who is ready to make a
decision to get the results that they want and when they’re ready for that
decision-making process I want to show up I want to be that person to guide
them and and and help them make the decision it’s very hard sometimes to
help people make the decisions through copywriting right you have to be an
awesome copywriter but if you have that conversation you can connect on that
human level you can help people and they help people make that decision one thing
I would say to me personally sell in is helping people make a decision that
would better their lives I don’t want to sell you something that it’s not gonna
better your life but allow you to have a challenge making the decision to go
forward right they’re afraid there’s different issues they may have
but chatbox helped you bring that right person to you qualify them better and
then help them move forward with them buying your product or enrolling your
program or whatever’s if you do great great oh my god how am i showing
my all of our students watch this today awesome one of the things that I’m
always I’m always stressing about you know maybe you’re networking out there
but what does your social media presence look like and truth is your clients your
customers things that you to be social media what are your thoughts when it
comes to looking like that authority figure that experts in your industry
on social media what do you think about that
so depend on what platform you’re on for me I do a lot my networking on Facebook
and I use my facebook profile right and for me on my facebook profile I do share
some time to talk about my business but I do a look at it is I want people see
the other side of me I want people to see I’m a human I want people to see
that what I enjoy all the other ways we can connect right yes they know I do say
Australian I do coach men do online marketing but I want them to understand
the other side of me and let’s connect on you know in that way and that’s how i
use facebook my facebook profile so when I’m out networking I connect with people
on on Facebook profile they get to see another side of me I get to see another
side of them get to understand their interest and we can interact that way
I personally find it interesting because I’ve had many instances where I see
someone at another networking event two weeks after we came an I didn’t know you
were into hiking at Radnor Park red red Nelly Greg Nelly is a big spot here and
we just shot you know got into a conversation but I connected on that
start learning about each other even more in the offline networking world I
find when you have those kind of interactions and people get to know you
beyond you know insurance agent online marketer or whatever it is it becomes
easier for them to I be able to identify you and refer you to other people who
are looking to do business because they feel like oh I know that guy he’s like
me right so that’s one of the ways I use my table personal profile now on
LinkedIn that’s another that’s another case right our LinkedIn I think you want
to be a little bit more professional and you don’t always have to be you know a
lot people get turned off and you know get a little afraid to be honest about
it when you see a sorority singer you know you don’t have to be
the ultimate authority in your niche but you want to demonstrate the people that
you’re familiar or you have the knowledge that back up your credentials
that back up your position right so if even your insurance work on your two
months in or two years in you can actually create content around answering
the questions that your last prospect at you and post that on LinkedIn right that
demonstrates your authority that demonstrates your knowledge of the topic
of course you get them into video and doing it more consistently with it will
help you show up in a more powerful way to your to your prospect but those
tomatoes are two ways to go about it one is it a little bit more personal way to
show people the other side of you other than business so you can build that
deeper connection and you can do a little bit of a I don’t do a lot of that
I might say for profile but you can do more of it on link and where you’re more
a litt bit more professional actually more professional than social I think
LinkedIn is lends itself to you being a little bit more professional and
highlighting your knowledge and expertise one more thing I’ll mention
here Manning I when we talk about expertise I always tell people you know
find one thing you want people to remember you for especially on LinkedIn
so if your insurance broker in you you know you you can help everyone just find
that one thing be the person who’ll answer questions you know so every week
you can post wanna answer the question you posed the question someone asks you
you post the answer be known that that person who answer questions because
guess what when they have a question pop up in their head is you know what yeah I
think Colin and they’ll search for you hopefully that answers man that was
amazing and I love that you hit on LinkedIn because LinkedIn is such a
powerful profile and people don’t even realize a person you know it’s a
powerful platform and people don’t realize they think LinkedIn oh I got to
be super professional and really it’s like LinkedIn to not the same beast it
was five years ago thank you so much for hitting on this it’s no longer about
what does my resume to look like it’s about you know they want you to share
links they want you to do that for them they’re like please bring all the links
whereas Facebook’s like don’t don’t be sharing a bunch of links that people are
gonna leave thank you for hitting on that I didn’t see that one coming good
job and share it and sharing those links
help them and help puts you in a position of authority
it helps position you as an his sores because most people got
looking for that information on their own but you become known as a person hey
you know what I can find out I always can find good information from that
particular person right on right on do you have any big events coming up
that you’re going to be traveling to I know that you know Austin didn’t happen
this year which kind of surprised me a little bit there that and do you have
any big events you’re gonna be going to soon I know you go you do some of the
Anthony Robbins stuff I think you went to social media marketing world right so
it did so it should be marketing I didn’t know that this year was last year
that’s what my last event I went to this year with Ray Edwards copyright
copyright an Academy the next event I’ll be going to is it’s called free to dream
by cliff ravenscraft and I call it the the mind set workshop for online
business owners are just business owners in general cliff dives a lot into you
know what goes on in our head that prevents us from getting the kind of
results we want and help us identify the things that help us get better results
we want I think I’m Dan Miller and Ray Edwards
and shear in their journey on how they came you know overcame their mindset
issues to build their business and I think that’s one of the things that
personally that’s that stopped me for many years is what I think what I
started with me what I think other people was thinking of me
I guess what was wrong and then later in November I’m actually good at Tony
Robbins event in Miami so those are the two events I have calendar right now for
me to be doing you know I may do a couple local events you know to always
go to local networking events but those are three major located so I live in
Nashville Tennessee I live in Nashville Tennessee right on the border of
Franklin Tennessee so there’s a lot of a good variety of networking events here
for you know any any any any taste are you going to funnel hacking live next
year it’s in Nashville I may actually all right now I’m not a click funnel
user I love Russell Bronson I actually listen
to his book expert secret I just listen this podcast on my way back home before
doing this interview but I’m not a click funnel user but that’s why I didn’t go
this year but maybe next year definitely I’ll
definitely go maybe I’ll see you there if you’re in town let me know man we
definitely love to connect absolutely what are your thoughts when it comes to
I know that I believe it’s positive but share a little about having an
accountability partner when I when you and I were accountability partners it
was you were my first real accountability partner where you know
I’m not always the best when it comes to phone calls but you are on me about hey
we got to get together we got to hold ourselves accountable and I appreciate
that can you share a little about your thoughts when it comes to having an
accountability partner so I’m gonna share with you something I wrote on my
facebook profile sometime last week right here’s what I wrote it sometimes
you will do it sometimes you will do it because you tell someone you respect you
will do it we all need that little that extra push to me let me go back it’s
easy for us to disappoint our sauce it’s easy for us to tell ourselves
you know in looking at me don’t worry you’ll do tomorrow and make up the
excuses right but it’s very difficult for us to tell someone we respect I
didn’t follow through on my word so I think that’s where one the way that
accountability helps you right now when we work together I I took that seriously
I’m like look I respect this guy he’s working as hard as I am I I want I don’t
want to be the slacker in this relationship so knowing that that helped
me stay on the process and show up and keep my word
now accountability sometimes it’s not the ultimate solution it comes down to
you but also but accountability actually helps you because not only you have that
person to go back to and say hey you know what I didn’t get this done and
then may be able to provide a solution right you didn’t get it may be able to
work through that so it wouldn’t become a repeated problem week after week you
know so I think that’s one of the ways that accountability health help but I
think is just natural for us to try to live up to our word that people respect
versus living up to a word ourselves i man you’re killing it today man you’re
killing it these are you know when it comes to
like we’re obviously of the same mindset give value give value and this is Sookie
and this is why I wanted to do this interview to give our audience value
especially when it comes to social media especially when it comes to networking
thank you so much we’re gonna wrap it up here in a minute so what advice would
you give to our community when it comes to social media marketing and networking
so I saw so much I’m coming with his name but I thought someone pulls the
other day on Facebook which I wish I could remember his name but he said
connecting offline is a new social media all right one of the things I’ve done
I’ve been intentional I use the word Allah but I really have taken pride in
meeting my online friends offline there’s so many people I’ve lived in a
quite a few maybe four or five cities over the last 15 years but anytime I
mean any opportunity I get to meet one of my online friends so when I have met
in person offline I take that opportunity because again it allows you
to take that relationship deeper and connect in a way that’s a more
meaningful to both of you now when it comes to network and we meet a lot of
people we collected out of business cards and many times we don’t do
anything with it I would I would recommend being you know
not sometimes somebody you just don’t want to connect with let’s be honest
about it but also what I find that when you connect to people online you get to
see more of who they are because most people are authentic or share the
highlights of their lives right and if people are sharing things that don’t
align with your vision of the world or align with you it’s an easy way to
filter who I want to go deeper with so I like other as Network offline I’ve
always been intentional and I actually ask people right there hey man are you
on Facebook do you network on do you connect with on Facebook they said yes I
shoot them right there I pull up my phone and I send my friend requests and
I know when I get home so look for every opportunity to leverage those
relationships that you create offline online and it becomes a little bit
easier to grow those relationships right I may not see you at another network an
event for six weeks I’ll see in my timeline for a couple
days or maybe once a week for the next six weeks I can engage with you I can
like it can comment I can send you a message right and just schedule a coffee
so I always would recommend use the online portion of networking to nurture
relationships and that allows you to take it to the next level a little
faster nice thank you that was a great great response how can people get a hold
of you if they wanted to learn more about your coaching still calling your
would calm is my up side column eurocom i would send me a friend request on
facebook i do my best except do it as quick as possible
and you can just search collin year what didn’t you see a smiling guy on there
just click on that and let’s connect there and chat right on any last piece
of advice you want to share with everyone the only I’ll say you know I
think in the power in the past people have positioned social media and online
marketing as the easy button and I think as serious entrepreneurs we know not
many things are easy and if they’re easy it’s not it normally doesn’t last a long
time so I would tell people to look at social media and online marketing as a
long-term game a long-term game right if you’re looking for immediate and quick
results you disappoint yourself you burn yourself out you start showing up in an
inauthentic way which frustrates you even more so look at it as a long-term
game right I you know learned over the years I don’t have an attachment to
trying to sell anyone anything I just want to connect with you yes if
the opportunity through my connection with you if the opportunity appears I
will sell you that’s we’re in business right we sell people solutions but I
don’t go into it with an attachment I’m owning and only gonna talk to this
person or send this message just to sell them something you know I cut people
feel that energy and feel that vibe so look at it more a long-term game be
strategic about it you know today I posted it in a group that we’re we’re
part of you know sometimes we want to go in and set personal records or
connections right if you’re not at a networking event you can you can network
in your living or your office for an hour or you can
reach maybe 30 people just send a message hey how are you doing today
what’s new your world so that’s a way to start conversation so be intentional
about looking into the long-term game and also that allows you to show up
authentically and look for opportunities to how people refer out men refer out
that that’s a secret that’s a secret there introduce people to each other on
Facebook do a group introduction that goes a long way oh my gosh yes I do that
a lot if someone’s like hey I’m looking for this I go and introduce them both
hey you were looking for this this person’s amazing at this highly
recommended it’s so much easier than just tagging them in a post when you
make it a direct connection it’s so much more powerful than just a tag I
recommend thank you for sharing that the other door this interview has been
amazing thank you for the taking the time to share with our audience some
great great value I am so grateful to you taking the time to do this thank you
so much if I could be of any help please don’t hesitate to reach out to you to me
and thank you for being a part of our group it’s a new group I’m trying to
help people how they can bring social media networking and bring it together
to help them grow their business I notice a lot of people in our networking
groups they don’t have a social media presence and little do they know people
are going to go and Google you and they what are they going to see are they
going to see an expert or are they going to see a spammer are they going to see
someone who doesn’t even use Facebook I mean if you’re in business people are
just looking for you to be on social media
period heck I go as coach Manny Rodriguez at the Google listing people
believe me football reviews everyone should have a but a quick google listing
at least right I think I got a good one I got I’m working that’s the next thing
I to do list I’m working on one of those a GUI listed hey I can help you with
that we can have one up in three days my friend thank you so much I look forward
to serving some more and I’m sure you’re going to keep serving and I’ll keep in
touch with you my friend thank you so much thanks to being part of the I allow
me to be part of the group and great work in a group I love how you know the
variety that you’re putting in and into the group so looking forward to more of
it and being more active there Thanks thank you my friend I’ll talk to you
soon take care

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